Wednesday 10 May 2023

The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ~ Early Cats Get More Breakfast, Smooch Pondering a New Crafting Project in The Craft Room, and Melvyn's Wearing This Weeks Top Pick Bandana **PLUS* The Winner of Smooch's Birthday Giveaway

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Furbulous Greetings Supurr Furiends

Welcome to the BBHQ midweek news round-up!

What a weekend, did mew watch The Coronation, wasn't it epic?  It was a truly spectacular spectacle, although we have read several disgruntled reports, which is a shame as when mew look at it from a logical purrspective, it is what it is, and just be happy to have witnessed it. The UK is pretty much one of the only countries left with such long-standing Royal traditions which we think is really nice in today's modern society.

We don't understand why some small factions of peeps want to eradicate heritage and try to rewrite history. We are all for forward movement and progress, but we can't change history no matter how we try, well not unless somepawdy steals our Time Travelling Telephone Box and goes messing with the timeline, but then would it really change for the better?

In our humble opinion, if we're allowed to have one anymore, that the best way to deal with history of an unpleasant nature is to learn from it and try not to make the same mistakes, not ram it up everypawdy that it needs to be eradicated. If things are deleted and omitted, then society can't learn and basically, that kind of thought process is akin to the events in the early 1940s when a certain person tried to take over the world and rewrite previous events, especially with the book burning and censorship that was being enforced.

It didn't end well for millions of innocent people, and yet today in 2023, eighty years later when we live in the most enlightened of times, with the best of everything compared to early generations, a small minority are deeply unhappy about how truly lucky we are. Everypawdy is entitled to an opinion, so if they all agreed to disagree, and purrhaps, they'd see life for how truly wondrous it is, and let's be kind and understanding to each other.

Anyhoo, let's look at this week's top headlines.

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First up in the news this week

 Early Cats Get More Breakfast

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Every morning, it's the same four kitties who are first on the scene for breakfast, while Melvyn and Amber are still in a kitty coma until mid-morning. By the time those two finally arise, this lot are already on their second and sometimes if not third breakfasts.

The early cat really does scoff all the snacks! MOL

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Next up in the news

 Smooch Pondering a New Crafting Project in The Craft Room

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Smooch was deep in thought on Sunday in the craft room.

He was pondering what we could make next for our summer crafting post and he thought by surrounding himself with previous projects, it might inspire him to new levels of crafting greatness! MOL

Mew can see three behind him:

And he was actually looking straight at: The Catmas Tree and the Haunted House. Mew can find all our previous crafting posts by clicking here.

Anyhoo, he's trying to come up with something really fun for the summer, and if mew have any ideas for him, leave them in the comments below.

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Finally this week

Melvyn's Modelling The Top Bandana Pick

Last week, mew voted for the Cute Caticorn bandana, and here's Melvyn loving this week's modelling assignment!

The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ©BionicBasil® Melvyn Modelling This Weeks Top Pick Bandana - The Cute Caticorn

He loved modelling this one, and mew can see in his videos how much he enjoyed today's catwalk run!

Check out Melvyn strutting his stuff on:

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Which one should he model next?

Here's the brand new bandana selection for May, and this month mew've got five to choose from.

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The options from the top left in a clockwise direction:
1. Stars and Moon

2. Echinacea Blooms

3. Tea Party Special

4. The Cute Caticorn

5. The Prickly Catcus

Tell us your top pick for next week in the comments!

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The Winner of Smooch's Birthday Giveaway

Drumroll purrlease...
And the winner drawn out of the hat* is:

Mews Oz, Bean & Winston from Instagram



If mew can email us your snail mail address at your earliest convenience, that would be epic. 

deardrbasil @ gmail . com

Thank mew to everypawdy else who entered, and don't wurry if mew didn't win this time; there'll be another giveaway on June the 1st, so stay tuned. And we've got another five throughout the next few months.

*And just in case mew're wondering how we pick the winner, we type the full list of names from the blog post and Instagram post, then paste them into the random name picker at, and it automatically picks the winner.

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That's us done for today, we will be back on Friday with another fab book just for mew and if mew missed any other posts, here are the links:

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Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. The Coronation was quite an amazing spectacle, for sure. Wowzers!

    We're thinking stars and moon next, Melvyn! We love those shots of you four early (cat) birds getting the most noms. :) And Smooch, what crafts are coming next?

    Concats to Mewz Oz, Bean and Winston on the win!

  2. I actually am pleased the UK has a new and open Royalty relationship with the world. It seems that most "regular" people are not allowed to have validated opinions on any subject. How did this come to be? Other groups do indeed have opinions that are voiced and overshadow the rest.
    Precious would never ever ever miss breakfast! To think 2 of yours are still resting is amazing. We look forward to see your crafting. Lynn and Precious

  3. Love your breakfast time. All getting along too.

    Smooch and Melvyn are most good looking.

    I choose #5 for next week.

    Have a purrfect day and rest of the week. Scritches to the kitties and a big hug to mom. ♥

  4. I choose #1...moon and stars. Concats to the winner just announced, and Mom was reading this bloggie to me...and she said she agrees 100% with your mom.

  5. Love the pictures, especially the early breakfast one! And Melvyn looks really snazzy in the Caticorn bandana! I really like the catcus bandana for the next one but they're all cute. Many congrats to Mews Oz, Bean, and Winston. I did miss the coronation as I don't see much TV these days, may catch it later. I'm just glad to see British friends happy. I admire Queen Elizabeth's service in WW2, and as a side note, my husband has always credited Churchill with saving the free world.

  6. I completely agree. The Royal family and the pageantry that goes with it has been around for a very long time. From the worldwide viewing figures it is still very popular throughout most of the world. Imagining having a President makes me shudder!
    Melvyn takes his modelling very seriously.
    Congrats to the winners.

  7. Concats to the Winner.
    I saw some of the Coronation but maybe being American I just didn't understand it all but hearing some think they can get along without a King makes me Wonder if they really could. We have a President here in America and everything is in chaos so it makes one wonder...

  8. If I had a time travelling telephone booth I would go back to yesterday so I would know what happens.

  9. Congrats to the lucky winner. I did watch some of the Coronation and enjoyed it. Looking good Melvyn. I choose the teapots for next week. XO

  10. The Coronation was fantastic; loved every moment of it.
    Concats to the winners!
    Tea Party Special gets my bandana vote.

  11. I like the catcus bandana. I can't believe Amber and Melvyn miss early breakfast! Smooch, I can't wait to see what new craft you make. Congratulations to Mews Oz, Bean and Winston!

  12. Our #1 enjoyed the coronation tremendously! She was in hospital (in France) and an English friend came with strawberry tarts to watch it together.

    We vote for trying out the first bandana next (stars and moon).

    The Chans

  13. Congratulations to the winner 😻 Melvyn you look awesome xx tea party bandana.😸xxx

  14. What a fun contest you had, i'm very happy for the winners.

    I was unable to watch the coronation, i work Monday through Saturday. There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want to do, or all the TV watching, either.

    Melvyn rocks the bandana, maybe he should go from that straight to the cactus and get that one over. I like cacti, but not necessarily to wear, i'd want that one finished!

    For a summer craft, how about something along the lines of a feline "swimming pool"? I'm picturing a big cat bed, or even a dog bed repurposed, and lots of fun things for a cat do to in or on it somehow. Might be too hard, but it also might be the start of the germ of an idea.

    Thank you for joining Feline Friday!


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