Wednesday 30 September 2020

Welcome to Our Mid-Week News Round-Up on The Pet Parade & Today's Headlines are ~ Wobbleboard Smooch, Fudge's Fence Hopping and Amber's Supurr Happy Catmint Experience Plus BBHQ's Latest Hot Gossip

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Epic Wednesday Greetings Furiends

Welcome to the Pet Parade and our weekly news round up!

Furst up in the headlines this week is...

Wobbleboard Smooch

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He and Pandora take it in turns to Purrsonal Train the P.A. in the fitness studio at BBHQ, however they were complaining that their comfort needs were not being met during the intense training sessions and if they were to continue in their current roles things needed to change asap.  So the P.A. was left with no other choice than to make a Snuggle Mat for the wobbleboard, as being modelled by Smooch above.

If mew're wondering what a wobbleboard is, it's one of those devices that mew stand on and it shakes mew all over, hence why we call it the wobbleboard. It's the modern-day version of those devices that had the wide belt that mew would put around your backside or legs or wherever and it would shake the fluff out of mew apparently toning up the area.

The P.A.'s mum used to have one eons ago, though for the life of us we can't remember what they were called, so if any mew have the answer to that do let us know so the P.A. can go torment her mum about it! MOL MOL

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Next up this week is Fence Hopping Fudge...

Fudge loves hopping over the fence and checking out what's going off in nextdoors field and this week he was lucky to have some really great weather while out on his little excursion.

 Fence Hopping Fudge  ©BionicBasil® The Pet Parade 373

Just as he was returning after his bite-sized 10-minute patrol he spied a big pigeon, he said and I quote, "Basil dude it was the size of a pterodactyl, we could have had a feast but Pandora scared it off with her bad attitude!"

And talking of bad attitudes, that leads us into our final story of the week... 

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 Amber's Supurr Happy Catmint Experience... NOT!   


Amber's Supurr Happy Catmint Experience  ©BionicBasil® The Pet Parade 373

Things didn't go quite as planned for Amber's Happy Catmint Frolick. There she was just about to get all completely submersed or as we like to call it, to go for total immersion in one of BBHQ's most fragrant catmint plants when Melvyn arrived to tell her that her latest consignment of books had been returned to sender because payment had been cancelled.  

Appurrently Parsley got wind of Amber's abuse of his credit card and notified his credit card company to advise him of every new payment being made. Amber is now looking for alternate ways to buy her books, any ideas are gratefully received as her bad mood is really bringing us all down! 

And before we pop off...

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Mew remember last week when we told mew on QT that the P.A. had started the Mogwarts Cat adventure for us, and we asked mew to send some pawsitive writing vibes for her, the great news is she's just started Chapter 3 so it's wurking...

Mogwarts Cats ©BionicBasil®

...purrlease keep sending those epic writing vibes and hopefully, she can get another couple of chapters done this week! #SoExciting

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We'll be back on Friday with our final Fluffers post until next year as Amber is starting back the following week with her new season book reviews and a whole new look too, so we do hope mew can join us for our last few bloopers and don't furget to hop along on the Pet Parade below and share your latest posts with us.

Supurr purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. You sure have some fun things going on and good wobbling Smooch!

  2. Looking good, Smooch, Fudge and Amber! We're excited to read about your Mogwart's adventures!

  3. You guys look great! What good photos!!

  4. Oh Amber, that face!
    In my teens I used to go to a gym with friends after work. They had those contraptions with the belts that felt like they were vibrating all the fat off you. We must have looked like a row of wobbly jellies! I googled it and it seems they are just called belt vibrators.

  5. Always lots of fun here. I love the hearts on your behind. Cute.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  6. Amber, you need to find an independent source of funds for your book habit!

  7. gurl rememburrz that masheen two, de nayborz door de street had one .....knot sure what itz called tho.... and heerz sum mond meld for yur new book ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :) ♥♥♥

  8. Amber, you look like you had a lot fun in the catmint. Put in my link for pet parade.

  9. Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Wordless Wednesday. :)

  10. Poor Amber. I will help you get some books. XO

  11. Oh how exciting your estate is! Amber your face just says it all, rights! That is the 2020 look if I ever saw one! BOL! (oh,and I am a fan of the mint too...Ma has them in pots so I can graze to my hearts desire...☺)
    Ruby ♥


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