Saturday 25 August 2018

**New Post** Getting All Arty-Farty with The Artful Fudger featuring King Basil

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Pawesome Greetings Dudes and Dudettes

Welcome to another arty-farty post and as it's by Basil's good graces that I've finally got my own post, I thought it would be nice to share his pawtrait  just before we hung it up.

Little did we know that Basil had crept supurr stealthily into the kitchen and was watching our appraisal from the bench-top next to the cooker - sneaky!

So we're all agreement that the Tate Gallery in London needs this pawtrait gracing its walls, and we're hoping to hear from them furry soon to ask fur it fur their next exhibition! MOL 

If mew missed my previous post, here's the link

And furry quickly before I go, I'm also joining gorgeous Athena on the...  

caturday art

This picture was made with: Prisma - The effect used was: Van

 I was on the the canopy roof above the library door, and I thought I was being really sneaky spying on the P.A. while she was making Amber a new bed, but I got caught - OOPS! MOL

Don't furget to stop by fur our regular Sunday Selfies post tomorrow and many thanks fur joining me fur my second post, and I'll get some more exciting cat art to share with mew soon.

Bestest Arty-Farty Purrs

The Artful Fudger

Graphics created with paid licence and


  1. Definitely a fluffing masterpiece.

  2. Nice one, Basil, you sure deserve a place in Buck Palace too! Amber is so good at these art and book reviews. I wonder if that could be a sideline for her, or would Fudge take offence? MOL
    Toodlepips and purrs

  3. Yep, a true masterpiece indeed, bravo!

  4. OMC that's some masterpiece of your handsome Self, king Basil. Very artsy fartsy :D Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3

  5. A definite masterpiece, and I like the art too.

  6. Dear Artful Fudgie...your paw-trait is so stunning, we almost fell over backwards admiring it! We think you did a catabulous display as well! We love the graceful posture of the arteeeeste who made it too! Great work, y'all! We laffffed and lafffffed!

  7. That is a masterpiece. The artist even captured your adorable heart shaped nose. XO

  8. That certainly is a masterpiece!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  9. A Fluffing masterpiece and we LOVED the sneak shot too!

    * high paw *

  10. That is TOTALLY what that Tate Gallery needs! It will make their number of visitors go up like a rocket! Maybe you could sell fine prints of that painting, too! Kisses.


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