Thursday 28 March 2019

Welcome To Our 8 Things About... Post And Today It's All About Melvyn

Welcome to

8 Things About The B Team @BionicBasil®

WOO HOO pawesome furiends

Welcome to another:- 8 Things About...

8 Things About WHAT though?! we hear mew ask. Well fabulous furiends it could be 8 things about anything, but today it's all about...

Melvyn ©BionicBasil®

8 Things About Melvyn

1.  Melvyn arrived at BBHQ on the 12th of January, although he didn't appear on the blog until our Valentines edition of Crafting with Cats, he was approximately one and a half years old when he arrived.
Melvyn and the catnip heart @BionicBasil® 8 Things About...
He was not used to having toys or catnip before he arrived at BBHQ, but he's been making up fur all of that since his arrival.

2. He really loves his furry orange carrot.

Melvyn and The Furry Carrot @BionicBasilĂ‚®

This is one of his favourite toys, the P.A. got it from the dudes at Katzenworld when she saw them at the Birmingham Pet Show last year - dudes if mew're reading this, we need another furry orange carrot stat! MOL 

3.  Melvyn is a little bit of a weirdo, want to know why? Of course mew do, just watch the video below...

See what we mean, what cat carries his collar? he doesn't even like to wear one, just play with it and he likes to take all of our collars too, and even the spare ones out of the tin!  Both Smooch and Fudge have lost collars to The Melvynator, one yellow and one green! OOPS MOL!

The Melvynator knows exactly where our collars are kept in the cupboard in the laundry when we're not wearing them, and the minute he hears a bell, he's there trying to collar-snatch our clothes!

4.  He has the most golden eyes we've effur seen. Seriously they're like glowing citrines, just look... 

Melvyn's Jewel Coloured Eyes Just Like Citrines @BionicBasil® 8 Things About...

5. Melvyn is like the Harry Potter of Cats, instead of a lightning bolt scar on his forehead, he has a lightning bolt of white fur down his back, so this is definitive proof that Melvyn also survived  Voldemort ~ Fluffing Fluff, that's seriously hardcore dude!

Definitive proof that Melvyn also survived Voldemort @BionicBasil® 8 Things About....

6.  Melvyn has a lovely temperament and is such a happy little camper, much like me his, great, great, great, great uncle Basil, take a look at this... mew can feel the happies radiating from him! 
Melvyn is such a happy camper @BionicBasil® 8 Things About...

7.  Melvyn was originally called Malcolm, although we felt this didn't suit him at all so he promptly got a new name. And yes, he's also called The Melvynator, like The Terminator only better! MOL

and finally...

8. This was Melvyn's furry furst day at BBHQ... typical Fudge...

Who The Fluff Is That @BionicBasil® 8 Things About...
How Long Is He Staying @BionicBasil® 8 Things About...
WHAT THE FLUFF he's eating my catnip @BionicBasil® 8 Things About...

MOL, it only got better from there on in! 

Melvyn has settled in beautifully and has made a wunderful addition to The B Team.  He'll be starting at our Kitty Kommando Academy soon, as he's still not been into the bunker and guess who's in charge of his training? 

And that sadly brings us to the end of 8 Things About young Melvyn, we do hope mew enjoyed getting to learn a little more about my nephew.  But if mew have a specific question about him, ask us in the comments and we'll reply.

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Thanks effur so much fur stopping by today, and Parsley will be up next with another Pet Peeves post on Caturday, as Amber is hosting The Mewton-Clawson Historical Society ~ M.C.H.S. again tomorrow in the library. And if mew need a puzzle or two to do, stop by my puzzle page later as there are 3 new ones to do.

Pawesome purrs

Basil & The B Team

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  1. Nice to learn more about Melvyn. I love the lightning bolt. XO

  2. Melvyn sounds like a totally awesome kitty!

  3. Luv your Harry Potter mark Melvyn!

  4. Nice facts about Melvyn and what beautiful eyes!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. It was nice to learn more about Melvyn. He has a lovely smile, and I love that lightning bolt down his back. Maybe he also has mystical powers like Pandora.

    1. I came back to see if the video was up, and I'm very glad I did! Melvyn is so cute helping himself to and playing with the collars. Does that boy ever get tired???

  6. You are so funny. We sure enjoyed reading about you, Melvyn, and we love your name. You are one cool cat!

  7. That was so much fun and we enjoyed your video too, you're quite the special dude Melvyn! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. Oh Melvyn you lucky boy to have a perfect home where you can steal collars, play with orange carrots, nap to your heart's content, and be surrounded with LOVE (and other kitties!). Loved your could definitely have an exercise class and teach others how to keep slim and trim (unlike me who is fluffy and chubby!).

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. The image of Melvyn smiling in his sleep is just too adorbs! And Malcolm...doesn't suit him at all, but Melvyn does, imho!

  10. Melvyn, you are amazing, glad to meet you sweet boy!

  11. A new kitty. WOW!! Nice to meet you Melvyn. Daisy Mae says hi too.

  12. We specially loved that pic of you slumbering on the sofa. A purr-fect position!

  13. and your vid was a lot of un! He's an epic fetcher!

  14. I loved the collar video. So cute and he can get that lid off all by himself too.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥

  15. We loved learning more about the Melvynator!

  16. Great info about Melvin. We know we will need some type of magical spell to adjust our homefront so he is in the cat-o-dex
    Timmy and Family

  17. Melvyn could never fill Basil's paw-steps ... but we bet he'll make a pair of awesome ones on his own!

  18. Melvyn is surely one special dude—even without the fact he has the "I beat Voldemort" T Shirt, MOL

  19. It was nice to learn more about you, Melvyn ! We're glad you're now a proud member of the B Team ! Purrs

  20. It is so wonderful to get to know you, Melvyn! You show Voldy who's boss!


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