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$1500 Scholarship Still Up Fur Grabs ~ Southwell Turns Woolly & Humphrey's Got Crabs on The Pet Parade Blog Hop #214 with Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Barking from the Bayou

Friday greetings wunderpurr furriends

Welcome to another Friday on the Pet Parade and our weekly round-up.  As we've been Meowing Like Pirates all week, we thought today we'd share a collage from last year...

 ...and yes Humphrey did have crabs! MOL MOL #truestory But seriously we do make mighty fine pirates ARRRRRRRRRRR!

Quickly before we furget, mew may remember a few weeks ago that we shared a pawesome competition from Tuft+Paw to design a cat bed, well they've extended the the closing date to the 31st of October, so mew still have bags of time to enter fur a chance to win a $1500 scholarship.

Just click the link to be taken back to the original post with all the details, and share the competition as much as mew like.

Moving on... in Local News, just up the road from our sleepy little village is the beautiful and historic market town of Southwell - there's lots of debate on how to pronounce the name, with one camp saying; south-well and the other camp saying; suth-ull, either is actually fine but it's interesting when mew meet someone who pronounces it differently. It's like North and South, the saga! MOL 

But anyhoo we digressed there fur a moment, so the other day Dad was there and took these pics, apparently Southwell has gone all WOOLLY...

How cute is this?

And this too?

They're effurywhere! MOL 

The Alzheimer's Society and the Young Archaeologists' Club

 ...came up with a fabulous fund raiser where all the street bollards, benches and other street furniture have been given a woolly make-offur - they've been woolly-fied! MOL  

There was even a knitted elephant and a Mini car cover on parade the other day too, but sadly we missed it.  Click the links and go take a peek.

Good luck with the fund raiser and thanks to all the supurr talented knitters who made Southwell look tres magnifique, mew guys are pawesome!  

*    *    *

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*This is not an affiliate code - mew know we don't share those here!

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We'll be back with our usual selfie selection on Sunday and hope mew can join us then, in the meantime we wish mew all an epic weekend

Bestest purrs and big hugs

Basil & Co xox

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Pet Peeves with Parsley #5 ~ What's Your Boggle This Week? ~ Mine's Bigger Than Yours! MOL

Many greetings pawesome pals

Parsley here *waves paw* and welcome to 

Pet Peeves With Parsley

This week it was Amber's turn to get all peevish.  As mew know Fudge has the biggest, floofiest tail any of us have effur seen with Pandora's plume coming in at second place.

Anyhoo, when Fudge goes outside, which is not often as he's a complete liability in the real wurld, but when he does go outside we've noticed that his tail gets even floofier, like a third bigger again.

So the other day when he was outside, parading his ginormous floof tail fur all to see, he struts passed Amber and says, "Mine's bigger than yours!" MOL MOL

Amber had this to say...

So there mew have it, Amber's peeve of the week!

*    *    *

What's been your biggest pet peeve this week?

...feel free to leave your peeves in the comment form, all are welcome!

Peevish purrs and MOL-ing!


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

THE LAST BIG JOLLY ~ Part IX Of Our Latest Epically Epic Adventure!

Welcome to




In our latest mind-blowing, fur-raising, most epically epic adventure to date when we attempt to travel around the wurld in 42 and a bit days!

What could possibly go wrong?

Pawesome greetings supurr pals

Welcome to Part IX of our latest saga and we know this is the post mew've all been waiting fur since fureffur, so let's get started and put mew guys out of your cliff-hanging, claw-biting, fur-raising suspense! 

To catch up on the action, here's the links fur the previous episodes:


A quick recap from the last episode:

 ...then effurything else went quiet. 

Parsley hollered. "We got that sucker dudes HOOAH!!!!!"

The heathens whooped, cheered, high-pawed and generally went berserk again as bits of the alien fell to the ground in smoking squelching heaps of charred, cindered flesh.

I helped Humphrey up the side of the sand dune and we looked at the carnage. Alien guts were effurywhere, and to be honest I was quiet relieved not to have been splattered in them.

Amber, Snowie, Pandora, Posie and Bob were jumping fur joy atop the other dune and suddenly came running towards us.

Aftur a few minutes of congratulations at our victory, Fudge said gravely, "Dudes, I've seen those Aliens before, they're them face-hugging, lava laying, busting out of the chest heinous mother freakers!"

We all turned to stare at him wide-eyed and and I said. "Fudge what aren't mew telling us?"

He took a breath and replied. "I was only a kitten when one crash landed at the farm we lived at..." he began to tremble and dropped his gun to the floor. "I was the only survivor but I saw what that thing did..."

