Wednesday 8 December 2021

Welcome to The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ~ Part 6 of The Hedgehog Update & Scooter Bites the P.A.'s Slipper, Melvyn Makes Another Epic Rug Sculpture & More BBHQ Haunted Happenings & Paranormal Activity - The Psychic Medium Reveals How Many Spooks are at BBHQ **REAL GHOST STORIES**

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Epic Wednesday Greetings Furiends

Welcome to the BBHQ midweek news round-up!

Furst up in the news 

In Part 6 of the BBHQ Hedgehog update; Zippy the new hedgling appears, Scooter bite's the P.A.'s slipper while she's wearing it **hedgehog attacks human** & Wriggles doesn't like Nike Trainers, hedgehogs obviously know what they like! MOL

Mew may remember in the last update a couple of weeks ago that we mentioned a third smaller hedgling had appeared, he was just a little bit smaller than Scooter, and the three of them aka Wriggles, Scooter and Zippy now seem to appear within a few minutes of each other, though they all arrive from different directions.

Scooter comes down the path from the summerhouse, Wriggles appears from the courtyard and Zippy just appears, we're not sure of his route yet.

And if mew haven't watched the video, Scooter walks up to the P.A. and bites her slipper before heading off in search of a more nutritious snack, like a big juicy snail and then the following evening Wriggles checks out her Nike trainers and he doesn't think much of those either! MOL

It's been really windy and wet the last couple of weeks and the temperature has dropped considerably, so the P.A. hasn't been outside in the evening so much waiting for them to appear. Although we can see them from the patio doors in the sitting room, and they are still coming like clockwork every evening, so obviously they're not ready to hibernate yet. 

We will put the wildlife camera near the igloo again this week and see what it captures, and we will have another update next week.

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Next Up In The News

Melvyn's got a new hobby; Rug Sculpture. For those that have never heard of this pursuit, it involves the intricate shaping of said rug into something completely new and in today's video mew can watch him create a pyramid, inspired by his ancestors. 

What did mew think about his latest creation? Sadly it didn't last long, maybe next time he won't listen to Fudge's unfounded criticism! MOL

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BBHQ Haunted Happenings ~ The Psychic Medium Reveals How Many Spooks are at BBHQ 

And finally this week the P.A. is back with some more spooky tales, so get your cup of tea or coffee, sit back and relax! Muwahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!! 

FYI for new readers: These are real ghost stories and true-life events which have happened to me at BBHQ, they are not made up or fictional tales for effect. 

Hello again lovely friends, in last weeks spooky instalment I shared the giant glowing orb, so if mew missed that spooktacular event, click the link to catch up.

The psychic medium spent quite a bit of time at BBHQ and after she told me about the soldiers, she went on to tell me there were approximately 27 spirits in and around the house which included several past farmers, children, so about 10 or 11 human spirits and the rest were animals.

Yes 27 ish, that freaked me out and when I took her into the sitting room, she said to me, "You see things in here don't you?" 

I nodded and replied, "Yes, I see orbs and strange light phenomena in here all the time." 

"They are three little girls about 12, 10 and 8," she said. "They come to play here."

In the middle on my sitting room floor there used to be a well, it's long since been covered over and hasn't seen the light of day since the barn was converted, I think there's a slab of concrete over it now, and the psychic thought they'd fallen in the well and perished at some point, but she said she couldn't get any further details. Whether that's correct or not, I don't know. It's very sad if true, but I could see quite easily that if one child slipped into the well, the others could have tried to save her and they all died. 

But the really odd thing was when Snowie went berserk one evening. I was sat on the sofa opposite the fire and the sofa is as close to the wall as is possible, and there's no room for anything behind. Snowie was sitting on the rug looking at something behind my right shoulder, and I watched her for a minute or so because it was really out of character for her, normally she'd just jump up and snuggle on my lap or next to me. But not this time.

As I watched her, she was fixated by something behind me, I didn't feel any bad vibes at that point, and then she started to growl, and when I say growl I mean like a vicious attack dog. She puffed up like a big, white fluffy marshmallow, her tail was huge like a bottle brush quivering straight up and she had her fangs bared, she looked feral and rabid as she snarled, growled and never took her eyes of whatever was behind me. 

Never have I ever seen a cat react like that, she even looked different, and that's when I realised it was something else, I slowly edged to the side and got off the sofa while she still went crazy at the seemingly empty space behind me. Then as suddenly as it had begun she snapped out of that ferocious stance, sat down and said "Meeeeeh!" She didn't meow like a normal cat, she made a MEH sound, and it was as though she said, "It's ok mum, it's gone now!" 

