Friday 31 January 2020

Feline Fiction on Fridays #118 at Amber's Library featuring **The Crazy Cat Lover's Handbook** by Stella Rheingold & Amber's Rather Lazy Week

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Supurr salutations pawesome furiends

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Hello gorgeous library guests and welcome to my private library

I do hope mew've all had a lovely week since my last post, I'm afraid there's not much to tell today as - see pic below - this is what I've spent the last few days doing! OOPS! MOL

My Week at BBHQ Feline Fiction on Fridays #118 at Amber's Library ©BionicBasil®

It's a hard life for senior kitty at BBHQ; the fire gets stoked, the blanky gets changed, I get brushed, I get oodles of cuddles, food is freely available when I demand it and sleep is blissful, so in essence I've actually achieved nothing and I've loved effury moment of it!

Do mew effur get weeks like that, where effurything seems too much of a chore and it's easier just to take a step back and breathe?  Honestly it's happening more and more frequently to me recently, I don't know if it is my time of life, my age, my crotchetiness, or just the cold weather... but whateffur it is I'm really enjoying this new vibe of being, the stillness and just being able to let go of all the silly, mundane things which the wurld keeps throwing at us relentlessly.

I don't need to be ON 24 hours a day, or be connected 24 hours a day, or be checking my Angry Amber insta account effury 3 minutes to see if some nice kitty has followed me or liked one of my pics, or to feel the pressure of posting something just because - I don't need that constant pressure of being in the moment online.

I want to be in moment next to fire, sleeping, reading, looking out of the window and doing a spot of burd-watching, ambling in my library, sorting my books etc etc...

Are mew guys feeling the shift, or is it just me?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments...

And now I think it's time to share this weeks book.
Amber's Actual Library Feline Fiction on Friday's with Amber @BionicBasil™

This week I'm sharing

Feline Fiction on Fridays #118 at Amber's Library - The Crazy Cat Lover's Handbook Amber's Purrsonal Copy
Amber's Purrsonal Copy

The Crazy Cat Lover's Handbook


Stella Rheingold

       Here's A Small Snippet of the Book Blurb:      

Some people mistakenly believe they own their cats, however these people are totally delusional! What is really going on is that they have unwittingly entered themselves into indentured servitude, and whether they realize it or not their life is no longer their own, your cat OWNS you!


So what did I think to this book? Well to start with I thought it was going to be just another fun, Meow Out Loud book, but actually while it is that in places as mew relate to common cat capers, it's also a very clever instruction manual for hoomans.

It has sections on: Going To The Vet. What Not To Eat. Common Ailments. Travelling With Your Cat and various other topics such as brushing, playtime, sleeping and even a bit of cat history through the ages which I can see would be supurr informative for any hooman staff.

It's full of black and white pics of many different kitties throughout, to keep even the most inattentive hooman turning the pages and learning a little more.

This would be an ideal book for anyone new to being cat staff. And would also be ideal for more seasoned staff to compare their own findings with, as mew can never have too much info.  And from purrsonal experience, there's always someone else knows something that mew don't.  

We cats are pernickety creatures who like things just so, and if our needs are not being met in the correct manner we are not afraid to show our disapproval in the slightest, as newbie staff and seasoned pro's can attest to time and time again.

My advice aftur 17 years of managing the BBHQ staff, get the book cod dammit and make sure mew get the staff to read it! 

*    *    *
  • Paperback: 142 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace

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The Crazy Cat Lover's Handbook

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I do hope mew enjoy this series if mew decide to give it a try... 

...and if mew've read it already, what did mew think?

*    *    *

Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and I'll be back next week with another specially paw-picked book just fur mew. And don't furget that all my previous reviews can be found on my Book Review page.

Until next time

Keep calm and read on


Amber xox

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  1. We're with you, Amber. We prefer low maintenance and peace!

  2. Definately need to step back and not rush life, especially for so little gain z– getting someone else to do the work is the key . . . That's why I endorse my new range of housekeeper products called 'Mrs H's Housework Handies'. Every box comes complete with a wig, spectacles that make the world blurry, plus a box of tissues, bar of soap and a tooth cum scrubbing brush. All for the primo bargin price of £299.36 ;)
    Hmm, that book sounds awesome and with 5 paws up I bet will be a great early christmas gift for the aspiring (or failing) catperson, MOL

  3. Amber, this looks like an enjoyable book, and I've officially placed in on my Goodreads 'want to read' list!

  4. I step back a lot. It's a good thing. You're doing it right.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. My best to your siblings and your wonderful mom. ♥

  5. amber; grate ree veew two day N ya had uz with yur speech, ....well, then we saw de BURD WERD !!!! :) ♥♥☺☺

  6. It looks like you have found the perfect way to celebrate the meaning of life.

  7. I hope you get to catch up on some rest sweet Amber. That was a really great review!

  8. Pipo feels as you do, 15, lounging, eating when he has some appetite, and finding the best nest is what fills his days...and petcretary feels like that too, howevfur...shhh, she still does lots on the confuser box.

  9. That looks like a great book. XO

  10. Hey sweet Amber, thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. Amber, like you I don't feel I need "to be ON 24 hours a day", either. These days I'm content to lounging around, taking long naps and enjoying blissful calm. I used to play a lot, but I'm retired now, so I don't have to do ANYTHING. Tee hee hee. Winks and purrs.

  12. Sounds like a book we will take a look at Amber. Thanks for the great review


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