Wednesday 3 February 2021

Welcome to Our Mid-Week News Round-Up and Hot Gossip on The Pet Parade & Today's Headlines are ~ We Are In The Cat Writers Association, Inspectors Fudge and Parsley, AND Amber's Toll Barriers Gets The Flick ~ PLUS **A SNEAK PEEK of Our Upcoming Valentines Craft Post**

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Happy Wednesday fluffies

And welcome to our mid-week news round-up and furst up is this wundrous news...

We're finally memfurs of the highly esteemed and epically prestigious Cat Writers' Association!

The P.A. remembers way back in about 2004/5 when she furst found out about the CWA and thought, I really need to join that!  Fast forward approx 17 years (MOL) and here we are, we couldn't be more delighted and the P.A. is absolutely thrilled to have finally got there, better late than never. 

Thank mew to the CWA for letting us join, it really made us happy to tick that off our bucket list. 

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Next up this week.

We've been rather busy in the BBHQ craft room the last few days, and Fudge was on paw to make sure the purrduction-line is running on schedule.

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Aftur a quick check of the sewing machine he went to find the latest batch of Snuggle Mats, but was bitterly disappointed as the P.A. had put them on top of a shelf.

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Howeffur, later on when it was Parsley's shift; he was lucky enough to test a couple of Snuggle Mats for comfort, springiness and biscuit making. He gave them 10 out of 10 for all the aforementioned. He even chose some pom poms too.

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Fudge was properly hissed off when he heard that Parsley had got to try some of the latest designs, and said, "Dude mew should have called me!"

Parsley replied, "Fudge, mew were on your compulsory nap-break and it would have been in breach of health and safety protocols for me to wake mew." 

"Fluff HoS!" Fudge snorted. "I could have taken my nap on one of the new Snuggle Mats!" 

And so it goes, life is never dull in the craft room! MOL 

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Finally this week, Amber's Toll Barriers get the flick.

If mew remember last week Amber tried to impose a toll fee and install automated barriers at the top of the stairs to fund her book buying habit; well it seems she didn't apply for the correct purrmits and the BBHQ Planning Committee rejected her verbal purrposal and said she'd have to put in a propurr planning application on form 229316b-7-f and send in all the relevant drawings and building regulations as well, along with the standard fee of £1200.00. 

We'd really love to tell mew her reply, but we're a furmily friendly blog; though if looks could have killed, the BBHQ Planning Committee would have been instantly vapourised, like vampires at dawn.

Amber Screaming ©BionicBasil®

We're surprised mew didn't hear the screams around the wurld as her latest money-making venture ground to a screaming halt. Needless to say, she's now on the warpath as her latest book buying invoice has just landed on the library doormat - OH DEAR!

If any mew have any idea's for her, purrlease leave them in the comments as we know she's now totally desperate. Oh and whatever mew do, don't suggest for her to go get a job, we tried that and she literally went berserk; like a whirling dervish with claws, and when we say it was a sight to behold, it truly was and we're not sure if the pantry will ever fully recover. Dad is mending the shelves now, and we're still getting splinters! 

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And just before we pop off, we're going to give mew a little hint of our upcoming Valentine's Crafting with Cats.

And OH MY GOSH, mew guys are not going to believe what those fabrics become, it is absolutely ameowzing, even if we do say so ourselves. In fact, we couldn't quite believe how well it turned out! 

Valentine's Crafting with Cats Sneak Peek ©BionicBasil® The Pet Parade 391

But seriously, it is EPICALLY EPIC, and mew won't want to miss it.

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If mew've missed any of the posts offur the last week, here's the catch-up links:

Amber will be here on Friday with another fantastic book she can't wait to share with mew, so do stop by the library, tea and nip cookies will be served, and we hope to see mew then.

Supurr purrs

Wing Commander Basil The B Team

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Now let's HOP on... 

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  1. Dang, y'all sure are busy with all of that inspecting going on!

  2. Congratulations to your PA on becoming a CWA member! It sounds quite things can get quite lively in the craft room. If we come up with any ideas of Amber to make some book money, we will let you know. Looking forward to Valentine Crafting with Cats! XO

  3. Congrats to the PA becoming a member of the CWA! I think everyone needs to keep well clear of Amber.

  4. Amber, I have one word for you...LIBRARY!

  5. What an amazingly fun time at HQ! We know what Fudge feels like as Dad often spirits things away until one of us comes upon the prize. Amber maybe you can make make it a voluntary donation? Not sure if anyone will go fur it but you never know. Super Happy the P.A. is in the CWA! We were surprised she was not already an honorary member. Anyhoo have a super week and Stay Dry!!!

  6. I'm looking forward to your crafts on Valentines. It's the month of love and I like that.

    Have a purrfect day and my best to your mom. ♥

  7. Congrats on becoming a member. Well deserved­čś╗

  8. guyz...manee conga ratz two de PA on de CWA !!! parsley, dood, ewe did a grate
    job on testin de mattz, tho sorry fudge ya mizzed that op ore tuna tee :(

    amber....two werdz....wild west bank rob oh ree ;) they weared maskz bak then two
    :) ♥♥

  9. Hi Guys! That was quite the productive week! We did hear some screeching, but we assumed it was the local raccoons after finding out the carrots they stuck in their ears for the photo shoot tasted funny, but now we realize it was Amber! We hope that you guys get everything all sorted and we can;t wait for the Valentine craft! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  10. We forgot to concatulate your human on becomeing a CWA member! Concatulations!!!

  11. The PA is so lucky to have such good helpers. I can't wait to see the Valentine's Day craft. Poor Amber, that is so unfair. XO

  12. AWESOME and welcome to an author and writer and all around great team - it's great to have you in the CWA!!!!!

    PS We keep Harvey's mat on the back of the sofa, just in case.

  13. Welcome to the CWA! I'm a newbie member myself and it is so exciting! Can't wait to see the new designs from the Craft Room.

  14. My Peep #1 has one of those sewin' machines, too. TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE, if you ask me. Now if she were usin' it to make biff bags or somethin' useful like that, it would be different, but what does she do with it, you ask? Hair scrunchies. HAIR scrunchies! What's the good of that? I DON'T WEAR NO SCRUNCHIES IN MY HAIR. MOUSES! (pardon the double negative, please)


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