Saturday 16 February 2019

**New Post** Getting All Arty-Farty with The Artful Fudger featuring Basil's New Pawtrait ~ A Present Fur Valentine's Day from The P.A.

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Welcome to another arty-farty post and let me just tell me what I've been up to since mew last saw me.  I've been doing my own paintings, yep it's true and here's one of my efforts...

This is a painting of our gorgeous sisfur, Snowie.  I call it:

Bungly Jungly Snowie

Now let me show mew the main event, the P.A. decided to get something special fur us all this Valentine's Day and she surprised us with this.
She made this pic in an app a while ago - she can't remember which app - anyhoo she found the pic in her camera roll a few weeks ago and loved it that much she pootled to Vistaprint and had it turned into a 40 x 60 cm canvas to try.  And it came out so fab it made her cry, she's just deciding whether to frame it or not, so it's sitting in the sky lounge on the desk right now where we get to admire it effuryday.

The P.A. loves it, I mean really loves it, so it was an artful success!

And furry quickly before I go, I'm also joining gorgeous Athena on the...  

caturday art

This picture was made with: BeFunky [paid licence]

Don't furget to stop by fur our regular Sunday Selfies post tomorrow Valentine's Style and many thanks fur joining me fur my third post, and I'll get some more exciting cat art to share with mew soon.

Bestest Arty-Farty Purrs

The Artful Fudger

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  1. The picture of Basil is beautiful and magical. I think the PA should frame it.
    Your picture of Snowie is lovely (it would make a nice puzzle), and also your artsy picture is lovely too.

  2. Your art is so wonderfully beautiful!

  3. Your art is purrfect.

    Have a fabulous weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥

  4. We think your artful fudge picture is beyond fascinating! Not to demean that wonderful jungle pic!!!

    1. Thank mew ladies, I like the fascinating comment, it fascinates me! MOL XOX

  5. Beautiful artwork, Fudge❤ The picture of angel Basil is so beautiful, no wonder the PA loves it❤Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😚😻

  6. Angel Basil's image looks fantabulous!

  7. The art is wonderful - good job everyone!

  8. I like your painting and I LOVE the art of Basil. XO

  9. That's really nice art especially the canvas. TW once turned my art into a tote bag.

  10. That was some wonderful artwork. Basil's picture will look great in a nice frame.

  11. That is one excellent picture you did, Mr Fudge, I think you should take commissions!
    Maybe not the inside of churches but I bet you could do fine work on the roofs from what we here, ;) MOL

    1. Thanks Erin, oh I'm just beginner in the arty farty wurld! XOX


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