Tuesday 12 February 2019

Crafting With Cats ~ Part XI ~ Valentines Special ~ Catnip Hearts and Kicker Toy and Come Say Hi to Young Melvyn

Welcome to

Supurr Greetings Pawesome Pals

Thanks fur joining us fur Part XI of our Crafting with Cats segment. Mew know we have so much fun making all this stuff, and we hope mew enjoy seeing it and/or making it too! 

If mew missed any of our previous CWC posts, here's how to make:

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This time we're making 

Catnip Hearts and Kicker Toy Crafting with Cats @BionicBasil

What Mew Will Need:

Felt squares

Cotton fabric of your choice


Tailors chalk or similar fabric marker


Thread and Needle or Sewing machine


and we used lot's of home grown BBHQ catnip and catmint

Optional Cat ~ Parsley was today's Craft Room Snoopervisor

Here's our selection of fabric

Ooooh what purretty colours!

Making The Catnip Hearts

1. Parsley was snoopervising today's session and making sure all Health & Safety protocols were carried out.

2. Cut out a cardboard template of your chosen heart

3.  Pick which colour felt square and trace 2 x heart outlines 

4. Repeat No. 3 then cut out hearts and place right sides together.

5. & 6. If mew don't have a sewing machine, that's ok.  Mew can hand stitch the hearts together.  We used the sewing machine and left a good inch so we could turn the right sides out.

7. Turn right sides out and your hearts should look something like this.

8.  Get your catnip and stuff to the brim, then hand stitch the last part the of the seams together.

Making The Catnip Heart Kicker Toy

1.  Take your chosen fabric, we used this lovely cotton print.  Cut a rectangle, mew can make to a size of your choice, though ours is approx 8 x 4 inches.

2.  Fold the rectangle along the long edge [in-half] and sew along the bottom and long edge, either by hand or with a sewing machine. 

3. Turn right side out and get your wadding ready.

4.  Stuff kicker toy, alternating with wadding and then catnip until full.

5.  Cut your ribbon into approx 4 inch lengths and add to top edge, tack in place if mew need to.  Stitch securely along the top edge to fully secure ribbons. 

And mew should now have something like this - some epically epic toys and a crazy cat or two, or maybe even three! MOL

Smooch was loving it!

Before we go any further, we need to make a quick introduction, my young nephew Melvyn has just moved in so purrlease say hi, mew can see the furrmily resemblance can't mew? What a cheeky little chap he is! MOL 

Even crotchety Amber got stuck in too.

In total from start to finish, these 3 toys took about 25 mins to make. It would have been quicker but the P.A. couldn't see to thread the needle - PFFFFTTTT  - OLD TIMERS!

As mew can see the Valentines toys were a total hit, the P.A. said she'd neffur seen so much cat drool and made a note on a post-it to use less potent nip next time - though we promptly ate said post-it note as we really like the extra potent nip! MOL 

And that furriends furry sadly brings us to the end of our eleventh Crafting with Cats post, we do hope mew liked it and if mew decide to make your furry own Valentines toys, we hope mew enjoy them as much as we are still enjoying ours! 

Wait till mew see what we've got lined up fur our special Easter crafting sesh, can mew guess? 

We'll be back tomorrow with The Valentines Pet Parade and do hope mew can join us then.

Bestest crafty purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 


We at BionicBasil HQ are not responsible or liable fur any injuries to person/s and/or cat/s, crafting addictions, glue on cats, paper cuts, misplaced pins and needles, cats stealing your supplies, broken scissors, cat fur stuck on your projects, or your project not turning out as planned.  By using this information you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless BionicBasil and staff from and against any and all claims for personal injuries or damages of any kind arising from use of any Crafting With Cats posts we may share.

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  1. Melvyn!!

    Welcome!! You sure do bear a resemblance to your Angel Basil relation!

    YOu picked a grat spot to love and be loved..and that heart you are hanging onto says love in big red letters!

    Those toys look purrty and easy to fabricate.

  2. Welcome Melvyn! Just in time to test the craft projects! I do see a family resemblance for sure.....lucky boy. Love the projects too - easy to do (even if you don't have a sewing machine!) and maybe I can get my Mom interested in whipping up a little something for yours truly in honor of the DAY OF LOVE (and catnip)!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Thanks so much guys, and yes, easy even if mew don't have a sewing machine, we make sure to cater fur effuryone and did mew make any???! MOL XOX

  3. Hello Melvyn! It's lovely to meet you, and I do see a very strong family resemblance. Are you going to tell us your story?
    Those toys look good, especially stuffed full of nip. I think I might make some for the shelter, not Valentine's ones though because I wouldn't get them done that quickly.

    1. Oh Melvyn will be sharing soon, he's got lot's to share! MOL XOX

  4. Such fun crafts and a fun Melvyn too, welcome to you Melvyn!!!

  5. Howdy, Melvin! Do you know what kind of outfit you are now a part of?

    1. Thanks so much guys, and I think he's getting an idea right about now of what kind of outfit he's now part of - Smooch and Fudge are just blowing something up down the field again! MOL XOX

  6. Aww...welcom to the family, sweet Melvin. Oh, yes, definetely family💗Lovely nipped hearts, Smoochie...MOL😸Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead🐾😽💞

  7. Nice to meet you, Melvyn ! Those DIY toys look like tons of fun ! Purrs

  8. Aw, welcome to the clan Melvyn. You're a handsome one.

    I love all the Valentines crafts. Happy colors.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Happy Tuesday. My best to your peeps. ♥

  9. Wow! What fun Valentine toys! And Melvin sure is putting them to the test. Nice to meet you, Melvin!

  10. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas so I will definitely be making the kicker. Welcome Melvyn! Such a cutie. XO

    1. Thanks so much guys, and how exciting mew got a new machine - we won't tell the P.A. as hers is from 1989! MOL MOL XOX

  11. Welcome Melvyn! You are one lucky kitty to have landed at Bionic Basil HQ.

  12. Hi Melvyn!!!! Great to see you have joined the B Team. Me thinks you'll have LOTs of wild adventures and soooo much fun they will be writing books about you too, just like your uncle B.

  13. MELVYN !!!! itz total lee awesum ta meet ewe ...welcome and most happee gotcha day ...ewe R reel lee gonna lovez livin ther N when ya getz a bit older; whoa....de addventurez ewe will haz !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  14. What kitty doesn't luv a good kicker toy, right? Yours look fun to make and I'm all for anything with hearts printed on them! Mom luvs to craft, but she has more ideas than time! Tee hee hee. Hugs.

  15. Wow these are supurr! We will suggest to Dad that he try this as he is looking for things to do instead of cleaning MOL


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