Monday 7 August 2017

it's competition time with Tuft + Paw ~ Design a cat bed fur your chance to Win a $1500 Scholarship

Hey guys

Mew remember a few weeks back when we made our pawesome Pom Pom Hammock well aftur we'd posted it, the pawesome peeps at Tuft + Paw contacted us to know if we'd share their totally terrific competition, and of course we said yes, and we must say that no money or products were exchanged fur us sharing this with mew.  We're doing it because we think it's an epically epic idea.

So if mew, or someone mew know maybe interested pass this info along, here's what Tuft + Paw had to say:

Want to help design a new cat bed for cats like Bionic Basil?

Tuft + Paw ( has just launched a design competition to design a  sustainable cat bed that will wow your cats (and ours)! 

Contest winners will win a $1,500 scholarship towards any pursuit of education degree. That means you don't have to be a designer or architect to enter – just have a passion for cats! 

On top of that, the winners design will go into production in the USA and debut as a new flagship product on Tuft + Paw’s website. 

Entrants should keep the the following criteria in mind for their ideas: 

1. It's sustainable

2. It's affordable

3. It's beautiful

4. It's easy to ship

5. It's practical. 

You can find out more about the contest and enter here: 

The submissions deadline is September 31st 2017, and the winner will be decided before October 31st 2017.

Inline image 1
[photo copyright Tuft + Paw]

*   *   *

If the P.A. was about 300 years younger, she'd definitely design something fur sure that didn't involve gluing a gazzillion pom poms on! MOL

But seriously guys this is a great oppurrtunity fur someone to design something supurr special, watch it go into purrduction and win some $$$'s too - it can't get better than that.

So get the pencils out and get designing...

Oh and we'll be back with another Crafting with Cats post asap, the P.A. & Dad have now made us an Observatory, yep it's true, planets and all! MOL

Wishing mew a fabulous Monday and we hope to see mew on the morrow when we're back with part 4 of our Summer Blockbuster, The Last Big Jolly

Bestest purrs and good luck

Basil & Co xox


  1. Wow! Imagine being the inventor of kitty comfort! Petcetary is in the same boat as your PA...and not much time to spare to design things, let alone something impawrtant...but it does sound like fun!

    1. Hey Pipo & Mr Jack, yep that time thing is a huge factor right now! MOL XOX

  2. matter how fancy and cushy a new bed is, Angel and Chuck will go sleep in the nearest box or chair! They are weird.

    1. MOL oh that funny, a lot of the B Team are like that with the shop bought beds, howeffur the ones the P.A. and dad made we use them all the time... go figure??? MOL XOX

  3. guyz.....tell de PA her shuld enter thiz contest....troo lee...her could may bee purrhapz put a "spin" oh sortz on de pom pomz sum how....honest ta cod we haz that kinda faith in her that her could win.....TRY IT !!!!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Hiya Tabbies, oh I don't think the P.A. is eligible to enter due to us living in good old Blighty, otherwise she would! MOL XOX

  4. That sounds like a fun contest.

  5. An observatory?!?! That should prove invaluable for the Horde taking over the Universe ;) I have to admit the pom pom bed is super cool - it'd definitely be a winner.

    1. Yep, they built us an Observatory, defo good fur taking offur the universe as mew said!!! MOL XOX

  6. Basil, dude, that is so Epically Epic a prize its unreal. I think you pompom bed is right up there as a contender, especially if you could combine it with your observatory!
    I have shared and can't wait to see what some bright spark comes up with.... I want first dibs on a recliner with remote control chilled nip and cream dispenser...

    1. Awww Erin, thank mew and the Tabbies fur your vote of confidence, but I think the P.A.s designs are a little too wacky fur this comp, not that shes eligible anyway... and yes furst dibs on a recliner with all the bells and whistles! MOL XOX


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