Thursday 27 December 2018

FLASHBACK FEVER! BionicBasil Revisited #30 Pet Peeves with Parsley #16 ~ What's Your Boggle This Week? How Come I Had To Go To Section Two With the Really Creepy Mewsic Playing?


Welcome to our midweek post and we do hope mew're all having the bestest Catmas effur!

As mew can see we're headed off on a little trip down memory lane, and as a lot of us are in midst of winter and summer seams sooooooo furry far away, we thought we'd share one of Parsley's Pet peeves Posts from posts way back on 14 APRIL 2018.

So let's jump in the time dilation vortex and go just a little short ways back....

Woo hoo, that was fun... not to swirly either! MOL

Pet Peeves with Parsley #16 ~ What's Your Boggle This Week? How Come I Had To Go To Section Two With the Really Creepy Mewsic Playing?

Many greetings pawesome pals

Parsley here *waves paw* and welcome to 

Pet Peeves With Parsley

As many of mew know we've been battling some purretty freaking hideous aliens behind the scenes offur the last few weeks, these are Basil's latest reports... 

 and a short while later...

I want to know how Basil managed to say that tongue twister...

"Take Fudge and flush out those fugly freakers, fry those fluffers dude!"

...and not get his tongue in a knot! MOL MOL

But my point is this, how come I had to go to Section 2 with the really creepy mewsic playing?  That is my pet peeve of the week, I can cope with most things but creepy mewsic playing when I'm in a creepy bunker, trying to get rid of some really creepy aliens is not my idea of fun... EEEEEEK!


Guys, I've gotta go, as we need to pop the fugly freakers and get the bunker cleared stat and the last thing we need is the enemy getting a foothold in our bunker!

*    *    *

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*    *    *

What's been your biggest pet peeve this week?

...feel free to leave your peeves in the comment form, all are welcome!

Peevish purrs and MOL-ing!


Thanks fur stopping by and we hope mew enjoyed today's flashback!

See mew on the morrow fur more from the BBHQ Archives.

Until then...

Bestest festive purrs

Basil &  Co xox

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  1. Da videos aren't workin for us. :(

    1. Sorry guys, there was a temporary glitch, but effurything is wurking fine now! XOX

  2. The videos have been eaten by those fugly freaking aliens. :(

    1. MOL yep it was those fugly fluffing freakers fur saw that ate the vids! MOL MOL XOX

  3. We could see the videos, the news sound scary ! We hope the B-Team can get rid of those fugly freakers ! Purrs

    1. Guys, the glitch is fixed, sorry mew missed out and the aliens are now toast! MOL XOX

  4. Gotta make that into a jigsaw puzzle!

    1. Hey guys, it is now on the puzzle page as requested! MOL XOX

  5. Dang, that's a scary post-Christmas thingy!

    1. MOL dude mew know that's what happened here on a weekly basis! MOL MOL XOX

  6. I enjoyed the flashbacks, nice to see Basil's videos. My cats' pet peeve is several of them have the sniffles/ a cold.

    1. Thanks guys, oh no we hope the sniffles have gone by now, sending extra healing purrs! XOX

  7. I am catching up for Dash Kitten for this week's Pet Parade!

    We agree with Eastside It's an awesome jigsaw!

    1. Thanks Dash Kitten Crew and it is now on the puzzle page! MOL MOL XOX

  8. I just hope 2019 doesnt turn out like 2018, and we get invaded by more fugly freakers that take over the heads of state! Oops, I think I may have spoken too soon! MOL
    Toodle pips

    1. MOL Erin, purrhaps the aliens would be better than what we've got right now! MOL MOL XOX


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