Monday 25 October 2021

Love To Colour? Colouring with Cats #130 ~ Getting Your OM’s on with Mandalas on Mondays ~ Crystal of the Week PLUS **Your Crystal Questions Answered** What Is Shungite Good For?

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Supurr Monday greetings beautiful furiends

Welcome to another week at BBHQ, today we're continuing our crystal journey and this time, we've got a lovely gemstone to share as Penny asked us; what is Shungite good for? 

Crystal of The Week


What is Shungite good for?

Shungite is a solid black crystal, it only comes in black and the polished stone has a satin finish. It is approximately 2 billion years old, so way older than the dinosaurs, how about that! It is 98% carbon and contains trace amounts of fullerenes, which we'll talk about below. The polished stones are usually supurr smooth and very tactile. Although it looks like coal unpolished, it is actually much, much stronger, and it's only found in one mine in a remote region of Russia, Karelia.

examples of shungite healing crystal

At BBHQ we have a few tumble stones which live in front of the computer monitors, and others are dotted around the house near electrical items, and we'll tell mew why in a moment.

Cute ginger cat inspecting 2 shungite crystals

Here's a little bit about the gem lore regarding this intriguing crystal. Shungite contains fullerenes which supposedly are amazing antioxidants that can attract and neutralise harmful EMF's aka electromagnetic frequencies, like wifi or just the normal electromagnetic frequencies emitted by power lines, the wiring in your home, cell phones, or TV's etc... Shungite apparently absorbs these negative frequencies/energies which can attack our DNA, hence the reason we keep ours next to the computer and other electrical items.

Wearing a piece of Shungite as a pendant or bracelet is said to create a natural forcefield around your body to help protect mew from daily EMF radiation, which is everywhere, and it assists in blocking free radicals. 

Shungite is also said to help with transformational energies, so if mew feel like mew need a bit of detox whether from devices or emotional issues, this might be a stone to explore further.  It is a very grounding stone, so if mew're feeling like mew need more structure in your life, this could help according to the books we've read.

The ideal placement for Shungite is on the Root Chakra, but as we said, it can be worn anywhere on the body for pawsitive effect.

There's so much information about this crystal, far too much for our small post today, check it out on google and mew'll find a wealth of stuff including Shungite water, although we've never tried that at BBHQ.

It is not an expensive crystal and comes in all shapes and sizes. Next time the P.A. is at the gem show she's going to get a pyramid-shaped one to add to the collection. We even have little charms on a couple of our collars.

If mew're looking for more EMF protection, we share another interesting item with mew next time.

Many thanks for DMing us Penny, and we hope that answered your question.

 If mew have any crystal questions; email us, DM us or ask us in the comments below.

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(disclaimer; we are not health or medical practitioners, all crystal info is purely for entertainment purposes only.) 

Anyhoo, we do hope mew've all have a totally pawesome weekend, and that mew're ready fur the week ahead, so let's jump right in and start as always with our little breathing exercise, which we're sure mew all have down paw by now...  but if mew've furgotten, stop what mew're doing fur a moment and take deep fulfilling breaths; counting to five on the inhale and five on the exhale:

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Smooch is here again to offur mew assistance in getting your OM's on and Zen Harmonies happening, so just press play, close your eyes and follow his instructions.

Don't mew feel better already?  I know we do!

All the mandala's featured are created & designed by us, aka The B Team.

Here's this weeks mandala.
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Right-click the image to save and/or print the mandala.

And here's our finished version... this week we used a kaleidoscope of colours and love the final effect, it reminds us of a lovely silk scarf.

beautiful mandala

Coloured on the iPad and then transformed in Prisma, this time we chose the effect - Balloon.

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So on that note, we'll say bye for now and hope to see mew on Wednesday, when we're back with our Mid-Week News Round-Up, and Amber and Pandora's joint Birthday Pawty is still happening in the bunker, so if mew haven't stopped by yet do go join in the fun.

Also, we're sharing our Halloween Crafting with Cats Project later in the week, and for a sneak peek, take a look at this little video on Instagram.

Until then

Keep Calm and Colour OM!

Supurr  chilled purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xox

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  1. We love all your info on the different types of crystals and seeing them too. Mom Crystal loves crystals.

  2. That is something I have not ever heard of! Thanks for the info!

    Love that rose of a mandala:)

  3. There are so many beautiful crystals. I'm learning so much about each of them.

    You know I come here every Monday morning for my breathing exercises. Thank you Smooch.

    I'm going to download your coloring with cats books. Awesome.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  4. That is very interesting. I googled shungite and was surprised how affordable it is. I think a pyramid and some tumble stones will be on my to buy list.

  5. I have never heard of shungite. I think I will get some for people for Christmas now that I know what they do. Very pretty mandala. XO


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