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Simply Smooch on The Sunday Selfies

Supurr Sunday salutations pawesome pals and welcome to another selfie selection and today...

...our theme is:

 Simply Smooch

Simply Smooch on The Sunday Selfies

We do hope mew're all having a great weekend, and we'll hopefully be back on Tuesday with the next chapters in our latest blockbuster adventure  and if mew didn't manage to visit yesterday we've got a fab give-away happening.

Wishing mew a supurr chilled day with lots of snoozy snuggles

Bestest Sunday Purrs

The B Team 

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Saturday, 22 September 2018

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? on In The Spotlight ~ Product Review featuring Catit Senses 2.0 + Flower Fountain Give-Away

Welcome to

Wunderpurr greetings fabulous furriends

Today we're sharing one of our *sponsored posts* with mew from the fabulous peeps at...

...who contacted us a few weeks ago and asked if we'd like to try a selection of their products, well we're already huge fans of the Catit Senses 2.0 Range and have several items already, so we were absolutely thrilled to be able to try some more supurr cool and really funky products.

Let's show mew what was in the box.

Yes Fudge got in the box again! 

But Parsley had this say...

Mew know where this is going don't mew?
This is exactly what was in the box

Senses 2.0 Play Circuit  with Senses 2.0 Oval Scratcher

What Happened Next:

Fudge really is getting out of paw, just watch the video and mew'll see why! MOL

See we told mew he was getting out of paw, but the good news is that we all got to play, so Fudge made good on his purromise! MOL

Our closing thoughts:

We were literally blown away at the amount of goodies we got to try, and as with all our previous Catit purrchases we were thrilled to the tips of our fluffy tails!

The P.A. recommends that mew spend time daily with your kitties playing with effurything and showing kitties who aren't as forward as Fudge - as he takes to effurything like a duck to water - how to engage with the toys and make it fun, the more mew play together the more likely your kitty will go to the toys to amews themselves when mew're not home too.

What we really like about Catit Senses 2.0 Range:

The products are designed fur feline enrichment and are so well thought out. The attention to design is lovely, and the fact that they keep the same colour theme throughout purrleases the P.A. immensely as it all looks so smart and organised when set up.

Plus mew can add-on multiple items to create the most extraordinary circuits/cativity play centres and when mew get bored mew can take them all apart and build a completely new design, and the only limitation on your circuit design is how many pieces of the Senses 2.0 range mew have and your imagination.

The puzzle feeder is really fun and the second the P.A. tipped some Dreamies in the top Fudge went straight to it and knew exactly how to get his favourite treat.

The flower water fountain is so cute and does encourage us kitties to drink more, it's furry easy to clean, it's not noisy at all in case mew were wundering.  And we've been using one here at BB HQ fur the last couple of years, and it's as good today as when furst unboxed, it is an excellent product.

The Wellness Centre is designed to assist with dental hygiene and self grooming, providing: head, neck, face and body massage for most sized kitties - Pandora loves this.

The circuit track and oval scratcher are so much fun, Fudge loves these kind of games, so that's him fulfilled! MOL  

The cat grass dish is fab, we've got our furst batch growing right now and fur those that missed our Gardening with Cats post on How to Grow Cat Grass, this is a brilliant alternative as mew get effurything mew need to get growing instantly and mew don't even have to go buy any compost - yep it's that simple.

All of these items are supurr easy to clean and are made from BPA free materials. They are furry well made so your initial investment should bring years of fun playtime fur your kitties. And mew can easily replace the oval cardboard scratchers as and when they are ready.

Catit really do excel with their products and there's not a single thing in their entire range that we don't want to get our mittens on! MOL  [Fudge has already 'borrowed' Parsley's credit card and bought this  but fur cod sakes don't tell Parsley! OOPS - MOL]


As we already have one of the gorgeous Catit Flower Water Fountains, we thought that it would be nice to share the joy of Catit products and let one of our pawesome readers win the one Catit sent us in box above. [It is brand new and unopened.] 

So if mew'd like to get your mittens on this:

Leave a comment below fur your chance to win, comments will close at 5pm next Friday and we'll announce the winner on the Sunday Selfies post.

**This Give-Away is only open to UK Residents only** 

[prize as is seen and no alternatives will be offered]

Sadly it's time fur us to pop off, but before we do we would like to say a special thanks to the fabulous peeps at Catit fur giving us the oppurtunity to try out some their epically epic products ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH, mew guys are fabulous!

Visit Catit online:

Many thanks fur joining us today and don't furget to stop by on Sunday when it's time for some supurr selfies

Wishing mew all a supurr happy day

The B Team 

*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

WOW It's The Pet Parade and It's Meow or Woof Like A Pirate Day ARRRRRRRRR!!!

Welcome WOW It's The Pet Parade

And today we're travelling back in time as we join in 

Meow Like A Pirate Day ARRRRRRRRR!!!

Ahoy there me hearties, welcome to ye on this mostly auspicious day, and in honour of this rare event we be thinking it be fitting to share with thee a truly extraordinary adventure that befell on us on this day exactly two, nay three years ago... are ye ready to relive the pirate adventure of a lifetime?

