Monday 26 October 2020

Welcome to Cat Hazards **A Brand New Series** at BBHQ ~ Keeping Your Cat Safer #2 ~ Top 12 Common House Plants Toxic For Cats & To Avoid ~ **Free Printable List with Pictures**

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  Happy Monday supurr pals

Welcome to Cat Hazards ~ A Brand New Series at BBHQ 

Today we're sharing the second post in our new series, and we're talking about house plants, if mew missed Part One which is all about cat toys, click here.

If mew're new to being cat staff, then maybe there are a few things mew haven't thought about, and we're here to point mew in the right direction so mew can learn what's safe and what's not. And for those seasoned and veteran cat staff, do feel free to add more suggestions in the comments as...


...and helps avoid and avert all kinds of disasters.

Lets Talk House Plants

House plants are really lovely, and who doesn't like to have all that lush greenery indoors, plus plants help to clean the air, what's not to love? We love our plants at BBHQ and have several in the main living spaces.

We have a lot of spider plants and grasses; we know what plants we like and always head for the highly accessible spider plants and grasses, which are placed for us to be able to nibble at will. We do have a post dedicated to cat-friendly house plants coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

So let's look at today's list of what mew really don't want to have indoors.

Top 12 Common House Plants Toxic For Cats 

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right-click the graphic to print it off and stick on your fridge or noticeboard

Many other plants are toxic too, so essentially mew need take the time to do your research and make informed choices for the safety of your cat.

Let's Talk Plants

Your local garden centre or plant sales at DIY stores don't usually include any information about whether a plant is harmful or not, so it's up to mew to check out before mew buy whether a house plant is safe to have with your cat. Our advice is, if mew're not sure, don't buy it. 

If a plant is toxic, poisoning can be caused by any of the following;

drinking water from a plant drip tray

eating flower heads, berries or even roots

eating the leaves or green shoots

brushing against the pollen on the flower head and then accidentally ingesting while cleaning fur

eating soil 

So mew can see the multiple ways your cat could potentially come to harm.

Ideally, any plant unless it's on the cat-friendly list should be situated in an inaccessible place where Fluffy can't get his gnashers on it or better still just give it/them to someone who doesn't have pets.

 Indoor-only cats are notoriously known for being plant nibblers, as they can be looking for a bit of greenery to assist them with yacking up furballs; this behaviour is inbuilt so don't think that Fluffy won't try to eat your plants especially he's an indoor-only cat, all cats are prone to eating some greens, so our advice to grow your own cat grass. 

See our Gardening with Cats post for details on growing your own greens, but if your cat staff has a severe case of Blackthumb mew could always buy it in ready grown, we reviewed this company a while ago and have actually subscribed for the winter months.
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There are many plants which are safe for cats, and we'll be sharing our top 12 list soon.

Do make sure that non of your indoor plants if they flower can come into contact with your cat, as the pollen on the flower stamen is highly toxic, especially from lilies and it can be fatal.


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If mew are partial to exotic plants and flowers or just like lots of plant colour we have a great idea for mew; there are many companies that make wunderful faux versions, we have several faux lilies from Peony flowers, they have some really amazing faux plants.

Peony Flowers Faux Lily at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Cat Hazards Part II

 So mew can have lovely plants just make sure they're faux! MOL

It doesn't take long to make your home a safe place, and mew'd do it for a baby/toddler/child, so do it for your cat too, and our K9 buddies of course!

Next time we'll cover our top 12 cut flowers mew need to avoid, just in case Fluffy takes a shine to them, and mew can also find oodles of helpful posts on our Top Tips for Cat Pawrents page.

And remember, always do your research furst, until next time...

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Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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  1. We hardly have any plants at all in the house...and we have no window sills except over the kitchen sink...and Pipo doesn't jump up there anymore...

    Good reminder for the toxic plants...always good to have a review.
    One of my fave pics is of two angel kitties who were checking out an amaryllis I had...but after that pic was taken, I removed it out of their a room where no kitties were allowed.

  2. There's so much danger, I even like to try to eat plastic plants!

  3. We have only spider plants and a Christmas Cactus inside, and both are harmless to cats...well, except for Manny who chews the spider plant shoots, then gives them 'back', infyouknowwhatImean...*sigh*

  4. Thanks for reminder. We have a few of these plants. Am I wrong but isn't Poinsettias poisonous for cats too? Cats shouldn't eat them?

  5. This is a really nice list and something to think about. Dad just started a little bit with plants this year and put in two raised beds. He killed everything so far but hopes next year will be better and now has a list to take to the store. Thanks so much

  6. Great advice. You need to be ever watchful what in your home may be toxic/deadly to our four legged family members. We only have silk plants here.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to all the kitties and my best to your smart mom. ♥

  7. Good to see there are no plants on that list that Peepers grows inside. She used to grow cyclamen but they all died. Okay, so she killed 'em. Yup, Peepers has a selective black thumb. MOUSES!

  8. guyz...grate post two food servizz gurl haz...13 plants at her place oh employ
    bee coz her canna bring em inn side de houz.....sum go home in de summerz time & stay out doorz, but come bak ta werk in de fall...if her loozez her job she's gonna hafta put de plantz up for adoptshunz !!! :) ☺☺♥♥

  9. Good point on the pollen! Had'nt thoguht avout that.

  10. This is a great reminder for humans! We can't wait to see your next list.

  11. Excellent post. I didn't realize Aloe was bad for cats. XO

  12. Great post, mew guys! There sure are a lot of plants that are toxic for pets. Most of the ones we have in the house are fake. The two real ones are high up, where Gracie and Ava can't go. AND they're cat safe. :)

  13. Thank you for sharing at


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