Wednesday 24 February 2021

Welcome to Our Mid-Week News Round-Up on The Pet Parade & Today's Headlines are ~ Why Do Cats Love Plant Pots? ~ Melvyn's New Toy and Fudge's Giant Floof Explodes

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Happy Wednesday fluffies

And welcome to the BBHQ mid-week news round-up, and furst up this week.

Why Do Cats Love Plant Pots?

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Contrary to some schools of thought, cats do not grow in plant pots, even though Smooch is sitting in one, this doesn't mean he's growing and he definitely won't multiply either!! MOL
But seriously, why do cats love sitting in plant pots?
 Just the other day Smooch was flat out in the catnip pot on the otherside of the courtyard, and prior to him being in it Fudge had been flat out in it.
The P.A. is thinking of netting it off as the poor plant is squashed flat and if it gets damaged while the new growth is sprouting it could hinder our future catnip crop. 

But that still doesn't answer our question, of why plant pots are so appealing to snooze/relax/chill in, as a lot of them look really uncomfortable and who wants a plant tickling ones backside, other than Smooch and Fudge! MOL
We think it's because they know they shouldn't be on or in them. Or they like their bums being tickled, or they like sitting/laying in soil/compost/dirt!

Tell us why mew think cats love getting in plant pots in the comments.

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Next up this week...

Melvyn's New Toy 

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Check out the video on TikTok, we finally got an account and know we are a little late to the TikTok pawty but so it goes, and we have 2, yes 2 followers, so if mew're on there do follow us/like our vids and we'll follow mew back/like your vids.

Anyhoo back to Melvyn's new toy. The P.A. found a brand new wand toy** in the cupboard in the sitting room on Monday evening and the second Melvyn heard the jingle jangle of the bell he was there in a flash. 

Before we managed to even get a little video he'd grabbed it and run off upstairs with it. The P.A. retrieved it 3 times and finally, she had to hide it from him as it was sending him a bit wappy. he loves anything with a bell on it, do mew remember his playing fetch with his collar?  Check it out on our instagram feed.

If mew like this pawesome toy, we purrchased it from Paws Boutique* in London, they have some really gorgeous things to buy, and mew should check out their cat beds #epic, and they have oodles of goodies for our K9 furiends too!

**CAT SAFETY** never ever leave your cat alone with a wand toy, always put it away in a cupboard or drawer, see our Cat Hazards post for more info.

* this is not an affiliate or paid link.

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And finally in this weeks news... 

 Fudge's Giant Floof Explodes

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Parsley had just returned from a little outdoor expedition and Fudge thought he'd give him a quick sniff, and then his tail exploded! MOL  
It's been quite flat and down the last few days so it was lovely to see all fluffed up and supurr floofy again, even Smooch was astounded and had to step back short of getting caught in the floof-fallout! MOL  

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If mew've missed any of the posts offur the last week, here's the catch-up links:

Amber will be here on Friday with another pawesome book she can't wait to share with mew, so do stop by the library, tea and nip cookies will be served, and we hope to see mew then! 

Epic purrs

Wing Commander Basil The B Team

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  1. Fudge, that tail is so impressive. Thanks for hosting the parade. XO

  2. You two look really fabulous and pot sitting would be for me if I had one!

  3. Smooch, that plant pot looks pretty comfy. And Melvyn, we love that new toy -- it looks so fun. And Fudge ... that tail floof is EPIC!


  4. Parsley must have been somewhere very interesting to make Fudge's tail explode like that!
    I have no idea what the appeal for plant pots is, but I had so many plants flattened that Eric and Flynn got their very own large sized pots filled with hay in the greenhouse.

  5. That is one huge explosion. Beautiful tail.

    I just think cats want to be in whatever is around. Boxes, pots, laundry baskets, suitcases, drawers. There must be comfort there. Or their way to hide.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  6. Melvyn brother Einstein really likes his wand toy. It has a short wire and really long stick so he can drag it around the house. He even brought it to bed the other day. Fudge What a TAIL! Love it

  7. I think cats like to sit on and in things to claim them. Jake loves stick toys with bells too. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the Mewton-Clawson floof explosion of 2021.

  8. Pot sitting, taken to a new level, well, Minko in his younger days jumped in unfurbro's science project...spinach growing in a large pot...and he ate all the seedlings down to the soil...LOL. LOL! Unfurbro was NOT amused...
    Maybe pots are the new box to a kitty??

    Pipo would snag the wand toys and run off with them, too...but when they no longer wiggled and jiggled, well, he must have thought they were well and deaded, so he would wander off looking for other games to play:)

    Fudge, your tail is EPIC!!

  9. Hmmm, why do we sit in pots? Boxes? Drawers? Is it because they are cat sized? Warm? Cool? We will NEVER tell! Melvyn's new toy is pawsome! He ROCKS And the tail floof on Fudge puts Mom's duster to shame! WOWZERS! You guys are AWESOME! Have a marvellously Happy Day (and we can't wait for Amber's Book review)


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