Monday 13 January 2020

Mancat Monday at BBHQ ~ Melvyn's High Flying Start To The New Year

Mancat Monday at BBHQ with The B Team ©BionicBasil ®

It's Mancat Monday, and mew know what that means, so today Young Melvyn is here sharing all his uber manlycatness and ready to take on 2020 in epic style

Doesn't he cut a pawesome specimen of a ruggedly handsome mancat?

Melvyn's High Flying Start To The New Year

Melvyn's High Flying Start To The New Year on Mancat Monday at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® 2020

We can almost guarantee all the ladycats in the blogosphere will be swooning right now over this gorgeous tabby! MOL

So we'll leave mew to admire Melvyn in peace, and see mew on Wednesday when we'll be back with The Pet Parade, until then...

Keep calm and do manly cat things!

Commander Basil and The B Team  

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  1. Dang Melvyn, you're having a high old time pal, be careful up there!

  2. Ooh...don't slip!

    You are surely following in Angel Basil's footsteps, as I think there is a similar picture of him on that roof:)

  3. Looking good up there, Melvyn surveying far and wide.
    Where do I order that lovely blue sky?

  4. Great job Melvyn, you're King of the mountain or wall. MOL

  5. You are high enough to see everything. Way cool shot.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. My best to your peeps. ♥

  6. Melvyn, be careful coming down!
    Thank you for sharing at

  7. That's a terrific image, Melvyn! Bet you can see for miles and miles up there.

  8. dood....seer ee uz lee.....look NW 15.9 & SE 13.03 N ya mite see uz wavin at ewe
    frum TT shorez ~~ :) ♥♥

  9. You are on top of the world - and looking handsome there Melvyn!

  10. Get down here right now young man!

  11. Melvyn, you're looking fabulous up there ! Purrs

  12. He certainly is a very handsome man cat!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  13. Love that chillaxing spot Melvyn


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