Friday 1 July 2022

Welcome To Friday Fluffers ~ Showcasing The Latest Batch of Photo Bloopers From The BBHQ Archives Starring Parsley, Amber & Melvyn AND Pandora ~ PLUS Friendly Fill-Ins AND The Winner of Fudge's Birthday Giveaway

Welcome to

Friday Fluffers withThe B Team ©BionicBasil®

Happy Friyay Fab Pals

Welcome to our furst Friday Fluffers post of the new season, and where we showcase a selection of photo bloopers or photo fails from BBHQ, the photos that we thought would neffur see the light of day, buried deep, deep, deep in the archives on level 12 of our secret bunker, with no chance of effur being seen on the interwebs for the wurld to see... UNTIL NOW!

Are mew ready for some fun outtakes from The B Team? Of course, mew are but furst here's the winner of Fudge's Birthday Giveaway!

Drumroll purrlease...
And the winner drawn out of the hat* is:

Pippinettetook  aka Pippin, Luna and FanFan



If mew can email us your snail mail address at your earliest convenience, that would be epic. 

deardrbasil @ gmail . com

Thank mew to everypawdy else who entered, and don't wurry if mew didn't win this time; there'll be another giveaway soon, in fact on the 4th of July, so stay tuned.

And just in case mew're wondering how we pick the winner, we type the full list of names from the blog post and Instagram post and then paste it into the random name picker at and it automatically picks a random winner.

And furst on the podium is 

 Parsley's Blowing A Raspberry at The Papawrazzi

Friday Fluffers at BBHQ ©BionicBasil®Parsley's Blowing A Raspberry at The Papawrazzi

Parsley is doing an epic job of fluffing the papawrazzi off! MOL

Next up is

Amber Booping Melvyn For Interrupting Her Photo Shoot

Friday Fluffers at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Amber Booping Melvyn For Interrupting Her Photo Shoot

Amber wasn't happy when Melvyn kept interrupting her photo shoot for book review #110 Cat Songs, so she gave him a boop on the snoot!

She takes no prisoners at all.

And finally 

Pandora's Scramble Over The Back of The Bench

Friday Fluffers at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Pandora's Scramble Over The Back of The Bench

The P.A. wanted to know what the fluff was happening here?

Pandora replied, "This is part of The B Team assault course around BBHQ, next I will crawl through the undergrowth on my tummy!" 

And what can mew say to that? MOL

This week we're also joining in Friday Fill-ins with the fabulous 15 & Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.
1. A fashion trend that I hope never returns is ______________________________.
2. A fashion trend I wouldn’t mind coming back in style is ________________________.
3. I think _________ is superior to _________.
4. When a new month rolls around, I _________.

The P.A.'s answers are...

1. A fashion trend that I hope never returns is those totally ludicrous, ridiculously high platform shoes aka stripper shoes. While absolutely perfectly perfect for stage performing etc, in real-life walking on uneven pavements, climbing stairs, and just moving around in them is highly dangerous. I call this type of shoe an ankle breaker, and no I have never owned a pair.

2. A fashion trend I wouldn’t mind coming back in style is anything that's stylish, classic and can be worn for years - I like sustainability, not this fast fashion for a photo and then let's get something else new to feed our feed. The wanton consumerism that has taken over the planet in recent times is outstanding and the waste is horrific. I still wear things I purchased 30+ years ago, but then I like to be different, I have my own fashion rules, and they are, if I like it I wear it and fluff what anyone thinks. 

3. I think chocolate fudge cake with frosting and chocolate chips is superior to a plain chocolate cake! LOL

4. When a new month rolls around, I always say white rabbits three times. When I was in primary school my teacher, Mrs Oates told me about the saying, explaining that it supposedly brings good luck for the month ahead. So every first day of the new month, pretty much since the age of 8, I've said white rabbits three times upon waking. Not that I'm really superstitious, I think it's more of a habit. 


We do hope mew enjoyed today's fluffers and we'll be back next Friyay with more funny photos.

Join us again on Sunday when we're here with our usual selfie selection, in the meantime...

Keep calm, and purr on

Supurr purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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  1. Hooray for the winner! Dang, y'all really do look fabulous, but that really is normal for you guys. Those were good fill-in answers too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Congrats to your winner! I always say white rabbits on the first of the month too! Those are great bloopers. Love Parsley's raspberry.

  3. Concats to the winners!
    The garden photos with the kitties are wonderful.
    Ah, platform shoes...I had one pair, and they really weren't very high, but man oh man, I thought I was cool!

  4. Wonderful news and wonderful fill-ins.

    Congratulations to the giveaway winner.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches all around and a big hug to mom. ♥

  5. Congrats to Pippin! I love that shot of Amber being the boss. :) Thank you to the PA for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I wish I could wear clothes I bought 30 years ago, but I am too fat. :( I prefer classics too though. And I am going to try that white rabbit, I have never heard of that and I am very superstitious. And now I want some chocolate cake. :) XO

  6. guyz…..grate foto fry day fluffin stuffin stuff….we still gotta type fasto
    speed oh, tell de PA ta chex her emailz heer ina bit bout de rabbit ❤️

  7. Cute, fun pictures of your kitties! Concatulations to pippinettetook! I so agree about the platform shoes. There's a variation on the rabbit saying on the first of the month here: everyone says "rabbit, rabbit". It gets posted all over Facebook.

  8. I for sure am with you about those shoes!! Not for me...ever! Oh, yes, you're like me...I wear stuff that older than dirt...well, almost. LOL! I like certain colours and styles, and if they're old, hey they suit me just fine! If they get worn, they become my working in the yard clothes...or if Ihaven't worn them for a LONG time, I will donate them. only the gently worn ones, though, because those who need to go to a thrift shop shouldn't have to get someone else's rubbish. Did I hear you say chocolate?? Mmmm!
    Not to far from our road ,there is a road called White Rabbit Road, I wonder if they knew that saying when they named it?

    Amber was having a tantrum?? LOL!
    Parsley made me laugh!
    Pandora is one determined kitty! Did she do the whole course??

  9. Congrats to Pippinettetook! Parsley, your raspberry photo is the best!


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