Hold onto ye hats matey's as this is one adventure mew'll neffur furget as long as ye live arrrrrrrrr!

Featuring our bonkers time travelling pirate adventure

The Extraordinary Voyages of  Cap'n Basil Blackheart and his Motley Crew 


The Crimson Revenge

Aharrrrrrr me hearties and wunderpurr greetings 

Here we be again on another truly unbelievable adventure, this time on the high seas.

I know it must seem quite impossible some of bizarre things which happen to us, [on a furry frequent basis] but paw on heart and let lightning strike me down if I effur tell an untruth... this is a; 'as it happens' or a 'squirrels eye-view' or a 'fly in the soup' whoops sorry, I meant to say 'fly on the wall documentary'  kinda vibe.

Join us as we share the facts of what happened on that fateful Sunday night, as we sailed back home from Speedy's Pawesome Pirate Party

So hold ye fast matey's, as we be in fur a wild ride tonight



Part I ~ The Whirlpool

"And Action!"

It was a chilly September evening, the breeze was biting and the sun was supurr low, just peaking above the horizon saying a fond farewell to another glorious day.  We'd just set sail on our ship, The Crimson Revenge with a course plotted back home after a rather wild and wunderpurr weekend at Speedy's place fur his Annual Pirate Party.  Let's just what happened at Speedy's stays at Speedy's! MOL

"Parsley, wake up the glow-flies in the lanterns!" I called.

"Aye Cap'n," Parsley replied as darkness descended on us like an inky black shroud.

"Smooch, anything on the horizon?" I yelled towards the crows nest.

Smooch popped up, his night vision telescope scanning the blackness ahead. "No Cap'n, all clear!" he called back.

I leaned against the ships wheel and took a deep breath of the invigorating salty air, there's nothing like it fur freshness [well, snowy, icy air up a mountain comes close after being chased by a hoard of Zombie Yeti's, but that's another story fur another time].   Anyhoo as I stood there, each one of the glow lanterns burst into life after Parsley had given them a rather severe shaking.

"Good job young Parsley!" I said as the deck was washed with a pale bluish hue. "Humphrey?  Humphrey?"

Snowie nudged me. "He's strapped in a hammock below deck sleeping off the nip rum and all the party food, Pilchard is with him," she said with a shake of her head. "He'll be out fur hours, but the funny thing is he looks like a kitty chrysalis, I wunder if he'll be nicer when he emerges from his cocoon!" 

We burst out laughing. "I doubt it furry much," I replied. "He'll be as grumpy as effur!"

Amber lifted her eye-patch and glared at me. "How come I can't go and get in a hammock?"

I paused briefly, looking at the state of her. "Because mew, One Eye Amber were so off your chops mew couldn't even crawl up the gang plank and then mew fell into the water," I answered curtly. "I think mew are quite sober after that little impromptu icy dip, and just look at the state of your fur. I think mew should go take a bath pronto, savvy..."

Amber harrumphed rather loudly and stomped off, disappearing behind the main mast fur a quick clean up.

Posie began to sing softly, her voice was melodic and soothing as it wafted gently on the breeze while we sailed on in the dark.

We had been sailing fur approximately forty one minutes and fifteen seconds when the sea started to become rather choppy.  White foamy spray splashed offur the deck and the ship began to lurch rather alarmingly.

"Smooch, what the flip is happening?" I yelled above the increasing noise of the rising waves.

A few seconds passed, and I gripped the ships wheel tighter as a strong current took hold. 

As I was fighting with the wheel Smooch answered.

"Sorry Cap'n I had to attach my safety straps furst," he shouted loudly from the crows nest. "The good news is, they're holding me in place..."

"What's the bad news then?" I yelled back as forked lightning streaked across the sky in ways I'd neffur seen before.

He paused again. "The bad news is really bad news," he shouted.

Snowie was helping me hold the ships wheel as we were battered with the icy sea spray while the lightning flashed and thunder boomed all around us.

"Kindly relieve us from this suspense, tell us what the bad news is!" I almost shrieked to make myself heard above the din.

"We're being dragged into a whirlpool with a massive water-funnel and there's nothing we can do about it!" Smooch had to scream above the effur increasing noise.

I paused fur a second while I let this humongous bad news sink in, then I shouted as loudly as I could.

"Effurypurrdy strap yourselves to anything that's not going to move, NOW!"

I threw a length of rope at Snowie and then, using another length of rope I lashed myself to the ballustrading, then I gripped the ships wheel with all my might, if this whirlpool was taking us down then I was going down as a propurr captain; at the helm.


I jammed my hat on extra tight, and wiped the the salty sea spray from my eyes as we continued on a course I had no control over and in storm conditions I neffur knew were possible.

The ship pitched and rolled, the wood creaking and groaning with the immense pressure as we were sucked faster and faster into the spiralling vortex. Relentless waves crashed across the deck while lightning erupted from the central vortex in jagged, fractured forks.  I just prayed to any god that may have been listening that my crew were fastened tightly to something as the angle we were now on; sideways on and looking straight down into the gaping maw of the deadly unknown, because if they weren't securely tied to something they were surely going to be lost fureffer. 