'That explains a lot,' I thought too myself, then said gently. "Tell us more if mew can dude."

He gulped. "The big ones like that lay eggs covered in slimey goo, and a nasty lava thing hatches and searches fur any living creature, which it then impregnates ... a while later a baby one of those bigger ones bursts out of the victims chest... and goes on a killing spree..."

None of us had the wurds to express our sorrow fur his horrific kitten-hood experience.  I patted him gently on the shoulder and then said. "Today my brofur mew got payback!"

He nodded and wiped a tear from his eye.

Parsley and Smooch were talking in sign language again; paws waving wildly and gesturing in all manner of obscene ways as they obviously didn't want to mar the moment of Fudges deeply disturbing revelation.

Snowie hugged Fudge as I sidled up to the two heathens and asked quietly. "What's the boggle dudes?"

Parsley looked at me. "If those alien freakers lay eggs, what's to say there aren't any on the TTTB?"

Smooch nodded sagely and added. "They could have hatched by now and be looking fur a host!"


Part IX

Holy Cow BatCat We've Got An Alien Infestation

**And Action!**

Posie floated towards us, a furry pensive look was etched across her face.

"What's up Posie?" I asked.

She glanced furtively around and then replied softly. "I heard what Fudge said about goo and stuff," she paused. "The stasis field was off-line just before when I was checking the holding cells, and at the time I didn't think anything of it but now I think those porkers weren't alone in their cell."

"Tell me that again?" I asked.

"The bounty hunter porker-dudes," she began. "The stasis field was off and they looked terrified as they stared at the ceiling.  Then in the next cell I saw the scrap heap that was RMD#1 covered in some icky goo... dudes I think we've got an infestation!"

"Oh hell no!" I growled.

 *    *    *

Meanwhile on the lower level of the TTTB... 

...hatching had begun.

*    *    *

"Guys!" I said urgently. "We have a situation, Posie says the stasis field was off-line in the porkers holding cell and there was some icky goo in the next cell, if we look at the facts then we can safely say that we have an alien infestation on the TTTB!"

"Holy Cow BatCat!" Humphrey said. "Is it safe to go back inside as we're gonna need more weapons?!"

I looked at the boxes on the top of the opposite sand dune. "What's in those?"

"Flame throwers, Bazookas, Mini-Gun, oh and an extra special Gatling," Humphrey answered. "And then the extra ammo of course, there's a few Uzi's, AK's, pistols... mew know the usual can't leave home without it!"

I nodded. "So what's so impawtant in the TTTB?"

Humphrey looked a little sheepish before he replied. "That would be my new experimental gun."

I waited fur him to continue. 

"It's still in the testing phase..." he said nervously.

I raised an eyebrow and gave him the look to expand on his explanation.

"It fires a triple beam," Humphrey began. "One inside the other."

"Oh a laser gun?" Smooch said grinning. "I love those!"

"Smooch, this one is a little different," Humphrey continued. "The outer light pulse freezes the target, the middle one renders the subject unconscious and the inner one deconstructs physical matter on a cellular level."

I let the wurds swim around my brains fur a couple of seconds before saying. "Mew mean it melts them?  While they're frozen? And unconscious?"

Humphrey nodded.

"Sounds totally pawesome, what a rad idea dude... where is it?" 

He pointed towards the TTTB and said. "I hid it in the cupboard next to the engineering console, but Basil I haven't really tested it on organic matter yet."

"Humphrey this is the purrfect oppurrtunity to see if it wurks!" I beamed, then added. "OK B Team, we're going to get Humphreys new weapon and do a sweep of the TTTB.  Posie is going to go invisi-cat and scout the lower levels again.  Fudge can mew tell us what the hatchlings look like dude?"

Fudge grimaced and gulped. "They had four long spidery legs, four tentacles and a oval shaped body, and it's blue.  If those tentacles get hold of mew, that's it mew're done fur... once it latches on it releases a toxic paralyzing nerve agent, then it'll find your face and smother mew while it lays it's eggs down your throat."

Parsley growled, "Dude mew stay with us ok, we'll fry those bass turd alien muther freakers!"

Fudge nodded and headed towards the other dune and the pile of weapons.

He picked up a flame thrower and several extra mag drums fur his AA12.  He also found a machete, and a rather lethal double-headed axe.

Smooch nudged Parsley and began to sign, paws waving all offur the shop. Parsley answered almost as frenetically and finally I said. "Can't mew two just speak like normal cats?"

They shook their heads and answered. "Nope!"

"OK so what's so impawtant that mew can't say it aloud?" I pressed.

Parsley drew closer and whispered. "Just look at him Basil." He pointed towards Fudge. "He ain't no pussy but dude he knows what's in there is bad, real bad."