In all the time she was here, she never acted like that again, it was one of the strangest and unexplainable experiences I ever encountered with a kitty. So out of character for her, and I never knew cats could growl or even sound like that, so guttural and savage and never have any of the other cats reacted like that since, so whatever Snowie could see right behind me must have been horrific/scary/evil, that's my only explanation for her aggression, and I think she was protecting me from whatever it was.

If mew've ever seen the movie The Mummy (2001) with Brendan Fraser; when the mummy comes to take Evie and Brendan Fraser's character launches a white cat at the mummy and it retreats/disappears, that's how I liken the above event, good triumphing over evil, as bizarre as that may sound.

Not long after that incident, Snowie stopped coming upstairs, and until she died, the only time she would come upstairs was if she was carried but then she'd never stay long, it was like she had to protect or be on guard in the sitting room.

The barn has very creaky floors upstairs which I mentioned before, and the psychic told me that one of the old farmers walks along the landing, and the time I saw the black opaque shadow in the doorway when I had the flu, apparently he was just checking I was alright!  

Also, and this is fact, the barn was built prior to the farmhouse next door, and apparently, the people used to live upstairs in the barn with the animals living below, and the psychic did tell me the exact same thing, so maybe the creaking/footsteps along the landing is just the past impressions of the original family in the 1800s.

The psychic did pick up on a malevolent energy in the upstairs bedroom, the one we use as the BBHQ office and lounge now, and which is directly above the old forge, it's the room with the big beam in, which you have to duck underneath to get from one side of the room to the other, and the cats love sitting/laying/playing on it.

ginger cat laying on a beam

The huge beam is off a ship from the 1600 or 1700s, it must have come up the River Trent at some point and been offloaded nearby in the 1800s to be repurposed as a support beam, the other beams which traverse horizontally through the roof were from the same consignment, and who knows where they've been in the world or what stories they could tell or what is/was attached to them.

The psychic said that the energy was hostile and stuck inside the property and especially liked that particular room, and it was like a swirling ball of black viscous energy which made her feel quite sick, so she did a cleansing ceremony in that room and some of the weirder stuff did stop for a while, but then it started back up again and I had to call the local vicar to come to the house.

And if mew want to hear about the exorcism, let me know in the comments? 

More Bite Sized Bird TV Episode 5 is now live.

This footage was captured on our wildlife camera, so do let us know what mew think to it, as we think it does the job really well.

And we've got a Bigger Bird TV episode which is about 20 minutes long, for those of mew who love a longer episode to get your fangs or murder mittens into! MOL

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That's us done for today, Amber will be back on Friday with another fab book just for mew, and click the link if mew missed Monday's Colouring with Cats post and our fab crystal series, and see our latest crystal haul from the gem show. 

Epic purrs

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  1. WOW, that's a lot of spooks and hooray for a new hobby Melvyn. I'm so glad those sweet hedgehogs have you looking out for them.

  2. We love Melvyn's new hobby. He is so artistic! And we love seeing the hedgehogs. Thank you for taking such good care of them.

    Those ghost stories are scary. The one about the malevolent spirit in the beam especially!

  3. Gosh, them pigeons look nice and ripe... er... plump. No, I didnt mean that either. Umm. Happy and well fed. MOL
    Which is what those dear hedge hogs are. My, they are cute and adventuresome. Great to see too.

  4. You are a very good architect, Melvyn. The hedgehogs are cute. I laughed at Scooter having a nibble of slipper.
    That is a serious amount of spooks! I would probably have found Snowie's reaction scarier than seeing the spook. I am glad the malevolent one has been banished in the exorcism.

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  6. What a fun post. You're always so entertaining.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. Scritches all around and a hug to your wonderful mom. ♥

  7. I knew I liked hedgehogs for a good reason!!!

  8. Hi guys! Believe it or not, even though we live in NYC we never see pigeons out of our window! Our mom says they're down the street by the train.

  9. That story about Snowie was scary. I definitely want to hear more. XO

  10. Lots of birds enjoying their seeds! Loved tha magpie! And there was a brief moment with jackdaws!
    Those hedgehogs are so cute! They waddle along, and then they change gears to super speedos!! LOL!
    Melvyn you had petcretary wishing we still had kitties to watch all their antics! Way more fun than watching the pups gnaw on their bones...Shh, we don't want them to hear that, OK??!

  11. Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to all the kitties and a hug to mom. ♥

  12. Hey gang, thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  13. Rug sculpting! Wow a new art form!

  14. Yes, tell us about the exorcism!
    I've been in a few buildings that made me want to turn around and leave, due to my gut telling me to GO.

  15. Well done Snowie, and yes we would like to hear more - even though it creeps us out just a bit.


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