Wednesday 3 April 2019

No Right Click, Bow Tie Wars & Spring Watch with Pandora on The Pet Parade 294 with Dash Kitten, Barking from the Bayou and US!

Pawesome Wednesday Greetings Furriends

Welcome to the Pet Parade and our weekly news round up!

On last weeks Pet Parade mew may remember that we said we'd put a code on the blog to disable right clicking as our content is being repeatedly stolen.  We knew that this may create a few issues with mew, our pawesome readers, and one issue is mew can't copy and paste into the link-up box to join in the Pet Parade - whilst we understand that this is an inconvenience to mew guys and we do apologise most sincerely, though if mew need to copy and paste your links rather than type them, Melissa's blog - Barking from the Bayou still has the right click functionality as I've just checked, so mew can pop there to join in, and I just checked Marjorie's blog - Dash Kitten and she has also disabled right clicking there too due repeated content theft.  Jeez, having a blog these days is getting such hard wurk and so complicated!

Anyhoo, in other news Bow Tie Wars are still apaw with Fudge still hogging this purrticular one, even though the P.A. has made a couple more since...

Fudge in Sauce's Bow Tie @BionicBasil® The Pet Parade

He's such a little tease! MOL

Collar Couture Bow Ties @BionicBasil® The Pet Parade

Actually nopurrdy has got their mittens on the middle bow tie yet, so we'll have to see who gets it as Smooch got the top one as seen on last weeks Pet Parade [link above]. We're expecting a showing on next weeks Colouring with Cats, so stay tuned fur that, and who do mew think will get to model it? MOL

Finally today Miss Pandora has been out and about in the garden on Spring Watch and it's a good job she has.

Miss Pandora enjoying spring watch @BionicBasil® The Pet Parade

Just a few days ago the P.A. went to fill up one of the watering cans where Pandora was sitting and found the spout was blocked, it turned out that a frog had got himself stuck in the spout, aftur some wrangling and the spout being removed we got the little froggy out and put him in the pond, he was mightily relieved and sat on the rocks in the shallow part for an hour or so - we kept checking on him, just to make sure he was ok.

And also last week while the P.A. and dad we're out walking, they go later at night, they saved two other froggy's that were in the middle of road, luckily they saw them in the dark as some complete idiots came down the narrow little lane a couple of minutes later like they were on a race track - seriously what the fluff is wrong with peeps driving like that on single track, pitch black country lanes??? So the good news news is the two froggy's got saved, and the bad news those stupid peeps are still driving like morons.

I'll be here tomorrow with my regular Brain Training with Cats so do stop by to join me if mew get chance, and lets keep your little grey cells in tip-top condition! 

Until then...

Bestest purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. Those are great bow ties. Such a gawjus model. We had spring fur a couple of days and then it went away and winter came back. Hope it warms up fur all of us soon. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  2. Thank Cod your peeps were able to help those froggies, mew guys! Looking good, Fudge and Pandora!

  3. Those little frogs were very lucky. We get those morons driving down our narrow single track lane too! Pandora is looking beautiful in all her floofiness. Fudge is looking handsome too in his bow tie.
    The past month has been entertaining though because the other lane has been closed and ours was used as a diversion. It is amazing how many artics come down ignoring the "No HGV" signs, get to the T junction and find it is too narrow to turn out in either direction. We get a very good view looking down from our lounge window and the record to now is 10 hours stuck and a demolished hedge which thankfully is not ours.

  4. Bow ties are FABULOUS - AND so is saving some little frogs from bad drivers and watering can spouts!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. Cats and bow ties go together. They make it look like you're about to go to a party.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  6. So much going on in the world of frogs right now, you know the spawning and mating thing, I bet they need all the help they can get to steer clear of obstacles and mad bad drivers. . . . and watering cans, MOL

  7. Love that Bow Tie Fudge and Pandora you really look beautiful my lady
    Timmy and Family

  8. You look absolutely terrific Fudge!

  9. Those are great ties. How kind of your folks to rescue the frogs. XO

  10. are rockin' that bow tie.

  11. Those are wonderful bow ties ! Purrs


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