Friday 25 September 2020

Welcome To Friday Fluffers ~ Showcasing The Latest Batch of Photo Bloopers From The BBHQ Archives Starring Fudge, Smooch, Parsley and Amber ~ PLUS Friendly Fill-Ins

Welcome to

Friday Fluffers withThe B Team @BionicBasil®

Happy Friyay Fab Pals

Welcome to our Friday Fluffers post where we showcase a selection of photo bloopers or photo fails from BBHQ, the photos that we thought would neffur see the light of day, buried deep, deep, deep in the archives on level 12 of our secret bunker, with no chance of effur being seen on the interwebs for the wurld to see... UNTIL NOW!

Are mew ready fur some fun outtakes from The B Team? Of course mew are.

And furst on the podium is Fudge from March 2017...

Mew've heard of an Apple Turnover, well this is Upside Down Fudge! MOL

Friday Fluffers at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Upside Down Fudge

We don't know what was going off here, do mew have any idea's?

Next up is Smooch from August 2017, in...

Stick Your Tongue Out And Touch Your Nose - good job Smooch!

Friday Fluffers at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Smooch, Stick Your Tongue Out And Touch Your Nose

But can mew do it?

And finally, from August 2018, Smooch, Amber, Parsley and Fudge in...

Friday Fluffers at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Get Out It's A Trap

This one cracks us up, mew can just see Amber and Parsley thinking, don't get in there dude, just don't do it! and I can't actually believe he got in there, what a total pudding! MOL MOL MOL

This week we're also joining in Friday Fill-ins with the fabulous 15 & Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

1. My _________ is too _________.

2. I am willing to give up _________ for _________.

3. One random fact about me is _________.

4. _________ makes me unique.

The P.A.'s answers are...

1. My workload for the blog is sometimes too much for the time I have spare, and I have to sacrifice writing the adventures and books just to keep up with posting #oops

2. I am willing to give up overseas vacations for my cats - we have for the last few years not gone away aka had a holiday in the UK or overseas as we don't have anyone to look after The B Team at home while we're gone, so we've been staycationing for a long time.

3. One random fact about me is I love audio books, I still have my first story cassettes from when I was about 4 years old of all the Enid Blyton adventures, one was called Mary Mouse, I loved that story and would listen to it over and over.

4. I don't really know what to say for this one, as I feel we are all fabulously unique beings each with amazing skills and ideas that are exclusively our own. For instance nobody can bake a cake exactly like you, or nobody can paint a picture like you, or no one writes a story like you etc... we are all epically unique and that's what makes us all special in some way.

We do hope mew enjoyed today's pics and we'll be back next Friyay with more funny photos.

Join us again on Sunday when we're here with our usual selfie selection and will announce the winner of Pandora's Birthday Giveaway which closes at 5pm GMT today, and we can't believe how many entries there are ~  it's a new record for a BBHQ birthday bash and many thanks to all those who've entered, we love that you found our blog!

In the meantime... stay fluffy

Supurr purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. I LURV audiobooks! They've changed my life!
    When my job was moved to a new location that was almost 20 miles from home, I was miserable with all the horrible commute time, and not being able to lunch at home every day. Then, I found books on CD, and I listened as I drove, and listened on my lunch break. YAY! No more listening to the nasty radio, or horrible music and adverts.
    When the library came out with an audiobook app, and I discovered I could play it through my car speakers, I've been having the time of my life!
    These may be fluffers, but they show us the purrsonality of each kitty! So cute!

  2. Love the bloopers, especially the last one.

  3. Aw on all the cute kitty poses.

    Love your fill-ins and especially #4.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Hug to your mom. ♥

  4. Happy Friday! Oh, I love the "blooper" pics! What a nice way to start my day with a smile! I especially love that "trap" pic! Thanks for joining in our #FlashbackFriday blog hop, too!

  5. Your bloopers would end up being JOKES on our site! And wes LOVES your fill-ins! #1 was why we gave up blogging several times. Mom just did not have enough hours in the day. Now that traffic is down and she is only working part time, she finds it much easier. And Mom loves audio books too!
    Sending yous guys loads of Purrs
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  6. guyz yur fry day flufferz iz fabulous :) de food gurl iz de same way
    .....tho her doez knot trust any one ta look out afturr de trouterz....her
    haz stay cationz at home all sew !! :) ♥♥

  7. Loved the pictures and your answers. Wonderful Fluffers

  8. We love Fudge's upside picture and we think Fudge is just showing off to the Human saying Niner, Niner, Niner, Niner I can lay upside down on my head and you can't. Love Smooch's stick your tongue out picture and really like the picture with Smooch, Amber, Parsley and Fudge.
    We love your answers. Never tried audiobooks.

  9. Great Bloopers and pawsome Fill-ins!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. Very cute photos. Thank you for participating in the fil-ins, great answers. I can see how your posts take a lot of time, it must take forever to make the puzzles, mandalas, etc. All your fans enjoy them ( me included). Have a nice weekend. XO

  11. great fails -love the Stick Your Tongue Out And Touch Your Nose one!!

  12. HAPPY FRIDAY!! Thanks for visiting my bloggie! I LOVES meetin' new pals! OMD/OMC, your bloopers are too funny! I likes the last one best...SO somethings I would do! BOL!
    I hopes you have a most FABulous weekend!
    Ruby ♥

  13. We love all the blooper pix. Dad says he could sit for hours and enjoy nothing but cat blooper photos.

  14. Hello to all of you cute kitties! And thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Honestly, I completely and totally relate to your #1. I'm working on getting a better schedule down for myself, one that allows daily time for art, writing, blogging, and reading, all on top of my work schedule. I'm determined to make it all work. Purrs!


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