Thursday 5 November 2020

It's Bonfire Night Again ~ OH FLUFF!

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Bonfire Night 


Guy Fawkes Night

5th November 

Well pawesome furiends, it doesn't seem 2 minutes since it was Meowoleen!  It was just five days ago when we were all in Spooksville, and here we are with another celebration, only this time it's not furry pet furiendly or pet-alicious, as we would say.

On this night in 1605, yes we know that's a furry, furry, furry long time ago, even older than the P.A. but don't tell her we said that - she's looking remarkably spritely for four hundred and elebenty two!

So anyhoo back to the story; back in 1605 on a cold dark night there was a plot, and it was a ginormous plot of such magnitude that it would have blown the whiskers off most kitties at 5000 paces. The story goes like this:

House of Lords

A man called Guy Fawkes was arrested trying to blow up the House of Lords which is a furry famous building in London. He was part of the 'Gun Powder' Conspiracy who were trying to assassinate the King, James 1st.  Apparently, they didn't like him or his ruling much, so they decided to blow him to kingdom come with enough explosives to light up the sky for miles.

This conspiracy was howeffur thwarted, and Guy Fawkes was captured red-handed with his mittens all over said explosives. King James 1st who was furry, furry happy not to have been blown into a squillion pieces decided to make November 5th an annual celebration and over time this celebration is what we know today as;

'Bonfire Night'

Yes, we have bonfires and fireworks and the latter obviously is the not furry pet furiendly part. While I suppose that most hoomans find them furry purretty and exciting, for us kitties, K9's, other pets & anipals, and not furgetting the wildlife; it can be furry distressing and all those loud bangs, booms, screeches & flashing lights can be furry disorientating.  

That's why the P.A. bans us from going outside during that week, as mew neffur know who might be setting the fluffing things off. Plus some peeps have their bonfires on other nights, as it's not just limited to the 5th, so mew can neffur be sure when a firecracker might go off! EEEEK!

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As we're in lockdown since 12:01 am this morning we're not sure what the protocol is for tonight, though we imagine that lots of peeps will be setting fireworks off in their gardens... OH MY COD!

Better be safe than sorry and stay inside. And if mew're really sensitive to the noise tell your peeps to put on an old cowboy movie and turn up the volume, the ones with the stampedes and all the whooping and hollering, or something similar to drown out the bangs, fizzes and pops.

Also, try a Feliway plug-in diffuser, or if mew're really, really noise-sensitive get your hooman to talk to your vet for suggestions.

Do mew know every year we see oodles petitions to stop the sale of fireworks to the general public in the U.K. and every year nothing happens? It truly is bizarre. 

Anyhoo Amber is here tomorrow with another specially paw-picked book just for mew, so do stop by the Mewton-Clawson Library if mew get chance and I did hear that she's got some rather delicious cookies to share tomorrow too! 

Wishing mew all a supurr purry day and stay safe

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. Oh my, those loud bangs are awful so yes, y'all stay inside. Sorry you're on lockdown again, we should be but it's not gonna happy. Be safe!

  2. Us hooligans do not seem to be much affected as far as petcretary can see...but she keeps us inside anyways. MJF used to run out and try to angrily bark the 'things' away.

  3. I could hear quite a few fireworks going off in the village last night, and also our nearest neighbour had some for their grandchildren. It seems that most people near here had them last night, but I expect there will be more tonight.
    At least they haven't been going off for days beforehand this year.

  4. We did not hear anything but then again we are across the pond. Glad you kept safe even if there was some sound.

  5. Our Angel Little Bit hated fireworks. She would beg us to make them stop.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  6. guyz....thiz soundz like 4th oh joo lie heer weerkz goin off for a week bee for N ten dayz afturr N all hourz in bee yeer we saw a coyoteez runnin in de naybor hood sew him could try N getz a way frum all de noiz :(



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