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**New Post** Getting All Arty-Farty with The Artful Fudger featuring Fab Posters from Newton's Cats

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Pawesome Greetings Dudes and Dudettes

Fudge here, or purrhaps I should use my new fandango title recently bestowed upon my little self which is; The Artful Fudger, and as mew can see I take my new role furry seriously, in fact so seriously I took a trip to one of the wurlds top museums just the other day to immerse myself in the whole arty-farty vibe and soak up all that cultural essence.

I even took my easel, a couple of blank canvasses, my paint box and a few other things to really get into the art wurld with vigour and gusto. I'd just got effurything set up in the Old Masters Room, my brush was loaded with paint and I was just in the throws of creating an old master all of my own...

and at this point I'd hardly made any mess at all in the museum, there were only a couple of paint splatters on the marble floor, and a bit of nip jam which fell out of my sandwich but still, all really easy to clean up!

...when I was brutally accosted** by some rather irate security guards and formally removed from the premises forthwith and my artist materials thrown out aftur me, funnily enough I didn't get my lunch back - seriously I have no idea what their boggle was but I think they should write to Parsley post haste, it wurked fur me! 

[**don't wurry, I went back under cover of darkness and gave those self-righteous security guards something to really get their boggles bugged - Ginger Ninja 392 vs Security Guards 0, Nil Point, Zip, Nada or Nothing Mew LOSERS! Muwahahahahahhaaaaaaaa!**  Oh and some of the Old Masters had a little touch-up too - OOPS!  ROFLMAO]

Pandora was going to take the lead on this sponsored* post on her Fashion with Felines, until Basil said completely out of the blue, "Fudge dude, I have a mission should mew choose to accept it, are mew up fur the challenge?"

I must say he was trying so hard not to laugh as he said that, which I thought was rather odd but anyhoo I replied. "Commander Basil I'll accept any mission mew give me!"

"Good job, now mew're going to be our new Cultural Attache and your new title is, The Artful Fudger, so go get 'em recruit and share all that arty-farty vibe!"

Cor blimey, mew could have knocked me offur with my furry own tail, dipped me in treacle and rolled me in catnip I wouldn't have been any more surprised!

But can mew believe that Basil actually gave me my furry own post, so I'm now The Cultural Attache fur BB HQ, how EPIC is that? Epically so fur sure! 

So let's get our culture on and happening, and see what I've got to show mew today.

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from...

image ©Newton's Cats

... who asked if we'd like to review their kitty themed posters, "Of course we would!" we replied, and so let's dive in and see this weeks supurr fun and whimsically adorable masterpieces, which are based on the artists furry own gorgeous felines.

images ©Newton's Cats

From top left clockwise:

Autumn Cat ~ Spring Cat ~ Summer Cat ~ Winter Cat

Each poster is printed on 'just off-white' 300gsm paper, with a 1cm border round the edge.
Size is A3 - 297mm x 420mm or 11.7 inches x 16.5 inches and will fit a standard A3 frame.
Aren't they just fabulous and here's me doing my furry furst arty-farty appraisal...
Now I don't know if mew have effur done any art appraisals before, but I did a little research on Mewgle and the subject is as broad as it is long, and aftur 3 minutes and 13 seconds of speed reading I promptly fell asleep! MOL [speed reading is really hard wurk].  

Anyhoo, Mewgle didn't really give me answer I was looking fur so in true Fudge style, I decided to listen to my highly honed and supurr sprightly instincts and just go with it...

Furst I gave them the paw inspection, I then lightly nibbled a few edges. I rolled on them all [the P.A. had a bit of a conniption at this point - "Paws, fangs and fur!" she exclaimed in horror]. I tried rolling on them all at once and then individually to see if there was a difference to feel and texture - No there wasn't. I soaked up all the arty-farty essence via osmosis and let me tell mew, it was epic fun! 

The colours are vividly striking and just pop off the page in real life, the quality of the paper is fantastic and framed I just know that they will look marvellous. The design and style is such fun, and I love the comical and happy vibe they have.

Can mew guess why the Spring Kitty is my favourite?  because he has a ginormous floof tail of course! MOL  

Amber's obvious favourite was the Summer Kitty.

Pandora loved the Autumn Kitty.


Parsley's top pick was the Winter Kitty.

They are all gorgeous, alone or in the complete set of four, and if mew're looking fur some fun, colourful art fur your home these are purrfect!

Now the P.A. didn't get chance to buy any frames before I did the post but as soon as they're framed - she's got a specific white frame in mind fur them - I'll do a little follow up to show mew how they look in the library, as Amber says they're hers now. [And we all know what Amber wants, Amber gets - remember the tank incident - oops did I say that aloud?!!!]

I would like to say a special thank mew to the pawesome peeps and cats from Newton's Cats fur giving me the oppurtunity to review their epically epic posters ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH!

Don't furget to follow Newton's Cats on the interwebs and Social Media here:

And furry quickly before I go, I'm also joining gorgeous Athena on the...  

caturday art

...but fur cod's sake don't tell Parsley or he'll be writing himself a memo to complain! MOL 

This picture was made with: Prisma - The effect used was: Coloured Sky

Don't furget to stop by fur our regular Sunday Selfies post tomorrow and many thanks fur joining me fur my furry furst post, I do hope Basil let's me do another one soon!

Bestest Arty-Farty Purrs

The Artful Fudger

*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s

Graphics created with paid licence and
Garfield Gif


  1. Wow, Fudge, those security guards will put a bounty on your head or maybe your ginormous floofy tail...after what you did in that gallery...MOL!

    And those posters sure are fab!

  2. Wow, such vibrant colours. I cant wait to see what you did to the old masters... maybe a new watch her, a beard trim there... and definitely they need to upgrade those pumps as they are beyond retro, MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  3. How unfair that you were so unceremoniously evicted when you only wanted to improve the Old Masters. Those posters are lovely! I will be taking a visit to their website later.
    Your art is lovely too.

  4. That are some pawsome art! And cute posters!

  5. How rude of those security staff to evict you like that, Fudge! You showed them, though, right?

    We love those posters!

  6. Beautiful art ! Those posters are really cool ! Purrs

  7. We can't believe security treated you that way, Fudge. *Hiss* Those posters are really cool...definitely worth framing and hanging.

  8. Those are great posters. xO

  9. I love the pictures. I need one right now!!!

  10. Thanks for the great review Artful Fudger. Will be looking forward to further reviews on other artwork.

  11. Great art! Those posters are great too!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  12. Cat Butt art. I like that! You can go to MY art gallery whenever you want. Bring your furrends.


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