Monday 15 June 2020

How To Get Out Of FaceBook Jail ~ A Purrsonal Experience on Meowing on Mondays

Happy Monday Gorgeous Pals

Welcome to another pawesome week at BBHQ. Today we're sharing how we got out of FB Jail.

How To Get Out Of FaceBook Jail ~ A Purrsonal Experience

About 3 weeks ago we encountered a rather tricky issue. It would appear that someone reported us to Facebook, a lot of mew know the story already, but fur new readers here's a brief rundown of events.

How To Get Out Of FaceBook Jail ©BionicBasil® Meowing on Mondays - FB Jail Cell

On the 23rd of May 2020 Fudge's Sunday Selfie post was reported to the FB Po-leece for being abusive, offensive and spam. Leaving us unable to share anything from the blog to FB.

How To Get Out Of FaceBook Jail ©BionicBasil® Meowing on Mondays

Click here to see the post.

As mew can see, the post is neither abusive, offensive or spammy. So we proceeded to dispute the claim and were rejected instantly. We disputed it again and we're rejected once more.  

How To Get Out Of FaceBook Jail ©BionicBasil® Meowing on Mondays

We sent 7 different messages to varying departments explaining that they'd made a mistake and after 2 weeks we'd still heard nothing.

Lots of our blogging buddies and fans also sent messages, and they went unheard too.

Not only did our blog get banned from Facebook, it then in turn caused purroblems on Instagram, and our web address was classed as a spam link and unsafe. So we had to remove it from our profile to be able to use the platform.

How To Get Out Of FaceBook Jail ©BionicBasil® Meowing on Mondays

We also reported it more times than we can remember on Instragam that they had made a mistake, but still nothing happened and the web address was still blocked.

At this point we were getting quite purrplexed as we seemed to be getting nowhere fast, literally chasing our tails.

In fact, we felt like we'd been parked up in a layby, against our will, had our hummer put on blocks, the steering wheel removed and just left there indefinitely.

What Happened Next?

Well fabulous friends, we started searching online for ways to contact FB and came up with purretty much nothing; one telephone number in London and as it was right in the middle of our lockdown period due to the Covid-19 situation we thought there was no point calling as there'd be no one home, or if we did we'd purrobably be waiting a furry long time due to reduced staffing mesaures.

So we kept digging and changing our search parameters until we came across a post from a chap who'd also been banned, blocked and put in a layby indefinitely. We think he'd had six months of searching for ways to get back on the FB highway.

Anyhoo, we read his post and all of a sudden there was a little ray of hope. Even Melvyn felt it!

How To Get Out Of FaceBook Jail ©BionicBasil® Meowing on Mondays -A Little Ray of Hope

So What's The Secret To Getting Out Of Facebook Jail?

Now, this system may not work for everyone, but it wurked for us - so no purromises or guarantees are being made. It won't work, especially if mew were being abusive, offensive and spammy with your posts, but if like us mew are an innocent pawty who's been wrongfully accused, tried and guillotined with no trial then this could be your solution.

Are mew ready? Are mew sitting down? As it really is rather simple.

Have mew ever paid to promo a post on FB or Instagram? If the answer is yes, brilliant. If not then maybe pay £1/$1 or £5/$5 to promote a post on either Instagram for a day or FB for 5 days.

As before mew can try this method mew need an ad account. [If mew haven't got an ad account, we have no answers or solution for mew.]

Then, this is the really groovy part; go to your ad account and go to the help pages and send a message to them via their online form explaining exactly what has happened.     

Step by Step Destructions:

Click on your name.

A new window will open asking What Do You Need Help With?  

Click Other ad account issue bottom right selection. 

Another window will open called; Get Help and on this page, mew can input all the issues mew’re having and explain what your boggle is, and ask if they can purrlease help mew rectify it. 

Within 24 hours we had a reply from a real, YES a real purrson who assigned a case number to our purroblem and got the catnip ball rolling.

They will want your ad account ID number and some screenshots of the problem mew're experiencing and the URL of the post that got mew banned.

