Friday 2 February 2024

**FELINE FICTION FIX** Book Reviews with Amber at The Mewton-Clawson Library #267 featuring **Cakes To Die For** Compass Cove Mystery Book 1 by Mara Webb **PLUS** Friendly Fill-Ins

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Hello furbulous library guests 


Welcome to the Mewton-Clawson Library at BBHQ 

Thank mew for joining me in the stacks this week.

Do mew know how hard it is to be completely unpredictable? Seriously, I've been honing this epic skill for years. One minute I'm supurr cuddly wanting pats and snuggles, the next I make the Ice Queen look like a scorching, hot day in the tropics! MOL

With utter certainty, I can say without doubt, nopawdy has any inkling which version of me (and there's oodles) might appear when I open my cute little mouth.

Mew know I love the unpredicatabily factor, well everywhere apart from my library.

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This is just typical of me; five minutes earlier the P.A. wanted to put me on her lap for a bit of cuddle time. But I'm not that easy, so I made her wait for it, and then pounced with my demands just when she nicely settled and reading a book! MOL

Anyhoo, let's look at today's review after this week's fun Fill-ins.

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Today the P.A. is also joining in Friday Fill-ins Blog Hop with the pawesome 15 & Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.
1. Some people make their own _________________, but I prefer store bought.
2. February is a good month to _________________.
3.  _________ was the best part of this week.
4. As a child I _________, but as an adult I _________.

Here are the P.A.s answers:

1. Some people make their own jam or marmalade, (my mum does) but I prefer store bought. My favourite marmalade is the lemon and lime flavour by Roses. On a nice bit of thick toasted bread, with lashings of butter and a dollop of that, in my mind is purrfection on toast! LOL

2. February is a good month to start a bit of light Spring cleaning. If you have an open fire or wood burner, then you'll know how much dust they create, that combined with cobwebs only visible in certain lights, such as bright sunshine and at certain times of the day! Yes, cobwebs magically appear at BBHQ, sometimes I say I'm leaving them for Catmas, and will spray them gold and throw glitter at them, but in reality the feather duster comes out for a wafting. And no, I'm not talking about Fudge's floofy tail, even though I have asked him if he can assist! LOL 

3.  Getting home from work each night was the best part of this week. As the BBHQ welcoming committee greets me, well they are only at the door because they are wanting me to feed them the minute I walk in! LOL But another furbulous thing about this week, is the nights are so much lighter, and that is epic. I detest the short days and really look forward to the clocks being pinged on an hour in March; we've got less than two months to go. 

4. As a child, I really didn't like crowded venues or places, but as an adult, I like them even less. I thought maybe I'd grow out of it, but no. I like my own company, my own space, and if that makes me a bit weird then that's ok.

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Let's see what I've got to show mew this time!

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This week's top book pick is...

Amber's Book Reviews #267 ©BionicBasil® Cakes To Die For - Compass Cove Mystery Book 1 by Mara Webb
Mewton-Clawson Library Copy

Cakes To Die For

 Compass Cove Mystery Book 1 


Mara Webb

 Here's a little snippet of the book blurb:      

Take a trip to Compass Cove, an enchanted town full of magic and mayhem…

Zora Wick is at the end of her tether. After a lifetime of bad luck, it seems she’s ended up at rock bottom, saddled with debt from her cheating ex, a dead-end job with no prospects and a studio apartment that’s not even fit for a dog. It all seems a little hopeless until there’s a knock at the door…

It turns out Zora has long-lost family on the other side of the country, hidden away in a little town on an unknown island. After uprooting herself Zora arrives in town to find that not only has she inherited an estranged family, she’s also the sole heir of the town’s local bakery—there’s one other thing too, apparently she’s a witch.

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Here's another first for me!

Cakes to Die For, the first book in the Compass Cove Cozy Mystery series by Mara Webb, is a delightful and engaging read that will keep mew hooked from start to finish. The book follows Zora Wick, a woman who has hit rock bottom due to a lifetime of bad luck. Left with debt from her cheating ex, a dead-end job with no prospects, and a poorly maintained studio apartment. However, her luck seems to change when she receives a knock at her door, revealing that she has a long-lost family on the other side of the country, living on an unknown island. Upon arriving at the small town, Zora discovers that she has inherited an estranged family and the local bakery, which has been in her family for generations. However, the surprises don't end there. It turns out that Zora is also a witch, and she has a whole world of magic to explore and learn. As Zora settles into her new life, she becomes embroiled in a murder mystery that shakes the town. With the help of her headstrong cousins, the quirky townsfolk, and a sarcastic cat, Zora takes it upon herself to solve the mystery and clear her family's name. The writing is engaging, and the descriptions of the town and the bakery will make mew feel like you are there. The main characters are well-developed, and interactions with the supporting cast are entertaining. The murder mystery is well-crafted, and the added element of magic adds an extra layer of intrigue to the story. Cakes to Die For is an enjoyable and light-hearted read that will leave mew wanting more. If mew are a fan of magical, cozy cat mysteries, then this book definitely one to add to your reading list.

The cat in the series is called Hermes, and he's quite the character who I look forward to reading more about in future books, and there are ten novels in the series. So plenty to go at over the coming months!

This book is available to read on Kindle Unlimited.

A Totally Top Paw Read

Paperback: 214 pages 
Audio: 6 hours 2 mins
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My Ratings Scale

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Ratings of:

Cakes To Die For

Overall Enjoyment

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Other Fun Blog Hops to Join in Today

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I'm off to read next week's books, as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time! 

Don't forget, if mew are looking for great books with cats, check out the Book Review page, just click the link here or at the top of the page, as that's the place to visit to get your feline fiction fix. 

Until next time...

Keep calm and read more books


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  1. Oh sweet Amber, I hope you got those pats sweetie. Those were good fill-in answers and I'm with you on #4. Terrific review too sweet Amber. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Keep them guessing, it's a good strategy.

    The book sounds fabulous. I've often wondered what it would be like to chuck everything and restart my life in another place, and reading this I could do it vicariously and it wouldn't cause such upheaval.

    Thanks for linking up with Feline Friday!

  3. Amber, of course the best time to jump in the lap is when the PA is not looking and has a huge thick book in her hands. Lynn starts Spring house cleaning in Feb. also so when Spring springs up in March she's actually done. This includes de-furring my beds that I have ev-furry where. Precious

  4. Amber, as a cat, you cannot submit to any human timeline or wishes!
    You are looking very spritely today, by the way.

  5. You are a senior kitty, you are allowed to just be/do whatever behooves you at any particualr moment...and we hope you are indulged to the max!

    That is a good idea about the cobwebs...they seem to just appear like magic sometimes! Maybe they want to be part of the (semi) permanent decor here. LOL!

  6. Love your photos especially with your spectacles on😽 this sounds like a good read I love books where you feel as if you're actually in the story. Love and hugs xx 😻😽🐈‍⬛

  7. Amber, when you need your pats, you need 'em! The book sounds good, and we are familiar with and love sarcastic cats, we've had a snarky cat guy in our family. I don't like the early dark either, not at all.

  8. Great photo of you Amber and excellent review. It is fun to keep your mom guessing. My cats do that to me too. Thank you to the PA for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I am so with you on #4.

  9. Amber, as an older lady you have the right to say what you want and when. That is a great review. We have a wood burner and I know exactly what you mean about the dust it creates. Ivor always decides to take out some of the ashes the day after I have dusted. Grrr!

  10. This book does sound wonderful, Amber! I love your attitude too :) Decorating cobwebs is a pawsome idea! And I'm 100% with you on #4.


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