Monday 2 July 2018

Crafting With Cats ~ Part VIII ~ How We Made A Fun Puzzle Treat Box ~ Fish Fur Treats

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Supurr Greetings Pawesome Pals

Thanks fur joining fur us fur Part VIII of our Crafting with Cats segment. Mew know we have so much fun making all this stuff, and we hope mew enjoy seeing it and/or making it too! 

If mew missed any of our previous CWC posts, here's how we made:

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All Crafting with Cats ideas and creations are of our own design and we share them fur purrrsonal/home use only.

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This time we're making a pawesome 

What We Used:

A small cardboard box

Kitchen roll or wrapping paper cardboard tube

Wrapping paper - optional


Scissors and/or craft knife [purrlease be careful if using a craft knife or similar and remember to always cut away from yourself, better still wear some thick gloves!]

Glue gun or regular non-toxic glue

Sellotape or similar 

Feathers or similar fur embellishment 

Optional Cat ~ Parsley was today's Craft Room Snoopervisor

1. Take your cardboard box and tube.

2. Parsley inspecting proceedings up close and purrsonal

3.  Tape up the box to secure it closed.  Cut a small pice of the tube so mew have a stencil to draw around.  Decide where mew want to put the holes in the box and mark.

4.  Cut out, but purrlease be careful as it is a little fiddly ~ smaller scissors are better.

5. Place your remaining cardboard tube into the hole.

6.  Mark the height on the tube.

7.  Cut enough to put one in each hole

8.  Place the cut pieces into box and if they're are a bit loose use a bit of glue to secure them in position.

9.  At this point mew can leave your Puzzle Treat Box au natural or mew can wrap the box in paper of your choice, the P.A. was down to one pink roll or some glitter wrapping paper in the craft room. So we chose the pink as the glitter paper shed it's twinkles effurywhere and to be honest we don't want to be eating glitter with our treats! MOL  So do be mindful of what mew use.

10.  Cut out the wrapping paper directly above the tubes.  Now on the furst 2 the P.A. cut out she went fur a clean edge cut, but then realized that cutting through from rim to rim several times and pushing the edges down, was the better/easier way to go.

11.  Push your cut edges inwards and secure with tape.

12.  It should now look something like this. Though at this point we thought it did lack a little something, so we went on the rummage to see what we could jazz it up with and we found some feathers. 

13.   We used the glue gun to stick on 4 x feathers per station and made sure they were at different angles to add more dimension and to make it harder to get the treats, this is because Fudge is like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, he eats 6 treats to Smooch's 1.

14.  So now we have the completed Puzzle Treat Box.


It shouldn't take mew more than 30 minutes to make this, it took us about 45 minutes, but we were looking fur extra embellishments and as we've said before, we do make it up as we go along! MOL

No skillz at all are required, and if mew can wrap a present mew can make this.

So What Did The B Team Think?
Well they were all offur in in seconds when they heard the treat tin rattle, MOL HEATHENS! 

And to be fair, we've neffur had anything like this before, so we think it's safe to say that it had only been on the floor a few minutes and we soon got the hang of getting ones paw in there to go fish fur treats, take a look at how we got on!

As mew can see, we didn't do too badly, although Fudge has the attention span of a gnat and still hasn't quite got IT! MOL

The P.A. decided to tip the box on its side so we could try another angle and Parsley was straight onto that, he was a master in moments.

Also by putting a few treats on the top, it acts as a lure fur your kitty to get involved and investigate so they become comfortable with it.

*    *    *

And that furriends furry sadly brings us to the end of our eighth Crafting with Cats post, we do hope mew liked it and feel free to post your pawesome crafty pics and any ideas on our Facebook page at:

And if there's anything mew'd like us to make, leave a comment and we'll do our best.  

We'll be back on the Wednesday with another new post called, What Would The B Team Do?  we do hope mew can join us then.

Bestest crafty purrs

Basil & The B Team xox

We at BionicBasil HQ are not responsible or liable fur any injuries to person/s and/or cat/s, crafting addictions, glue on cats, paper cuts, misplaced pins and needles, cats stealing your supplies, broken scissors, cat fur stuck on your projects, or your project not turning out as planned.  By using this information you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless BionicBasil and staff from and against any and all claims for personal injuries or damages of any kind arising from use of any Crafting With Cats posts we may share.

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  1. That's a really cute treat puzzle box!

  2. guyz...we iz knot a loud ta haz treetz but thiz wood werk with kibble two !
    total lee awesum eye dea tho we wood pazz on de ewe noe what skinz ;) thanx
    for sharin....we will tel de FSG ta chop chop two !!! :)♥♥

  3. The hot pink box is very cute and seems to be a hit with the cats.

  4. WOW! talk about a hot little number! I love the feathers and I think even Mrs H could do that one.... I'll just check to see if her scissor licence is up to date, MOL
    Toodle pips and awesome last of series post!

  5. That is a cute treat box, and Parsley was right in there. Do the feathers tickle your noses when you are getting them out?

  6. We love your craft ideas! The Lady Cat has a collection of toilet paper rolls in storage with the idea of making something like this. Now you have inspired her to do something about it. After all we love puzzle feeders.

    Your video is adorable!

  7. Very cool! This morning I played with Manny and Chili Bruce with a pen and a bottle cap...they are so easily amused!

  8. Bear refuses to work for his food. He gives up rather quickly and loses interest. I really like that project though - you are so incredibly creative. The homemade box puzzle toy I made is ... err ... not nearly as pretty or elaborate as yours ;)

  9. Squeee! It's pink! I love pink as much as I love purrrple! I would enjoy a play box like that. But I'd have to keep it in my office...I mean, Mom's office. My brofur Wabbit would shred it in second! But it's sooo purrty!

  10. How clever!
    Thanks for sharing at

  11. I, Pipo am not much of a playful kitty, nevfur was...I like my pom=poms, though...but Minko would have truly loved that puzzle box!

  12. I love it! Mommy once made us something like it but it wasn’t nearly as nice as yours. She’s inspired to try again. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs


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