Monday 2 November 2020

**RERUN** Smooch Around The Wurld and Today We're Smooching All Offur Paris with Miss Dai$y as My Pawesome Travelling Companion

 Welcome To

Woo Hoo Pawsome Pals

Smooch here, and how are mew doing today?

So dudes and dudettes we're going to be Smooching All Offur The Planet as we Smooch Around the Wurld ~ how much fun, so much fun!

Oh and because The B Team doesn't use conventional means of travel, I'll be using the TTTB aka the Time Travelling Telephone Box to go on my little jolly's, so thank cod I won't have to use an airport as I don't think I'd get through security with all the extra covert hardware I travel with! MOL

Furst though I have to do my travel checklist:

Oh and I've already had all my travel vaccinations, as mew neffur know and I always think it's better to have the lot rather than risk getting some foreign lurgy which in turn ruins your jolly's! 

So where are we going today?

Today pawesome pals we're headed to the glamorous city of Paris, France. As I thought my lovely and charming travelling companion, Miss Dai$y from the amazing Towne of Trout would love it, and the shopping too!  [I just hope she doesn't tell Pandora! MOL - OOPS!] 

So travel card ready, I hopped in The TTTB and set the co-ordinates for the white, sandy beaches of Trout Towne.

Last time I went on a little jolly, Tuna of Moon; Miss Dai$y's brofur joined me, and we went to the magical land of Oz, and we had a total blast but I digress, Tuna furry kindly lit some flares on the beach so I could land the TTTB safely on the sand and not in the water!

Anyhoo this time, young Mackerull was in training, so he was put in charge of the flares and the bag carrying. He did a pawesome job too, though I think Miss Dai$y's luggage was a bit much for the youngster, so I gave him a paw as we dragged the huge suitcase into the TTTB.

When he entered our Time Travelling Telephone Box, his jaw dropped and he breathed, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!"

Setting the case on its wheels, Mack spun 360 degrees, grinned at me like a complete heathen and said. "DOOD can I come too?"

Miss Dai$y was too quick for me, saying. "NOPE! THERE'S THE DOOR AND BYE BYE!"

I gave the kitten a wink and said. "Little dude, when we get back, me and mew will go somewhere spectacular and go blow things up, ok?"

Seeing the glint in his eye [well actually it was like star exploding], he beamed and scampered through the door onto the soft sand, shouting. "I'll be waiting right here dood, don't be long!"

Closing the door, I headed for the bridge and found Miss Dai$y sitting in the command chair.

"Are mew ready?" I asked.

"Sure am?" Miss Dai$y replied. "And where are mew taking me today?"

I grinned and replied, "Paris!" As I pressed a large, red button on the control console.

TTTB Launch Button  ©BionicBasil®

14.8732176453322222r seconds we landed.

I flung the TTTB door open and let Miss Dai$y step straight out onto the Eiffel Tower.

And this is what happened next...

Miss Dai$y and I had a magnificent time.  We saw so many things, but sadly I couldn't share them all;  the pictures of us cruising down the Seine, taking nip tea at The Ritz, a quick stop at Euro Disney and then we saw effury painting in the Louvre including the wurld famouse, Mona Lisa. And to be honest, I was a little disappointed because I had visions of a huge, ginormous pawtrait but when we actually got within viewing distance it was really small though still a great painting - but it needs to be bigger! MOL

We shopped at the most lux stores, ate at so many cafes and visited all the fabulous monuments, and many times during our trip Miss Dai$y asked, "Smooch are mew sure all these bags will fit inside the TTTB?" 

I laughed and replied, "Miss Dai$y, mew haven't even filled a quarter of it yet!"

And that sadly concludes our totally fabulous trip to Paris, as we've got to get back as Mackerull will be waiting and have I got something epic planned for him.

Thanks so much for joining Miss Dai$y and I on our wunderpurr Parisian adventure and I'll be back before mew know it sharing another far-flung destination, so hope mew can join me then.

Furry quickly before I go there's a new puzzle live on the Puzzle Page for your enjoyment.

Until next time

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  1. You sure do have some fun adventures Smooch!

  2. Paris!! Ooh-lala!!
    Did ya meet any suave French Poodles??!
    Oh, wait, you need to meet the French Kitty, Pepe le Plue...or someskunk like lets go find something else to do....maybe at Le Moulin Rouge!

  3. You and Miss Daisy looks like you had a pawsome time. Great pictures
    Daisy Mae And Crystal

  4. Smooch, we love Paris, and you surely did it right, dude!

  5. That was a great adventure, and I bet Dai$y loved using the plastic!

  6. What a lovely place to take us, Paris! Thanks Smooch!

  7. Just going to the Louvre would be enough for me!
    Thanks for taking us along, Smooch and Dai$y.
    Where oh where will you go with Mack?

  8. Thanks so much for joining us at

  9. Thanks for letting me come along on your wonderful adventure. Such fun.

    Have a fabulous day and week. My best to your mom. ♥

  10. It was really a fun trip Smooch! Thanks for allowing us to tag along.

  11. smooch I had the most epic ly FABulous time ever on this trip and you couldn't have picked a better place than Paris and I still have my pass port and handbag and hat and plane ticket stub pressed into my diary the plane ticket stub that is not my hat because then it would be crushed and if you ever wish to travel there again or any place else please let me know with hugs from dai$y queen of the run on sentence ♥♥♥

  12. Tres bien! That was quite the adventure. XO

  13. We really enjoyed your trip to Paris.x😻💟🐾🗼


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