Saturday 21 May 2016

The Saturday Special featuring Green & Wild's Organic Cat Treats - Part 2 The Nom'A'thon!

Welcome to another edition of

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Caturday greetings wunderpurr furriends

Today we have another of our sponsored posts to share with mew from the amazingly fabulous peeps at the company:

Mew may remember in January that we reviewed several yummy flavours of their highly scrumptious organic cat treat range, well today we're back reviewing a new flavour... mmmmmmmmm... lucky us!  

 On the menu today

A Yummy Bag of Luvies ~ Tuna Flavour

And just so mew know what they look like up close and purrsonal

Our Chief Treat Taste Tester 


was eagerly awaiting fur the nom'a'thon to begin and sat waiting fur the plate of deliciousness to placed on the floor.

"Such a shame Basil isn't here," he said to the P.A. as he sniffed the tasty morsels.

"Yes," agreed the P.A. "But he did want to go outside."

"Ah well," Smooch replied, "all the more fur me!"

The C.T.T.T. [chief treat taste tester] began in his usual methodical manner, hoovering up the treats from left to right and in no time at all, the plate was left with just a few crumbs on.

"Better leave a little something fur effurypurrdy else!" Smooch sniggered.

[Don't mind the tiny spider at 28 seconds, he was looking fur crumbs too & Basil is too funny at 1.05]

*Rear stage, enter Basil*

"I can't hear mew!" Smooch said with a smirk trying his hardest not to laugh. "It's the double glazing, speak up!"

I was not best purrleased at Smooch's response.

I, Basil entered the kitchen to discover, much to my abject horror that the Heathen child aka Smooch aka Piglet had Dysoned [hoovered] up the treats, I quickly took care of the last few crumbles before deciding that more intense action was required.

"Smooch I'm confiscating these immediately!" I said.

"So not fair!!!!" Smooch cried looking between Basil and The P.A.

"Don't involve me in your treat squabbles," the P.A. replied.

I laughed at Piglet and began my own taste testing session.

"OMC I can't believe how good they taste!" I said with a mouthful, then demanded. "Hooman the plate is empty hand-feed me now!"

Well as mew can see, the Tuna flavoured Luvies were a total hit and we've already insisted that the P.A. put an order in today fur as many bags as the Postman can deliver! MOL

 We voted in the following categories


Texture & Consistency

Initial Bite & Flavour Intensity

Sensation in the mouth - Chew factor

Satisfaction & Satiety

We can safely say that these are our newest numero uno treats and aftur tallying up the votes we give them:

10 out of 10

*     *     *

Fur more information on the product featured today and previous products, mew can visit Green & Wild's website here:

Where mew will be able to find out all the nutritional info and full list of ingredients.  Not only do they supply kitty treats and food, they also have an extensive range fur our K9 furriends too.

Mew can also follow them on their social media as they sometimes run competitions and promotions:

We would like to say a special thanks to the pawesome peeps at Green & Wild's fur giving us this oppurtunity to sample their furry tasty wares again ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH!

 Many thanks fur joining us today and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur our usual Sunday Selfies post.

Happy Caturday

Basil & Co xox

FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s

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  1. Smooch made short work of those treats! My mum was very rude and laughed at you watching them disappear.

    1. MOL Flynn that's too funny about your mum, the P.A. was laughing too, inwardly of course and finding it most difficult to keep the camera steady especially when I popped up at the window! MOL XOX

  2. what a great and nom-a-licious review! Now I want to eat some!! :)

    1. Hi Cody, if mew get chance do try some, they are seriously NOM'A'LICIOUS! XOX

  3. Those treats look really tasty!

    1. Hey Island Cats, I can say they were terrifically delicious! XOX

  4. Good job nomming those treats, Smoochie! They sure do look delicious. :)

  5. 10 out of 10? Sounds good to me!

    1. Guys mew seriously need to try some if mew get chance!!! XOX

  6. OMC!! You have to teach Minko to chow down like that, MOL!

    1. Tell Minko, if he'd like to purrticipate in our next NOM'a'THON we'll give him expert lessons on how to chow down like a champion prior to the event! MOL XOX

  7. We have never seen any treats devoured that quickly. These must be extra super tasty. We think Basil had the right idea taking the entire package. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Guys the camera doesn't lie!!! MOL They were wicked tasty and I agree, me taking the packet was a smart move!!! XOX


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