Thursday 24 October 2019


Amber & Pandora's Pawty Mewton-Clawson Cats The B Team ©BionicBasil®

Purrsday Greetings Pawesome Furriends

Welcome to Amber and Pandora's Spooky Birthday Pawty!

Here are the birthday gurls, don't they look frightening furrbulous! MOL

Amber & Pandora's Pawty Mewton-Clawson Cats The B Team ©BionicBasil®

Grab a hat!

Pick a Wand!

And let's head through the Shrieking Forest..... Muwahahahahahahahahaaa! Stay close guys, mew neffur know what might be out there.... but don't wurry mew can zap any monsters with your wands and don't furget to follow the floating pumkpins -  and whateffur mew do don't stray from the path! 

Amber & Pandora's Pawty Mewton-Clawson Cats The B Team ©BionicBasil®

Are mew ready fur a spooky snack?  Help yourselves!

Amber & Pandora's Pawty Mewton-Clawson Cats The B Team ©BionicBasil®Amber & Pandora's Pawty Mewton-Clawson Cats The B Team ©BionicBasil®
Amber & Pandora's Pawty Mewton-Clawson Cats The B Team ©BionicBasil®


Amber & Pandora's Pawty Mewton-Clawson Cats The B Team ©BionicBasil®

Now onto the Give-Away

There is one goodie bag up fur grabs!

The give-way is open wurld-wide** as usual, and all mew have to do is leave a comment below.  We'll do the draw fur the winner next Wednesday at 5pm, so mew have until then to enter and we'll post the winner*** on The Halloween Pet Parade next week!

And what's the prize, we hear mew ask?

Well, as all our pawesome regulars know, our give-aways are epically epic and we like to surprise mew with a goodie bag filled with delightful things fur mew and your hooman, so it's a win win fur effuryone. 

[**Unless mew're in one of those countries that aren't allowed to join in. Mew know who mew are!]


[***Prizes are as stated and no substitutes or cash prizes will be given.  It is up the winner to send us their snail mail address after we notify them either by email or comment on their blog after the winner is drawn.  Failure to respond in good time will result in a delay in the goodie bag being sent, or failure to respond at all will result in no goodie bag being sent .  The rules are simple and straightforward so purrlease abide by them.]

Thank mew furry much to our supurr pawesome pal, Pipo fur sending these fabulous Birthday Cards, dude mew're epic!  MUWAH! 

In the meantime pawty on as we're sure this event will last fur days! MOL

We hope mew all have a totally wild time, if mew need to chill we have allocated the Crystal Room as normal fur the zen-zone, so mew can have a snooze, take five or just crash out.

Thanks so much fur joining us today, and don't forget Amber will be back tomorrow with a fab Halloween book just for mew on her latest review

Bestest purrs and big hugs

Wing Commander Basil and The B Team xx

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  1. Happy Birthday ladies!
    You are having a fun pawrty indeed!
    Too spooky for me though, there are no, I repeat NO Halloween decorations around my den since it is not a celebrated holiday by her or the furmily...sigh...oh well, she didn't forbid me to come and have fun here:)

  2. Happy birthday, Amanda and Pandora! What fun!

    Zoey has grabbed a wand, a cupcake, some NIP (of course!) a hat (OH NO!) and is off hiding from
    Dougie Dog but as soon as she runs out of NIP she'll be back for more ... to party on ... and on ... and on!
    Y'all sure know how to do birthday bashes!

  4. ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Amber,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Pandora,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

  5. Oh, Happy Day, you two gorgeous sisfurs!
    Don't party too hard...wait a 'til you cannot find your way home!
    Hugs to Pandora and Amber on your special day.

  6. What a spooky birthday pawty. We love your costumes. Like you, we're going to pawty hard too. We're going to try all the spooky cupcakes, wands and followed all the balloons to the spooky pawty. Daisy Mae wants to try each one of the nip drinks and I'll try the food.Now let's get into the pawty groove and get down and dance the night away.
    Please enter me in the contest. I really want to win the giveaway. Hope I win.

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful girls! What a pawty y'all can put on - pawsome! Enjoy every minute of it Pandora and Amber.

  8. Heck, I almost didn't make it as my Uber-broom ride got scared and dropped me a few spooky blocks down the road and I had to walk the last few swamps!
    Still, now I'm here I want to raise a glass of Ambrosia Nip Fizz and wish you both A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    Now if someone will lead me to the loos, I just need to straighten a few whiskers; them brooms don't half ruin a girls hair do ;)
    Birthday purrs
    Did I see white mice limousines in the drive for the trip home?

  9. What a pawty!!! Happy Birthday Amber and Pandora! What hauntingly wonderpurr treats. I'll take the penultimate witches hat. Hope you get some treats. If I have too many Primo Nip Twisters ERin may have to drive me home.

  10. Happy Birthday Amber and Pandora, we hope you have a special day!!! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. Oh My Catness we would have missed this because it was not on our calendar. It is now! Happy Birthday dear friends. Can we have a few Mind Benders and Liquid Sunshine and I will have the Primo Nip Twister Hee Hee

  12. Happy Birthday you two. What a spread and WHAT a PARTEEEEE!!!

    Harvey Button and the Dash Kitten Crew

  13. Meowza, you guys know how to throw a pawty!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Oliver & The Tribe of Five at Felime Opines

  14. Happy Birthday to beautiful Amber and Pandora! XO

  15. Happy Birthday Pandora and Amber!!! Are the woods shreiking or is that Amber? 😸 Jake is heading for his transportation tunnel and should be downing Smooch's mind benders before you know it.

  16. Happy birthday, Amber and Pandora! This is some party, and we are so glad to be here to celebrate with you! XO

  17. I've come back to try some nice nipitinis if you have any:)

    There was a pawrty of sorts at petcretary's work...western, not spooky...and the booze was flowing there...but *she* did not bring any home, and she didn't get to taste test any of them...sheesh, must be a work restriction or something. One man told here it was the best pawrty ever cause he got to have the first drink he'd had in eons, MOL! So me having a drink will be in his honor:)

  18. Happy belated Birthday Amber and Pandora ! We're sorry we missed your pawty, that sounds great ! We're glad you had a pawsome celebration ! Purrs