Wednesday 25 May 2016

Wordy on Wednesday with Humphrey ~ Review of Murder Past Due



Wednesday greetings supurr furiends

Today, as mew may have already surmised Humphrey is here sharing this week's top book pick.

We know many of mew are literary kitties and love a good yarn, purrdon the pun, and yes string, yarn, twine, cord and the like are all most marvellous time wasters but if mew have free time to spare Humphrey thinks mew may enjoy this novel.

Now as the P.A. has to go to work daily to meet our demanding demands, then be at our beck and call fur the remaining hours in the day, plus all the other jobs that need doing, she doesn't have time to sit and read, so she listens [as do we] to audiobooks while she toils - she calls it multi-tasking - she's listened to audiobooks since being a small fry and finds it most enjoyable.

Offur the years she's gone from spoken wurd cassettes to CD's and finally in 2009 to the Audible App, which she says is a truly terrific invention. She also has a Kindle with a gazillion books on, waiting to be read but unless we develop some cloning tech in the secret bunker they aren't going to be read anytime soon! MOL

So anyhoo, let's get back to Humphrey top book pick.

BBHQ Purrsonal Copy

Murder Past Due is the furst novel in the Cat in the Stacks series by Miranda James.

It features a supurr smart Maine coon kitty called Diesel who rather casually assists his hooman, Charlie Harris in the solving of murders.

While we won't ruin anything by 'spoilerizing' this novel fur mew, we can say it was fun to listen too, with great narration and a good set of plot twists to keep mew listening and entertained.  It's classed as a Cozy Mystery so it's basically a PG rating, thus if mew're looking fur a light read this is absolutely purrfect. 

The audio version is 8 hours 46 mins long, just in case mew're were wundering how many treat breaks and naps mew can fit in between chapters! MOL

And if mew've already read it or listened to it, what did mew think?

Just so mew don't get lost with Humphrey's ratings, he made a rather nifty little diagram which he calls: 

Rating Scale

Humphrey's Rating of Murder Past Due:

Plot Twists


Story Development

Offurall Enjoyment

The paw has spoken! MOL

What more do mew need than that, so we'll bid mew good morrow and wish mew happy reading or listening, or in fact napping with treats on the side with a splash of nip tea!



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  1. With a review like that, this is one book we'd like to read. Thanks, Humphrey!

  2. Hi Humphrey, we don't oft get to read tomes, but peep is heading up the Amazon as we speak to get this one. You just can't beat a good recommendation! purrs ERin TCP

  3. This was the first book that Nissy ever read. Back before he and I started taking Kitty Lit. 101. He loved it too!


    1. Pawesome Seville, it's really wurth a read and btw I don't remember seeing mew in Kitty Lit. 101, I was in The Class of 2007 !!! MOL XOX

  4. This sounds like a great book. The mom wants to read this whole series.

  5. I've read this book and am currently reading another in the series. I just love books with cats in them!

  6. Nice review. I am going to add this to my reading list.

  7. dood....a total lee awesum ree view !!! we most shirely will chex out thiz book as it sounds sooper kewl....we R all wayz lookin for sum thin ta reed two de food serviss gurl :) ☺☺☺

    we iz off line til twooz day... sew heerz two a porbeagle shark kinda week oh end ♥♥♥♥

    1. Tabbies, we'll be popping offur later today fur a visit and do get this fur the food serviss gurl, we're most confident she'll love it! XOX


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