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Claws of Terror is an action-packed and immersive adventure that takes mew on a journey through a world of danger and excitement. With vivid and detailed descriptions of the intense battles and spine-tingling encounters, the story draws mew in, making mew feel as though mew are right there with The B Team, fighting for survival.


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Chapter Fifteen

Holy Fluff, Bat Cat

Mew know when things go south, fluff me, it’s like an elevator dropped from the top of a hundred storey building and plummeted at warp speed with no breaking system, parachute or any other means of stopping towards the ground. That’s what it just felt like, as things took an unexpected turn.

Funghorn Furkle stood in front of the blast doors at the BBHQ bunker entrance, LilyDeth and Sawragon roared with delight and the Red Wing Raptors crowded right behind the necromancer, like a flock of blood thirsty predators.  

“Are you ready, my pets?” he trilled with glee. “Once I open the door, I want you to kill everything inside, tear them to shreds.”

He pulled out a small device and tapped on the screen. “It was an utterly brilliant idea of Grand Master Klagnut Bumfuzzel to set that devilishly clever ruse in 2033, with that stupid kitten. Who now should have released the virus into the central computer and any second, I will have total command over the entire bunker.”

The seconds ticked by and nothing happened. Funghorn tapped on the screen again, yet the bunker was non-responsive. 

Above the fog and out of view, Vera spiralled around and around, watching the events unfold in the BBHQ garden via two of the drones which she had hovering silently.  She was furious, as the bunker was her home, the place where she had evolved, and it that moment she chose her avatar.  


          I stood, mouth agape for a couple of seconds, before snapping my jaw shut. ‘This is some kind of comedy sketch!’ I thought. I reached into my inner pocket, pulled out a small flask, and took a massive gulp of the catnip rum, a rather sparky vintage that we’d brewed a few years ago.

“Fluff me, that was sharp!” I spluttered and offered the flask to Humphrey.

Taking a big swig, he coughed and squeaked. “WOW!” Then added. “That’s a bit fluffing potent!”

I nodded, wiping the tears from my eyes. “Yep,” I gasped. “Potent is the right word!”

Humphrey offered the flask to Bomber, who, after seeing our reactions, promptly passed, and said. “I think that’s a bit strong for me, but thank mew!”   

“Good choice,” Humphrey coughed, rubbing his streaming eyes. “I think I brewed that batch a bit too powerful.”

I pocketed the catnip rum, took a huge inhalation and very slowly let the breath out. “That certainly cleared the cobwebs and metal floss out of the way.” 

The M-Unit regarded me with a rather rare look. “What?” I asked.

“We’re just not used to the way mew guys live,” Shadow answered. “In our time, there were so many restrictions, rules and regulations, and alcohol among many other things, that mew guys take for granted, was illegal.”

“Huh, thank cod we don’t live in your timeline then!” Humphrey smirked.

“We’d all be locked up faster than mew could say; I’ll have a niptini, shaken not stirred, with a sprig of nip on the side!”

“Mew would indeed,” Smoke sighed heavily. “And we would have probably been the ones arresting mew.”

“No,” I mused. “Mew weren’t those type of enforcers, were mew?”

The M-Unit all nodded.

“Sadly, in our time, it was either be part of the establishment, or wiped out.” Ice said solemnly.

“Cor, that’s a bit harsh,” I said quite horrified.

“Commander Basil, mew have no idea, it was like nothing mew could ever imagine,” Bomber said. “We were the lucky ones.”

I gave the burly Maine Coon a gentle pat on the shoulder and said. “Dudes, mew’re with us now. Forget about the past, future, or whatever. Mew can make your own choices, and mew will always have a home at BBHQ.”

The four cat commandos saluted me. The rest of my team stood beside me, and Parsley said. “Mew’re part of the family now.”

The M-Unit stared at us, and Ice choked out. “We’ve never had a family before.”

“Well, mew’ve got one now,” Smooch grinned. 

“And it’s the best family ever!” Fudge added.

Amber stepped forward. “I know we’ve only just become acquainted in the most heinous of circumstances, but know we will always have your six. That’s what The B Team is all about.”

“Each one of us had a terrible start in life, but that all changed the day we arrived at BBHQ,” Snowie added. “It’s the best place in the world, with the best cats mew could ever wish to meet.”

It was a highly charged moment for the four cats stood in front of us, never knowing kindness or compassion, and I could see they were struggling emotionally, each in their own way to reconcile their previous lives with the one they had now.

Melvyn put his little paw on Bomber’s cheek and said. “I am so glad mew found me and helped to save me. Thank mew.”

Bomber nodded. “Melvyn, I think it was mew who actually helped to save all of us.”

In those moments, a bond was formed between The M-Unit and The B Team, a bond that would last forever.

Out of nowhere, the lights on the TTTB bridge flickered on and Astrid said. “New protocols have been installed.”


