Wednesday 11 December 2019

A New Tickler, Amber vs The Catnip Teabag and Basil's Catmas Stocking Teaser on The Pet Parade 330 with Dash Kitten, Barking from the Bayou and US!

Happy Wednesday gorgeous pals

Welcome to our mid-week news round-up. How's your week so far?  All good we hope!

Here in Mewton-Clawson Melvyn was delighted to see a new tickler pop up, in fact he couldn't believe his eyes.

"That's a very fluffy tickler!" he said with much glee. "Is it just fur me?"

Of course it is dude! 

Thats A Rather Fun Tickler ©BionicBasil® The Pet Parade 330 Melvyn

The P.A. furgot she bought two new ones when she went to the Cat Extravaganza in London in early May, and she found them when she was looking through the box of cat-ish things where she puts new purrchases if we're not ready to use them yet, so that was a supurr lucky find this week! MOL


In other news...

Amber is trying some new supplements to aid with her arthritis; well she is an OAC [old aged cat] or old grumpy lady-cat at 17, and we can safely say what a result, we are delighted at her progress - shame is doesn't wurk on crotchety-ness and grumpiness too! MOL

She's been on this - link below - for the last few weeks, and what a difference its made:

[this in not an affiliate link]

Amber vs The Catnip Teabag ©BionicBasil® The Pet Parade 330

She's walking so much better, her Robocat gait is softening day by day, and although it says it can be fed as treats, Amber won't eat them like that, so we use a small pestle and mortar to grind them up before mixing in with her food, which she gobbles down! MOL

We've tried various other things such as YouMove, CBD and other natural supplements but none have been as successful or effective as this, and in such a short time too.

[This is our experience with the supplement, please seek medical expertise if mew're experiencing stiff joints and the like to explore what options and treatments are available and would be best for mew]

And finally here's a little teaser of our upcoming Crafting with Cats Catmas Special, and one of the projects is this pawesome purrsonalised Catmas stocking...

Basil's Catmas Stocking - Crafting with Cats Teaser ©BionicBasil® The Pet Parade 330 if mew're looking fur some really fun Catmas crafting projects stop by on Caturday.

If mew've missed any of the posts offur the last week, here's the catch up links:

Amber will be here on Friday with a fantastic book she can't wait to share with mew all, so do stop by the library, tea and nip cookies will be served, and we hope to see mew then! 

Best purrs

Wing Commander Basil The B Team

Now let's HOP on... 
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  1. That is a lovely tickler, Melvyn.
    I am glad the supplement is working so well for Amber.

  2. I'd play with you with that tickler. Yes I would. You could keep me entertained for a very long time.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your peeps. ♥

  3. guyz !!! de food servizz gurl takes tumeric everee day; we never thinked ta think
    bout if it wood werk on OMT { ole man toona ☺☺ thanx for de tip !!!

    hope this findz everee one doin sooper grate N yur geerin up for dood in red day
    ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  4. It's good to read that Amber is improving.
    We purchased some cat chews with CBD oil, and while at first Angel and Sweetie would eat them, after a week, they both refused! So, I break them up and mix it into their wet food...

  5. Glad Melvyn likes his fluffy and And Amber is doing better. Love basils stocking.

  6. Hooray Melvyn, enjoy that toy! I'm glad to hear that Amber is doing some better, such welcome news!

  7. I'm glad that you found something that will help Amber move a little easier. Getting old isn't for sissies.

  8. Glad the supplement is working for Amber.Enjoy your toy!

  9. Melvyn, that toy is so you! And that is awesome about that supplement for Amber!

  10. Turmeric is good stuff. I am glad that Amber is doing well with it. Thank you for hosting. Have a great week! XO

  11. OMC! Your stocking is adorable. I take turmeric for my arthritis in my knees. I'm a believer in it.


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