"Your point being?" 

"He knows it's a one way ticket, that why he's arming himself to the teeth dude!"

I turned to watch Fudge add several grenades to his tactical belt.

"Dude, he's gonna blow up the TTTB fur sure!" Parsley whispered. "He ain't gonna let any of them face-hugger things out alive, because he knows it'll be the beginning of the end if he does."

I nodded thoughtfully. 

A few minutes later aftur we'd picked the boxes clean of weapons and ammo I said.  "B Team let's move out, Snowie comms channel 5 on my mark," I counted down. "Go!"

Pandora and Amber were still arming up as we headed towards the TTTB door.  Snowie was using her ipaw [purrsonal pawtible puter.] "Yep comms on 5 Basil!" she answered, and began to check her weapons."

*    *    *

Meanwhile on the lower levels....

*    *    *

We entered the bridge in total stealth, the regular lighting was still on which was nice fur a change.  I gestured to Humphrey to get the experimental weapon and while he was arming it we did a sweep of the bridge.

"Clear!" I said quietly into my comms unit.

"Clear!" came the unanimous reply.

We headed towards the Katzen Karaoke Bar and the stairwell down to the lower levels.  I pulled the door open extra quietly and listened intently.  Signalling 'go' the B Team headed down.

*    *    *

Posie in her invisi-cat form was already scouting the lower levels, and she was just heading towards the holding cells when the most heinous muffled squealing and shrieking sounded.  Posie sped towards the bars and saw one of the face-hugging-octo-spider aliens scuttling towards the bound space-hogs.

She zoomed to the nearest computer console and used her voice activation to opurrate the comms channel. "This is Posie," she whispered. "I have eyes on one of the hatched aliens, it's just about to impregnate one of the space-hogs!"

*    *    *

I signalled fur a full speed ahead and we charged like the heathen horde we are, in total stealth of course.  I was priming my flame thrower as was Fudge.  Parsley and Smooch were all about the Gatling and Mini-Gun, and they also had bazookas.  Pandora and Amber had AK's and Uzi's while Snowie was packing a couple of  AA12's and enough drum mags to start a mini-revolution.  Humphrey had his ELG [aka Experimental Laser Gun] on full capacity as well as his usual AK and Glocks.

We accessed the lower corridor to see Posie hovering outside RMD#1's cell with a really odd look on her face. The kind of look where mew want to look, but mew also want to look away, but mew end up looking and are freaked the bejeezus out by what mew're looking at.

She suddenly turned and signalled fur us to stop.  We did and thank cod we did because in the next moment those face-hugging-octo-spider aliens began to pour out of the the bars and into the corridor.

They moved with an odd jerky, scuttley and slippery squelching vibe, and believe me when I tell mew it was most disconcerting.  And they were fast.

Humphrey moved front and centre and pointed his gun at the rapidly approaching face-leaching-egg-laying-hideousness's.

"Say the wurd Basil!" he growled.

I was just about to yell, 'FIRE,' when Bob popped up down the far end of the corridor and shouted.  "Don't shoot Basil!"

 Some the the face-hugging freaks turned sharply and headed his way, and right then in that moment, I had no clue what to do.  If we opened fire Bob we be toast, if we didn't fire Bob would be toast, if we just sat there we'd all just be toast and alien fodder.



It's that time of the post, when we bet mew've more questions than mew can shake your tail at!

Such as:

OMC How could mew leave us hanging like that and we've got a whole week to wait?!

OH MY COD!!!!! OH MY COD!!!!! OH MY COD!!!!!

Like seriously ~ What the flip is going on?

Seriously dudes, mew defo have alien eggs on-board?

And creepy alien lava hatching with tentacles and goo and stuff... eeeeeewwwwwwww! 

And where did Bob go?

And why's he just popped up on the lower level? 

How come Posie didn't see him?

What are mew going to do?

Jeez, this is real bad!

In fact this is even wurse than last week!

BTW weren't mew supposed to be in Walvis Bay by now?

If mew have any questions, or would like to offur input, leave us a comment, as mew know we luffs them so much! MOL

Join us fur Part Ten of our Summer Blockbuster next Tuesday, when we continue on our epically epic adventure.... who knows what will happen.... as now we have to save Bob from being molested by an alien in the most unpleasant way imaginable! 

Until then

Bestest purrs

Basil & The 'B' Team

*    *   *

TTTB Interior images By MaxFX used under license from Shutterstock 
Bunker Background Images used under license from
Monster Images by Albert Ziganshin used under license from
All Destination Backgrounds used under paid Pizap Licence + Egg Image

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