Wednesday 2 February 2022

Welcome to The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ~ Pandora & Parsley on Patrol, Melvyn's in the Oval Window and Fudge's New Toll Booth **How Much Has He Made?**

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Epic Wednesday Greetings Furiends

Welcome to the BBHQ midweek news round-up!

How's your week going? 

We're running behind schedule this week, the P.A. went on strike on Tuesday. Well, actually she had a terrible migraine and this is the reason we're late, she's ok now though, so we sat her down at the PC and said, "crack on luvie!" while we went for a nap! MOL

First up in the news this week.

The Midweek News Round-Up at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Pandora and Parlsey on Patrol

Pandora and Parsley we're on patrol together; which is quite unusual as Pandora usually likes solo missions! MOL

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Next up in the news this week. 

The P.A. was doing a spot of cleaning and had made a small cafe net for the oval window in the downstairs bathroom when Melvyn decided that she needed some help!

She was just about to hang it, when this happened.

The Midweek News Round-Up at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Melvyn's in the Oval Window

Needless to say, the new cafe net didn't get put up that day!

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And finally this week.

The Midweek News Round-Up at BBHQ ©BionicBasil® Fudge's New Toll Booth

Fudge decided that he was having a new toll booth on the staircase, and everytime somepawdy wants to ascend or descend they have to pay a fee.

He was even going to install a ticket barrier on the half-landing, but the planning commitee rejected his proposal on the grounds that it would be too dangerous, especially for the P.A.!

He's offering discounted rates on monthly tickets with no limits on how many times mew can ascend or descend, which is far cheaper than his pay per go option, which quite frankly is obscene.

So far he's taken: £5.62p in cash, 3 bags of Dreamies, 2 jars of Catnip and a promise of having the sofa in the BBHQ office to himself for the entire month of February. Plus Amber gave him an exclusive library pass to access the restricted section where all the guns, ammo and military books are kept, so he's winning right now! 

A Note From The P.A.

Many apologies for no Haunted Happenings this week, my migraine is still lingering and staring the the pc monitor is not helping, so we'll reconvene next week and address all the queries in the comments. Thanks for your understanding XX

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That's us done for today, Amber will be back on Friday with another fab book just for mew, we also shared our very first Top Cat Bloggers list on Catuday, and if mew missed Monday's post click here to catch up on Part 7 of Fast, Furry & Dangerous. 

Epic purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. Good grief, hope the ouchie head gets better PRONTO!
    Fudge, am NOT showing this post to Da Boyz, otherwise I'll be without funds quickly; two of them would bleed me dry!
    Melvyn, you are prettier in the window that anything else, so well done, I say!

  2. The best news of all is mommy has recovered from that horrible migraine. My mother used to get those. Awful.

    Fudge has found a good way to make some extra cash. That's if mom doesn't put a stop to it.

    Have a purrfect day and rest of the week. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  3. I hope the PA is soon feeling better. Pandora and Parsley made me laugh the way they are carefully sitting on the blocks.

  4. Those are all wonderful photos gang, they made us smile!

  5. We have a toll road too and Sammy is the official toll taker. :) I hope your migraine goes away soon. XO

  6. Great photos, sweet pals. Fudge, that toll booth idea sounds pretty lucrative. :)

    Purrs for the P.A. -- we hope her migraine takes a hike real soon. XO

  7. Dang. The toll roads are taking over the Feline Empire! There is one here as well. I set it up for Mom and brothers years ago. My war chest is burgeoning!
    Tell the PA I know how badly she feels and I hope the last lingering effects are gone like a breeze over the garden!

  8. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. Darling photos and the toll booth should do well!


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