Thursday 23 August 2018

Welcome To Our 8 Things About... Post And Today It's All About Pandora

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8 Things About The B Team @BionicBasil®

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Welcome to another our fifth:- 8 Things About...  

8 Things About WHAT though?! we hear mew ask. Well fabulous furiends it could be 8 things about anything, but today it's all about...
Pandora ©BionicBasil®

8 Things About Pandora

1.  Pandora has been with The B Team since last Spring [2017] and this was her shelter mugshot...

... doesn't she look so sweet?

The P.A. had no idea when Pandora arrived that she would get any fluffier, but aftur a few months with us, she basically turned into an Ewok/Sasquatch cat aka Supurr Furry Anipal! MOL 

She was found in a field and was pregnant. She had her kittens at the shelter and they all got adopted instantly and Pandora was left alone. She was incarcerated fur 3 months, well that is until we saw her and went and broke her out!

2. She is so fast, and I mean seriously fast and while she zooms around she meows and mews until she stops.

3. Pandora is the only cat we've effur met that doesn't like any of the following:

catnip and catmint - dried or fresh
dry food/kibble
any sort of  kitty treat

4.  Though she will eat - sometimes - fresh chicken, fresh prawns, silverside beef and on a rare occasion ham off bone. [expensive taste]

5. Pandora is our resident Feline Fashionista so if mew're looking fur cute, kitty apparel and accessories fur your Pet Hooman, Pandora Von Der Plume has mew covered!

Fashion with Felines with Pandora Von Der Plume  ©BionicBasil®

6.  Pandora also speaks English with a French accent, apparently she spent time with The Resistance - though what she did fur them is still a bit of a mystery.  Howeffur she does have some amazing weapons skills, can hot-wire any vehicle, is an expert translator and top-notch negotiator, though we can't tell mew anymore because it's classified.

She is an invaluable memfur of The B Team

7.  She's quite a feisty diva too and will hold her own if effur a spat breaks out BBHQ [quite a rare occurrence] and she can stare anypurrdy down. In fact, she can be quite fierce - Don't Mess With Dora - she doesn't suffer fools and she has exceptional TORTI-TUDE!

8. And finally, though her official name is Pandora, we often call her Dora the Splorer as she loves to breach the perimeter fence and go on solo missions, and guys we don't know what she does, where she goes or who she meets - I need to put a tracker on her! MOL  

And that sadly brings us to the end of 8 Things About Pandora, we do hope mew enjoyed getting to learn more about our younger sisfur. 

Oh and there will be a new jigsaw on the puzzle page fur mew tomorrow just in case mew feel a need to while a few minutes away until our next post.

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  1. wow what a girl! I love how full and pretty she is but that speed! Danica Patrick!

  2. We sure enjoyed reading about you Pandora and you're such a pretty gal. I am most thankful you found your forever home! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I loved learning more about Pandora!

  4. pandora; I daresay we simply MUST get together and share
    fashions tips hints ideas and tricks; I have extensive knowledge
    of it myself and I think your coat is divine mine is long but
    not overly thick unless of course its winter which isnt now
    where I live and look at the time...hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  5. Ooh, I have a special place in my kitty heart for Tortie lasses. But Pandora is the only floofy one I know. I would love to run through the garden with her. Winky winks!

  6. Nice to learn more about gorgeous Pandora. Has she tried silvervine? I know some cats that don't like nip, like that.

  7. That's so pawsum. We luvved learnin' more 'bout Pandora. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  8. Pandora is awesome, and we loved learning all that stuff about her! We really enjoyed seeing her zooming about in her video!

  9. Pandora is a beauty. We're glad we got to learn more about her.

  10. Pandora is beautiful and very fast. She looks very different from when she was first adopted.

  11. Pandora seems so mysterious - so I'm glad you share these!

  12. Dora is sooo Cool! Clearly a lady of taste and culture, with a bit of back story that is ripe for a book, maybe?
    Does she know Mrs H, do you think?
    Toodle pips and purrs

  13. Loved learning more about Pandora! Such a beauty. And great skills.

  14. Wow, Pandora is quite the self sufficient kitty. I'll bet Budd can hot wire a car. He seems pretty clever at all sorts of jobs.



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