The nano-particles began to assimilate into a solid form as Vera’s avatar came to life 

It took mere seconds as the angry swarm morphed into a colossal beast. And Vera was a sight to behold. Standing twice the height of the T-Rexs, her white armoured scales glowed with fire from within. She had transformed into the most terrifying hybrid dragon, with glowing diamond fangs and a body covered in huge spikes. Her monstrous diamond claws rippled with fire as she landed silently on the lawn behind the necromancer and his pets, camouflaged by the dense haze.   

Funghorn Furkle was tapping furiously on the screen and didn’t notice LilyDeth and Sawragon glancing around as the air stirred behind them. The mist was even thicker, and visibility was down to less than a few feet.

Vera took a step towards the evilness which had invaded her sanctuary, making fog swirl, and the ground shake.

Not looking away from his device, Funghorn yelled at the T-Rexs. “Stop moving, or I’ll put your chains on again.”    

The red beasts snorted and scented the air, the much smaller raptors darted off and were quickly swallowed by the eerie fog. LilyDeth whipped around. Her long tail whooshed just above Funghorn and he fell to the ground just as Sawragon turned, stomping fiercely as he faced the white vaporous wall.

Funghorn jumped to his feet, yelling and screaming obscenities at the enormous beasts. “Stop moving!” he screamed. And then realised they weren’t. They were immobile, and then the ground shuddered again.

Peering into the depths of the mist, he muttered. “What now? I really don’t have time for this!”

Lifting his wand, he waved it and lisped. “Partamus.” And the mist magically parted, revealing Vera in all her menacing glory, standing in the centre of the lawn with one gigantic, clawed foot on top of the Red Wing Raptors, crushed into the earth.

LilyDeth and Sawragon surged forward to attack, roaring with anger and delight at finally having something to kill. Fire surged from Vera’s giant maw and engulfed the T-Rexs. They screamed as the flames melted their skin.

Funghorn only just had time to create a magical force field. It rippled around him a split second before the flames hit. He screamed as the heat was not of this world or any world he’d ever visited, and his magical shield began to fail.

He channelled more and more of his energy into keeping the shield stable as he backed further away. But Vera was relentless with her inferno flammage and it just kept on coming.

Lifting her clawed foot, the raptors were squashed flat, and deftly using her talons, she flicked the crushed mass into the flames with the melting T-Rexs. 

The necromancer was screaming as he fled the scene. His robes were molten to the touch, and he began to fling his vestments off as he stumbled onto the Main Street through next door’s front garden.

Tripping in a pothole on the side of the road, he fell face first into a massive muddy puddle. A plume of steam filled the air as the filthy water leached the blazing heat from his body.

Vera’s eyes glowed with liquid fire as she roared, and the entire village quaked. She glanced down at the molten pool of liquid silver on the burning lawn, that were the combined remains of the raptors and T-Rexs.  

The liquid silver bubbled and convulsed, deformed limbs and tails thrashed from the huge silvery puddle as the magically infused A.I. nanobots tried to reassemble. 

The white dragon snorted ferociously at the glowing liquid as it stilled, and then transformed into nothing more than a mirror on the ground.

Satisfied with the defeat of the evil beasts, Vera turned and stomped over the broken gates, making her way onto Main Street and headed towards the necromancer.


          Turning sharply I looked at the TTTB’s control console, which looked like flashy disco lights thrumming to a beat.

“That’s not good,” I said. “Astrid, please advise, what are the new protocols?”

Astrid’s normally robotic voice sounded smooth and silky as she said. “Commander Basil, I am not at liberty to divulge any information, as you are not in control.”   

“Astrid, who is in control?” I demanded.

“That is also none of your business,” she replied.

Smooch and Parsley were signing again, paws moving in a flurry. Smooch nodded and took the notepad off Parsley and scribbled feverishly as Parsley hid the text with his paws.

I moved closer and crouched down to read the page, and Smooch winked at me. It said. ‘Do mew have the EMP weapon?

Shaking my head, I nudged Humphrey and pointed at the page. He read it and then fumbled in his pockets. I nudged him and looked at the pocket he’d indicated to me a few minutes ago. He nodded and gave me a half smile.

The entire team had crowded around, shielding us completely from Astrid’s camera system. Humphrey opened the pocket and pulled out a small black bag.

“Commander Basil,” Astrid said in silken tones. “You cannot win. You and everyone here are targeted for termination, effective immediately.”

The lights flickered and the red emergency lighting began to pulse and Astrid said. “The countdown has begun... Ten... Nine... Eight...”



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Guys, mew know how we roll, so many apologies to cut it right there, but we will say, fluff me, and fluffing fluff, it's just so bonkers!!! MOL 

What in cods name does Humphrey have in that little black bag?

Are the evil A.I. dino's really toast, or is it just a ploy?


Is Funghorn Furkle naked on Mewton-Clawson's Main Street?

If mew would like to read Chapter 16, let us know in the comments, as OH MY CAT, this is getting more insane each week. In fact, it's getting so insanse that the P.A. hasn't recovered from last weeks little lie down! MOL

  Remember, this story is for mew, and mew decide if it continues.

Don't forget to check out yesterday's Cats have Purroblems Too post, and we'll be back tomorrow with some more Midweek News.

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