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CATS HAVE PROBLEMS TOO! with Dr Basil ~ Featuring Today's Despurrate Dilemma **HELP! THE CAT HOTEL WAS A FLEA PIT!**

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Happy Monday, furry floofers

Welcome to another episode of Cats Have Purroblems Too, where I give epically epic advice to cats with despurrate dilemmas too great for them to solve alone. 

 Take a seat, and read today's despurrate dilemma and my solution.

Also, mew may be pondering on what my professional credentials are, so purrlease purruse the list below:

Ph.D. in Kitty Psychology & Psychiatry
BSc (Hons) Headology  
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NOM Master
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I can help mew to solve all your Pet Peeves, Purrsonal Problems and Despurrate Dilemmas, no matter how great or small they may be.

Plus, I 
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Intense CatNip Therapy ~ This treatment speaks for itself (I find it very beneficial)

I am also an AdvoCat of Tough Love coupled with a healthy dose of common kitty sense

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To help mew release all your stresses and worries just drop by my clinic held here or, alternatively email me your purroblem, and I'll answer here. If mew require to remain anonymous or anon, purrlease include that in your email. 

Mew can contact me directly at the following address:

DearDrBasil (at) gmail (dot) com

So come and sit on my supurr comfy couch, reee-lax, breathe deeply and tell me of your troubles, as I'm ready, willing and able to help.

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This is one of my cases via email:  


Dear Dr. Basil, I hope this letter finds mew in good health and spirits. My name is Princess, and I'm a fluffy Persian cat. I'm writing to mew today to express my utter displeasure at being put in a two-star cat hotel for a week while my pawrents went on a vacation. As soon as I walked into the hotel, I knew I was in trouble. There were no doormen to welcome me, no 24-hour butler service, and worst of all, no catnip cafe! I mean, really, what kind of establishment doesn't have a catnip cafe? It's like they don't even care about their feline guests. But that's just the beginning of my complaints. The bedding was completely unacceptable. It wasn't soft and fluffy like the pillows on my pawrents bed, and there was a distinct lack of silk sheets. How is a princess supposed to sleep on anything less than the finest linens? And don't even get me started on the lack of five-star amenities. There was no spa, no pool, and no room service. I had to eat the same boring kibble every day, and there weren't even any toys to play with. I mean, what am I supposed to do with my time? I have to say that my experience at the cat hotel was a complete disaster. I would not recommend it to any of my feline friends as I am supurr traumatised by the entire saga, and I'm suffering from acute PTSD and having multiple flashbacks reliving the horror of it all. And now my pawrents are considering going away again and returning me to that heinous travesty of a cat hotel!

I am begging mew, how can I stop this from happening again, as I don't think I'll survive another week in that flea-pit? Sincerely, Princess

This is my Expert Reply
Today I use the colour pink, as this is renowned for being the colour of princesses everywhere, and hopefully will be the purrfect choice for this particular purroblem.

Dear Princess, I hope this letter finds mew in a calmer state. I understand your concerns and I'm sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience at the cat hotel. As a fellow feline, I know how dreadfully impawtant it is to feel comfortable and relaxed while away from home. There are several options mew can consider to avoid going back to the cat hotel. One option is to hire a professional pet sitter who can come to your house and take care of mew while your pawrents are away. This way, mew can stay in the comfort of your own home and have someone to keep mew company and cater to your needs. Another option is to ask your parents to take mew with them on their next vacation if it's a domestic holiday. Many hotels and resorts are now pet-friendly and offer special amenities for cats and other pets. If it's an international affair, then mew may be struggling. If your pawrents are unable to take mew with them and mew prefer not to have a pet sitter, mew can also consider staying with a trusted friend or family member who loves cats and would be happy to take care of mew while your pawrents are away.

Also, with regards to your PTSD, I would suggest that mew come to the clinic in purrson and I will help mew work through the trauma and give mew pointers tailored to your specific requirements to help mew combat the flashbacks and panic attacks. Please contact my team at your earliest convenience. I hope these suggestions are helpful, Princess. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to assist mew.

Yours most sincerely
Dr. Basil
@ The Cats Have Purroblems Too Clinic T.M.

Today's Top Tip is:

If mew can relate to this purroblem or feel that mew are in need of any assistance, purrlease leave a comment to: Dear Dr Basil.... or email me directly and I'll get back to mew.

Thank mew all for joining me today at The Cats Have Purroblems Too Clinic, and I'll be back next Monday with another open clinic and a new case study.

Until then, Keep Calm and Purr

Dr. Basil

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  1. Poor Princess...what a horrible experience for her!
    Good to know that you'll work with her, Dr. Basil.

  2. That was some great advice, as always, Dr. Basil. Poor Princess! We hope she can get a professional pet sitter to come to her place moving forward.

  3. Oh dear, that's a horrible dilemma but you did offer some wonderful suggestions. You forgot finding new parents though. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Best to get one of those people who come babysit your whole house, taking care of pets and plants and bringing in the mail, making the house still occupied to keep thieves away. My Bigger Girl does that and enjoys it. She's good enough she has people ask for her to come when they go out of town.

  5. I hope someone as wise as you can help find a pet sitter.

  6. Such a traumatic experience! If all else fails maybe she can take some of her own toys, nip and a comfy bed with her.

  7. Angel Peepers used to go to a doggie kennel fur her vacations and she had run of the joint. The doggies stuck in a noose gittin' their furs washed and combed could not git away fur-om her as she pestered them. She always came home with a pink bow in her hair. I, Precious, have never been left by Lynn in 11 years.

  8. Oh the horror! None of us having ever been in such an establishment. We are so fortunate to have our wonderful Mr. G who comes to look after us whenever #1 is away. We wouldn't have it any other way!

    The Chans

  9. That doesn't even sound like a two star. More like no stars. You poor thing. You're traumatized for sure.

    Dr. Basil did a great job addressing your concerns though.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches all around and a big hug to your mom. ♥

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. She will never board me out unless it is a full-out total emergency that she has to.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Mommy goes thru the dickens getting pet sitters. She finally got a friend of her middle son to stay with me the last time. That was OK. Those who come and stay long enough to throw food at me..blech!

  14. Oh my goodness what a time you had I would opt for a home sitter definitely go with Dr Basil's advice xx😽


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