Wednesday 14 February 2024

The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ~ **HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!** Parsley Says It's Time To Bulk, Fudge Stuck in a Nest, Smooch and Melvyn in the Catservatory, and Melvyn's Wearing This Weeks Top Pick Bandana **PLUS** FREE SMOOCH'S AT THE KISSING BOOTH

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Epic Wednesday Greetings Furiends

Welcome to the BBHQ midweek news round-up!

How's your week going? 

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We hope mew are all having a truly meowgical day!

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If mew read Chapter Fifteen of Claws of Terror yesterday, and mew're wondering what Vera, the bunker A.I. transcended into in the BBHQ garden, here she is!

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Utterly terrifying for sure, all we can say is, we're pleased she's on our side! MOL

Anyhoo, let's look at todays top stories.

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First up in the news 

Parsley Says It's Time To Bulk

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Mew remember on last weeks post, that The V E T said, "Cor, he's a bit heavy!"

Well, this seemingly inocuous comment has affected Parsley's metal health, and we found him the fitness room looking all kinds of hissed off! 

He said, and we quote, "That V E T ain't seen nothing yet, I'm bulking up even more!"

We asked Fudge to go and have a quick word, but he was rather busy doing this!

The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ©BionicBasil® Fudge in a Nest

He said, while he'd really like to go and give Parsley some moral support, unfortunately he was stuck in a nest on the sofa, and wouldn't be able to oblige in this instance, and that Smooch should go instead! MOL

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Next up in the news

 Smooch and Melvyn in the Catservatory

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Melvyn had to model earlier this week, and not on his usual day of Tuesday, so after he'd strutted his stuff, he went to have a moan at Smooch, about his entire weekly schedule being fluffed up, and what was he going to do on Tuesday morning now?

Smooch said, "Dude, mew can sleep in your glamping tent all day!"

"Great idea!" Melvyn replied. "I hadn't thought of that!"

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And finally this week

Melvyn's Modelling The Top Bandana Pick

Last week, mew voted for the red hearts with red fringing bandana, and here's BBHQ's very own supurr meowdel, doing what he does best!

The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ©BionicBasil® Melvyn Modelling Red hearts with red fringing Bandana

❤️ We think he looks really cute! ❤️

Check out his videos on your preferred social media channel:

Each one has different mewsic. 

Which one is your favourite this week? 

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Which one should he model next?

Here's the February selection.

The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up ©BionicBasil® February 2024 Bandana Collection - Valentine's Day

The February Valentine's Collection:

1. Multi-coloured hearts with lilac fringing

2. Red hearts with red fringing

3.  White hearts with glitter ribbon

4. Red heart with red tassels

Leave a comment with your top pick for next week!

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Melvyn's Valentine's Kissing Booth 2024 ©BionicBasil®

Purrlease form an orderly queue! MOL

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That's us done for today. Amber will be back on Friday with another fab book just for mew and if mew missed any other posts, here are the links:

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Cats Have Purroblems Too

So we'll see mew on Friday, and in the meantime

Epic purrs

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team 

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  1. Vets do say the darnest things sometimes, especially when it comes to weight. Happy Valentine's Day everyone and thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friends! We are gonna get in line for Melvyn's Kissing Booth right now. We hope we do not have to wait too long. :)

  3. Vera is scary! I am glad you confirmed she is on your side. Melvyn did well strutting his stuff in spite of distraction from Fudge. I vote for #4 with the tassels.
    Happy Valentine's day to all of you.

  4. Smooch, I'd luv a kiss fur-om you! And Parsley, I know how cruel the v-e-t can be with unkind comments in refurrence to our body shapes. You just show 'em! Happy Valentines to all. Precious

  5. happee heartz day oh lovez two each oh ewe N
    heerz hopin each N everee dayz filled with 💖💖💝💝
    N we think three for next weekz show 💙😺‼️

  6. we guezz R commint wented ta cyburr space 😾😼🤬

  7. Double Pawkisses for a Happy 💗 Day to all of you 🐾😽💞

  8. I chose #4 bandana for next week.

    I'll be at the kitting booth for the next hour or so.

    Have a fabulous Valentine's Day and rest of the week. Scritches all around and a big hug to mom. ♥

  9. Looking good Melvyn and I would love a smooch from Smooch. XO

  10. Kisses and scritches back to all of you, I wish you could all be my Valentine. Tassels are fun, and so is glitter, so I'm on the fence this week!

  11. Smoochie, will you give smoochies to us pups?? We give good kisses, too, LOL!!

    We enjoyed your PB'd video, Melvyn! And we also like #4 for the next time.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Happy valentine's day you're all so gorgeous xx 😽


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