Aftur we had furnished our supurr helpful representative with all the info required, we received another email confirmation that all of this new evidence would be sent to the FB Internal Assessment Team to manually evaluate the issues we were experiencing.

And 5 days later we received an email from our supurr helpful representative, yes the same one as before, to notify us that our appeal was successful and we were no longer parked up in the layby without wheels or a steering wheel, and that we had the green light to get back on the FB supurr highway immediately and on Instagram too.

We obviously tested it before we replied to send many thanks just to make sure and yes, it was true we were FREE to put the pedal to the metal! 

Fudge said it was just like magic! 

How To Get Out Of FaceBook Jail ©BionicBasil® Meowing on Mondays -Just Like Magic

We did leave our very helpful representative top marks when asked for feedback, so if mew do get a good result don't forget to thank the purrson who helped mew.

Or if mew would like to 'speak' to someone, try this:

On this page: click on the '?' in the top right corner, scroll down to contact support team, click on that and a pop up will open where mew can fill in all your details and describe what issues mew're having, and live chat online to someone in the support team. Though the wait time is about 20 mins at the moment [12th June 2020] as they've not got a full team working due to covid.

 We didn't try this as our issues were resolved. 

So there mew have it, a supurr simple solution to getting your case heard at the FB Po-leece Head Quarters. So if mew effur find yourselves on the wrong side of the FB law, whether it be by someone else's malicious mitten or your own folly, try this, what have mew got to lose?

We hope mew enjoyed our post today, leave us a comment and tell us if mew've been experiencing any FB issues, or if mew tried this method, did it wurk? 

**And many thanks to the really helpful dude who suggested going through the FB ad account on his website, sorry we can't remember who it is, but thank mew furry much, mew're a total rock star!**

Have a really spiffing Monday, and we'll be back on Wednesday with The Pet Parade, so come blog hop around the world with us, Dash Kitten and Barking from the Bayou.

Supurr Monday Purrs

Basil & The B Team

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  1. We are SO glad you are out of FB jail...but how frustrating to be put there in the first place and have no real recourse. But ingenious on your part to keep searching until you found a solution. Sad to say...seems like money is the only thing that matters.

  2. Whoo-hoo! You are free!! Concats and all that good stuff...but hope it doesn't happen again.That would be like holding you hostage for ransom.

    Lets hope things keep on in a normal fuin way for you and your kitty gang.

  3. I am glad you persevered and found the way out of FB jail. It should never have happened in the first place, and the person who reported poor Fudge's tail should be put in jail themselves for malicious actions.

  4. Good information! We've been in Facebook Jail twice. The first time was a month and the second time about 2-1/2 weeks. Not sure how we got out. We're going to bookmark this post.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Butler Prettycat is having trouble replying to his own comments on other pages. Fortunately the website page can reply to his comments.

  6. Wow! Your persistence paid off! Awesome!!! AND you've given some very good advice to others, y'all rock!

  7. That was good info. We've never been in FB jail but if we end up there they can kiss my furry butt and we'll kiss them goodbye forever. They pretty much suck anyways.

  8. P.A. shuldna had ta go thru all de BS in de furst D place coz it waz waz F'ed up frum de get that we iz done with de alfa bitz lezzonz two day;) we iz glad yur bak wear ya knead ta bee ☺☺♥♥!!

  9. We're glad you all are out of Facebook Jail. Mom says, no wonder she's not on Facebook. Glad you're back and thanks for advice.

  10. Still in FB jail here, but at least I've heard back from my last request!
    That's farther than I've ever gotten before; keep your paws crossed for us...and thank you VERY MUCH for giving us your information!

  11. Yay ! We're so glad you could finally get out of FB jail ! Thank you for giving us that important information ! Purrs

  12. Wow ! We are so glad you got out of jail ! And that you had the stamina and energy to keep trying to clear your name !

  13. Whoa! I guess my link wasn't of any help. Concats and I'm glad you didn't say we had to actually take out an ad cos I don't pay to play.


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