Wednesday 24 February 2016

Wordless on Wednesday with Parsley Sauce

With supurr sleek house panther

Mew may be wundering about the 'sauce' bit - let me explain; when he furst came home from the rescue centre he was called Parson's as he has a slight white ring around his neck, but the P.A. didn't like that name much and really wanted to call him Magic or Midnight or Raven etc... anyhoo mew get the picture... so when he came home and she tried all the names she liked on him and after a few days decided none of them really suited him.

Herein lay the purroblem, as she really hoped one of the names would be right, so after conceding defeat and he was still called Parson's she suddenly had a brainwave to call him Parsley, not too different from his existing name but she liked it so much more, so Parson's became Parsley and offur time that morphed into Mr Sauce as in parsley sauce, and then much to Parsley's chagrin the P.A. plays a game with him; effuryday he is a different sauce.  So here is the last weeks list:

Thursday - Steak Sauce
Friday - Hot Fudge Sauce
Saturday - Sweet Chillie Sauce
Sunday - Mint Sauce
Monday -  Butterscotch Sauce
Tuesday - Hollandaise Sauce

and today he is, of course

Parsley Sauce

As mew can imagine the list is effur evolving, so if mew have any sauces mew'd like to share with us fur future reference in the Mr Sauce game, that would be terrifically pawesome! MOL 

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  1. Maybe Chocolate Sauce and Teriyaki Sauce can be added to the mix! :)

    Looking good, Parsley!

    1. Nice, chocolate sauce! The P.A. calls him MR Mint Velvet too [don't ask me why] so purrhaps he could be mint chocolate too! MOL

  2. Hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce!

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed Summer, I wunder what goes through their minds at times! MOL MOL XOX

  4. MOL! Looking good Mr Sauce! My mum is forever giving me different names. My mum once had a black cat whose name gradually change over time from Blackie to Desmond. Blackie - Black Boy - Black and Decker (yeah, we know she's nuts!) - Desmond Decker and finally stuck with just Desmond which she said suited him much better.

    1. What is it with all these names we get???! I called Mr Widdas, Mr Widdairs, B, The Slayer, Mr Sweepy Fur just to mention a few! MOL XOX

  5. dood.....eye am speekin two ewe frum a bove... & me & posie sendz R love two all.....sauce iz de kewlest name... ever.....eye getted me name; and tuna two....we getted R names coz gram paw dude's fav o rite food in de en tire werld waz....tuna IN when R mom came ta adoptin uz, we bee came tuna N sauce.... ♥♥♥ my cat momz name iz barbie Q sauce, can ya bee leev it !!! ♥♥♥

    sauce of fishbone =^..^=

    1. Hey guys, great mew could pop in from the 'other-side'

      Tuna n Sauce are pawesitively pawesome names and Barbie Q is a pretty cool name too!!!

      Our P.A.'s name is Cat and her initials are CAT, so that makes her CATCAT! MOL

  6. How about cheese sauce. Mom loves that on everything.

  7. We love lots of sauce on all kinds of things! Well, the peeps do, MOL!

    1. Sauce is good, no meal is complete without some!!! MOL MOL XOX


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