Saturday 31 October 2020

Happy Halloween and Spooky Story Time at BBHQ

Basil & The B Team Happy Halloween ©BionicBasil®

Spooky Caturday Greeting Epic pals

Halloween wouldn't be Meowoleen without us sharing our spooky little tale from way, way, way back in 2016, so in true BBHQ Tradition let the spookfest begin.

And if mew missed our Halloween Crafting with Cats post earlier featuring Gordon the Ghost, do check it out, click the link here to visit.

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is here and are mew ready for a chilling little tail, or we should say tale... muwhahahahahaha

Basil & The B Team Happy Halloween ©BionicBasil®

A Spooky Tail on All Hallows' Eve 

It had been a frosty day; the air rather piquant with a fresh, zingy taste.  We'd just finished decorating the bunker in the most spooktacular fashion, and even if I do say so myself, it looked as scary as the scariest place mew could effur imagine.  White glistening cobwebs hung in thick swaths covering the walls and ceilings, bats dangled on invisible bungy cords, and there were pumpkins galore were effurywhere.  

Spooky spectres glided along the bunker corridors wailing chillingly, and animated weird-wolves popped up and howled when mew least expected it.  The smoke-machine was on offurdrive, and a white, filmy-mist swirled around rather hypnotically just above floor level.  Shocking shrieks and muffled bumps sounded through the comms systems and to be honest, I nearly jumped out of my fur several times. 

The Control Room had been transformed into the Halloween Hub, and all the pawty games were in place as an eerie bell tolled and a gruff voice announced:

'Get the pawty started!'
Parsley aka The Saucerer was bobbing fur nip-laced apples.  Posie aka The Mummy was lurching around unable to see due to a severe bandage malfunction.  Humphrey was wearing his invisibility suit and kept creeping on effurypurrdy, whispering in their ear in some strange foreign accent, "I'm vatching mew... muwahahahahahahaaaaa!"

Smooch, Amber and I all had the same idea and were dressed as witches and warlocks. [note to self, I need a new costume for next year]
Anyhoo, there we all were having a wail of a time; screaming like gurls while a sinister sound-track played in the background, plus we were enjoying some rather strange brew that Smooch had concocted in the laboratory.  He'd even made it in a cauldron for added effect and to be honest, I could have sworn at one point I saw a tentacle rise up out of the bubbling neon-green liquid, then sink below the mist-swirling surface, but he said, and I quote;

"Trust me! I know what I'm doing, here drink this!" 

I did have several reservations hurtling through my mind, such as;

mew sure about that? 
it looks a funny colour! 
and why is it smoking like that? 
did I just see a tentacle in my drink?

But I thought what the heck and aftur several shots I found it rather entertaining when an eyeball appeared in my glass and stared right at me; it was like a surprise bonus, and we all laughed and laughed and laughed.

As the night progressed things did start to get a little outlandish, Snowie aka The White Phantom got tangled up in the suspension wires she'd rigged to her costume and hung upside down like she was trapped in some giant spider web and we just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Mid all this hysterical laughter the lights suddenly went out, and we were plunged into darkness.  The inky pitch-black of a total power failure.

"Don't wurry," I laughed. "The back-up generator will kick-in in a couple of seconds!"

Time ticked by, and we were all still sat in the dark.

"Basil?" Smooch said bumping into me, then forcing another drink into my paw. "Why's the genny not wurking?"

"Ssssssshhhhh," Parsley hissed as we all giggled, too much nip and who-knows-what will do that to mew. "Do mew hear that?" he asked.

"Hear what?" Posie said as she tripped offur her bandages and landed with an ungainly thwump on the floor.

Scratch... scratch... scratch...

We all paused, listened and then laughed and laughed and laughed.

Scritch... scritch... scritch... 

"It's getting closer," Parsley said, sounding much sober than he had five seconds ago.

Scratch... scratch... scratch... 

We all paused, listened again and then laughed and laughed and laughed.

"DUDES!" Parsley said tersely; obviously, he hadn't had as much cauldron nip as the rest of us. "Something is coming down the corridor!"

Scrape... scratch... scritch... scrape... scratch... scritch...

We all paused, listened again and then laughed and laughed and laughed.

I suddenly heard a sickeningly soft hiss, and it made my fur bristle in all kinds of disturbing ways, or maybe that was the cauldron nip, at this point I couldn't be sure for sure.

"Guys, was that one of mew?" I asked as my highly honed senses suddenly burst into life and began to eke out in the darkness. "Do mew smell that? It's rank, fetid and has a rather old dead odour..."

Amber took huge offence to this and said rather snappishly. "No, I haven't been eating eggs again!"

"No, not mew," I said.

Scrape... scratch... scritch... scrape... scratch... scritch...

"Basil," Humphrey whispered in my ear, his cold breath making my ear-fur tremble and I nearly screamed.  Only just managing to swallow down my shriek Humphrey continued. "I'll go check, I've got my night vision goggles on plus I'm invisible, stay here dude."

"Great idea," I said, pushing him towards to door.

I could feel my fur-sibs draw closer towards me, and Smooch whispered. "Do mew guys have any weapons?"

I heard the distinct clicks of several safety's being slid off in the dark, and heard the collective reply of. "Of course we've got weapons!"

There was a light tap on my shoulder, and Humphrey hissed. "Basil, dude... I don't know how to say this..."

"Say what?" I asked with much trepidation, feeling the sudden pump of adrenaline flood through my body like an icy-wave crashing on the beach.

"There's a zombie cat in the bunker, and it's lurching this way!" Humphrey gulped.  

Amber Screaming ©BionicBasil®

Amber screamed, then we all screamed and screamed and screamed!

**And Cut**

pumpkin dividers, bats, halloween banners

Happy Meowoleen guys, enjoy the Trick or Treating if mew're able to participate this year ~ be safe out there ~  sadly our little county, Nottinghamshire got locked down yesterday for the next few weeks due to covid-19.

We'll be back on the morrow with our usual selfies post, so we do hope to see mew then.   

In the meantime have an epically epic weekend.

Supurr spooky purrs

Wing Commander and The B Team xx

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pumpkin dividers, bats, Halloween banners 


  1. Eeeek! We are having a big storm right now and if the lights go out I will be really scared!
    It sounds like the whole country could soon be back on lock down, but too little too late. The restrictions were lifted to quickly during the summer.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. That was really, really good! Happy Halloween spooky cool friends!

  3. Happy Halloween. cool and spooky story.
    Crystal And Daisy Mae

  4. That is SCARY! We like the costumes and the decorating and most of all... A Boo to You Too!

  5. OMC, that was scary, mew guys! Happy Meowloween to you all! XO


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