Wednesday 27 March 2019

Smooch is Sad, Fudge Says FLUFF THEM, I Agree, and C.J. Catkins Memorial Tree on The Pet Parade 293 with Dash Kitten, Barking from the Bayou and US!

Pawesome Wednesday Greetings Furriends

Welcome to the Pet Parade and our weekly news round up!

If mew were here on Monday mew may remember we mentioned that another website was stealing our content again along with a lot of our fab blogging pals.  So we've implemented a NO RIGHT CLICK policy here now - Thank mew furry much to The Tabbies of Trout Towne fur sharing this with us - mew guys are epic!
Sad Smooch @BionicBasil® The Pet Parade
We were going to wait until the winter programming schedule had finished before we added it but aftur this last lot of scumbags stole a pile of posts, we really didn't have a lot of choice.
Fluff Those Scumbag Fluffers said Fudge @BionicBasil® The Pet Parade
And while this saves our content from being plagiarized it makes it harder fur us to share our puzzle and mandalas with mew, hence the reason fur wanting to wait.  But anyhoo, needs must, so now instead of right clicking to save and then print, we've added Mondays Mandala to our Google Drive and mew can download/print directly from there, and the puzzles will be the same on the next Brain Training with Cats, though if mew do have any issues with this new download system, purrlease let us know and we'll try to solve it.
YEAH Don' be sad Smooch fluff those scumbag fluffers said Wing Commander Basil @BionicBasil® The Pet Parade
All previous mandalas on Colouring with Cats and wurd-search/crosswurds/sudoku puzzles on Brain Training posts are obviously now unavailable, so it goes and mew can thank the fluffing scumbag fluffers, as Fudge so succinctly put it! 

Now moving on to other news, fur those of mew who follow us on InstaCat mew may have seen that we lost C.J. Catkins Memorial Tree in Storm Gareth a couple of weeks ago. This made us so sad, it was Catkins 19th Anniversary on Jan 27th this year since he departed fur the RB, and in all honesty without Catkin adopting the P.A. way back in 1997 there would have never been a B Team or any of this, so he started this entire legacy over 20 years and to lose his tree, which was a catkin tree was so upsetting.
C J Catkins Memorial Tree @BionicBasil® The Pet Parade
Dad has now cut the tree down as it snapped at the root with no chance of resurrection, as we've done in previous years.  So we're planning a new memorial garden, which we'll share on future Gardening with Cats posts when we start our summer programming schedule.

If mew missed anything offur the last week, here's the latest posts fur your purrusal:

I won't be here tomorrow with my regular Brain Training with Cats as instead we've been teasing mew fur a few weeks now about Melvyns 8 Things About post so that will be live in the morning so do stop by to join us if mew get chance, and mew can find out all about our youngest B Team memfur! 

Until then...

Bestest purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. Those thieves deserve lotsa hisses!

  2. Those fluffing scumbag fluffers can just go and fluff themselves! I can't wait to find out 8 things about Melvyn.

  3. I am sad too that those thieving scumbags spoil blogging for so many people.
    I am sad too about the CJ Catkins Memorial tree, but I know the new Memorial Garden will be epic.

  4. You need to see my Monday post, that copy and past plug-in doesn't keep your content from being plagiarized, but it does keep us from copying and pasting our longer post urls in to join blog hops. It sure is sad you lost that beautiful memorial tree but I know it will end up being a lovely garden again.

  5. Aww, poor tree, but I suppose it is natures way—sad though it may seem. Maybe there is time to take a cutting or two?
    Scum persons really arent very good folk. I need to figure how to do the blocking thing too!

  6. There are a whole bunch of us that want those thieves drawn and quartered.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your peeps. ♥

  7. This is SO wrong. HOW DARE THEY steal your content. I'm tellin' ya, some peeps have no shame. No shame at all!

    I have to admit, the peep and I had a long talk about thieves and stuff and thieves are the main reason that when my book is done, there will be no e-book version. Too easy for varmints to steal and then redistribute. Why make it easy for 'em, you know? Of course, the peep has an aversion to those e-books, anyway, so I guess that's a reason, too. purrs

  8. That's too bad about CJ Memorial Tree. We gave up in trying to stop the thieves from stealing our stuff. As soon as one gets shut down, another comes in....

  9. Those content thieves are relentless losers. We agree ... fluff them!

    Sorry you lost your lovely CJ Catkins Memorial Tree. :(

  10. We have to stick together and make a catwall against those introoders. How do we know that a content/blog has been stolen, kitties? We really don't know. So sorry about your cat-tree, kitties, we would be sad about that too. Here comes some Joyful Pawkisses to fill your days with happiness and laughter and good times ahead💗💗💗

  11. It is ridiculous what bloggers have to do to save their work for thieves. I'm so sorry it happened to you.

  12. Those thieves really suck ! Purrs


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