Saturday 27 January 2018

The Saturday Special featuring IAMS Naturally with Our Resident Foodie, Fudge

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Wunderpurr greetings fabulous furriends

Today we're sharing one of our *sponsored posts with mew from the fabulous peeps at one of the top cat food manufacturers:


Now we all know how impawtant diet and nutrition is and we were absolutely delighted to get to try their furry latest product, IAMS Naturally.  Here's a little bit of info:

 IAMS has developed IAMS Naturally, providing cats with a 100% complete and balanced diet. With highly digestible, natural ingredients, your pet will absorb the key nutrients they need to look and feel great on the inside and out:

·         Sustainably sourced fish promotes a healthy skin and coat
·         Natural lamb, rice and vegetables aid healthy digestion
·         Natural sources of protein make for strong lean muscles

All products are free from artificial flavourings, so you can be confident that you are providing your pet with only the best quality meals.  

Doesn't that sound great?

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Now we've been lucky enough to spend a few weeks taste testing this primo product as we don't think that trying it fur a day really cuts the mustard and we like to be thorough in our reviews, so today Fudge is here with his verdict.

Watch Fudge TV

Our closing thoughts:

Aftur watching Fudge nom his way through two bags of IAMS Naturally offur the last few weeks, we can unequivocally say; it's real good tucker and Fudge gives it top marks, and being the resident foodie in our house that's purretty fabulous!

We would like to say a special thanks to the pawesome peeps at IAMS fur giving us the oppurtunity to try out their nom'a'licious food ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH!

Visit IAMS online:

 Many thanks fur joining us today and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur our usual Sunday Selfies post.

Happy Caturday

Basil & Co xox

*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s

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  1. That sounds yummy. Mommy was able to tour the plant where they make Iams and
    Eukanuba in the United States and was very impressed with it.

    1. Hey guys, oh wow we bet that was fabulous to see the factory, how exciting! XOX

  2. Looking good! We are always on the lookout for tasty foodables of the kibble variety as that's all I will eat - tough to find something my PICKY PALATE will accept but we will give Iams a whirl based on your great review! Thanks a bunch!

    Hugs Teddy

    1. Hiya Teddy, oh we hope your PALATE like it, as mew can see Fudge LOVED it! MOL XOX

  3. Excellent review and Fudge, you look great!

  4. I didn't think Fudge was ever going to come up for air! He certainly enjoys it.

  5. We loved your ad for IAM's....we watched it twice. Fudge is an excellent sales kitty. You have a winner friends.

    Shoko and Kali

    1. Hi Shoko & Kali, MOL oh mew ladies are too kind, Fudge loved the compliment!! MOL XOX

  6. Nice review! That is a good brand.

  7. That's a great video of you Fudge & you sure really like that food! And your whiskers are amazing! I have been eating Iams for several years. Mom says I usually eat the "Proactive Health formula." I'll have to try the one you're eating when my bag goes empty. Hugs!

    1. Hiya Valentine, oh dude mew so have to try it, mew can get smaller 'try me' bags just to make sure mew like the flavour before investing in the larger bags! XOX

  8. I used to eat Iams, various formulas...but now I have to be grain free, and I didn't like the Iams one...go figure!!

    1. Hey Pipo, oh now that's interesting fur sure dude. Mew'll have to write to them and ask fur a recipe change! MOL XOX


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