Friday 15 April 2022

**EASTER EDITION** Love To Read? Book Reviews with Amber at The Mewton-Clawson Library #199 featuring **Splat the Cat: Where's the Easter Bunny?** by Rob Scotton PLUS Friendly Fill-Ins

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Hello gorgeous library guests 


Welcome to the Mewton-Clawson Library at BBHQ & Happy Good Friday!

Thank mew for joining me in the stacks today, and do a take a seat if mew not sitting already, as I actually went outside for the first time in months.

I know, totally shocking isn't it?

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But it was quite warm, though cloudy with no breeze, so I thought I'd just have a quick trip onto the patio while the French doors were open and nopurrdy was looking. Little did I know that the P.A. was stalking me, and caught me red-pawed getting some extra fresh whiffles! MOL

I didn't stay outside long as my fleece blanky was calling my name and mew know I need extra catnaps now, but I will say I did enjoy getting out of the house.

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Today the P.A. is also joining in Friday Fill-ins Blog Hop with the pawesome 15 & Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

1. I hope the Easter Bunny brings me ________________________.

2. My favorite part of the Easter ( or Passover) meal is _________________.

3. I’m most looking forward to _________ this weekend.

4. For me, this time of year _________.

The P.A.'s answers are...

1. I hope the Easter Bunny brings me a dark chocolate egg! LOL

2. My favorite part of the Easter meal is all of it. What can I say, I love a good meal.

3. I’m most looking forward to the good weather this weekend, apparently it could be very warm, but as in true British Tradition, I'll believe it when I see it.

4. For me, this time of year outside jobs spring up as fast as the weeds, plus I'm now helping my parents with their huge garden and veg patch, as the gardeners they keep hiring are not proper gardeners, and most don't know a weed from a flower. 

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Let's see what I've got to show mew this time!

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This week's top book pick is...

Amber's Book Reviews - What Are We Reading This Week #199 ©BionicBasil® Splat The Cat Where's The Easter Bunny
Mewton-Clawson Library Copy

Splat the Cat: Where's the Easter Bunny?


Rob Scotton

 Here's a little snippet of the book blurb:      

It's almost Easter, and Splat knows exactly what he wants from the Easter Bunny--a really big Easter egg. But where is the Easter Bunny? Lift the flaps and help Splat search for him at the park, in the den, and all around town!

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Today I'm sharing a really cute Easter book from Rob Scotton, the author of Splat the Cat.  Mew know I thought I'd reviewed some of these books before but I just checked and I haven't, and that totally freaks me out! MOL

But anyhoo, better late than never is what I always say. 

So Splat the Cat books are for much younger readers, pre-schoolers and there are oodles of pictures books and I Can Read books in the Splat series.

This one is really cute, the graphics are really fun and have interactive flaps to lift for little mittens to explore further.

These books are only 16 pages long, so the story is condensed but is still long enough to be engaging for younger minds.

A purrfect easter gift for younger children, nieces, nephews and grandkids.

If mew need a gift for a much younger reader, Splat the Cat is where it's at! 

  • Publisher: ‎ HarperCollins; Illustrated edition 
  • Paperback: ‎ 16 pages
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My Ratings Scale

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Ratings of:

Splat the Cat: Where's the Easter Bunny?

Overall Enjoyment

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I really hope mew enjoy the book as much as I did if mew decide to read it.

It's time for me to say BFN or bye-for-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and I'll be back next week with another specially paw-picked book just for mew, and don't forget that all my previous reviews can be found on my Book Review page.

Happy Easter to all my lovely readers.

Until next time...

Keep calm and read more books


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  1. I'm glad you had a good out n' about sweet Amber and that book sounds like a really fun one. Those were good P.A. answers too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Love your fill-ins and I'm glad you know the difference between a weed and a flower. Many don't.

    The book sounds like a fun read.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches to all the kitties and a hug to the PA. ♥

  3. Hello, I've been reading articles on this website and they have been very informative. I have been trying to improve my website as well. Please visit my website and help me with your valuable feedback.

  4. If we can keep The Hubby from running the mower over my garden, then I'll be happier!

  5. Amber, I am glad you got out for some air. Excellent book choice. I just read that today with my great nieces. Thank you to the PA for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I hope the Easter bunny is good to all of you. XO

  6. Amber, great choices in books. ALways fun finding new things to read.Happy Easter and Happy weekend!

  7. Amber, you know that you can't escape the pawparazzi! I hope you all have a good Easter!

  8. Glad you got outside a little Amber! Good answer, and the book sounds good too! Happy Easter!


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