The pitching and rolling became increasingly violent as we descended the through the cyclic centrifuge in tighter and tighter circles as the huge funnel of water loomed up above us like a giant coiling snake hell bent on smashing us and The Crimson Revenge to smithereens. 

The only thing going through my mind was that this was some really, really, monumentally freaky natural phenomenom and the chances that we were going to survive it, well let me just say I wasn't holding my breath!

I was abruptly brought back from my momentary mind-scape by my crews terrified high-pitched screams as we reached what could only be described as the mouth of hell, and then there was nothing but blackness.

"And Cut!"


Guy's, we're sorry to leave mew in all in acute, harrowing suspense, but mew know that's how we roll! MOL

Also, I bet mew've got endless questions, such as:

How come The Crimson Revenge didn't get turned into toothpicks?

What about Kitty Chrysalis Humphrey below decks?

Where are all the crew?

And did they all get time to strap themselves to something secure?

What about Smooch in the crows-nest, surely that mast couldn't still be intact?

That whirlpool/water-funnel/storm is truly frightening, devastating, destructive, etc... can mew really survive it?


If mew have any questions feel free as to ask!

*    *    *

Hearty purrs and salty sea-spray head rubs

Cap'n Basil & the Crew of The Crimson Revenge XOX

[Our Pirate Adventure is being novelised right now, we'll let mew know when it's ready]

Now let's HOP on... ARRRRRRRR!!!


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It's Wordy on Wednesday At Amber's Library with Review #72 featuring The Adventures of Phatty and Payaso: Central Park & The Winner of Parsley's 6th Birthday Give-Away

Welcome To

With me, Amber ~ The Self-Appointed Biblio-Kitty

Supurr salutations fellow feline book lovers

*wavy paws*

**Big Sigh** supurr furriends it's been really traumatic the last couple of weeks here in Mewton-Clawson and to be honest without Basil, we're completely lost, and it's been really hard to get any sort of motivation happening...

We'll be doing a speshal post sharing all the beautiful and heartfelt tributes for Basil in the near future, and we'd like to say many thanks to all of mew who shared such beautiful tributes in the Blog'o'sphere, Twitter, Facebook and Instacat, your kindness and support has really meant so much to us during these past dark days.

Thank mew

Oh before I furget again, I've got announce the winner of Parsley's 6th Birthday Give-Away - many apologies fur the lateness of the draw.

So anyhoo we randomly picked a winner, drum-roll purrlease...



Linda Szymoniak

WOO HOO many congratulations guys, purrlease email us your snail mail address at your earliest convenience:

deardrbasil @ gmail . com

and we'll get your epically epic goodie bag to mew in a jiffy!

And as some mew will know it was Pandora's 3rd birthday yesterday but she and I are going to have a joint pawty on my 16th BD which is on the 24th of October as we don't feel like having a pawty right now and there'll be a couple of goodie bags to give away then, so if mew missed out this time, mew'll have 2 more chances to get your mittens on one soon enough.

Furry many thanks to Pipo fur sending Pandora this beautiful card the other day, she was thrilled to bits, dude mew're epic and Pandora sends **KISSES** **MUWAH**

And now I think it's time to share this weeks book.

 The Adventures of Phatty and Payaso: 
Central Park


**Furstly I have to let mew all know that I was given a free copy of this book in exchange fur a fair review**

Here's the book blurb:

Phatty the cat loves nothing more than spending his days balanced atop his favorite chair gazing out his windows at Central Park below. Everything is simply fan-tabby-lous until one day when the meanest hawk in the park lands on his terrace and makes a terrifying announcement that he is coming for Phatty and his furry little friends.

*   *   *

Phatty is a scardy cat, he has more issues than mew can shake your tail at, but his one true furriend and BFF Payaso helps Phatty feel better about himself.  Payaso who lives out of town and visits fur only a few months of the year, encourages Phatty to be more, to grow and helps him to find his inner strength and resolve.

On the day of Payaso's arrival, a vishus hawk threatens Phatty's wurld and his furriends, so he furry bravely takes it upon himself to break free of his self-imposed limitations and go out into the real wurld to save the day.  The journey he takes brings encounters with many anipals, some who feel dejected and rejected, some who are bullied and some who are just plain lonely and Phatty learns that he is not alone in how he feels and this empowers him further as these new furriends give him the confidence to continue on his impawtant quest.

Guys if I tell mew anymore I'll be giving the plot away and I don't want to spoil this fabulous adventure fur mew, though I will say this; it's a really lovely story and as it unfolds, conveys many subtle lessons to younger readers including kindness and how we should be nice one another regardless of how we look or who we are.  

A great book fur all ages and if mew want to read an uplifting book with a touch of sadness, a dash of humour, quite a bit of excitement and splash of danger then this is definitely fur mew!

*   *   *
  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: iUniverse (24 Aug. 2018)
  • Children's Book

The Amber Biblio Rating System Fur Offurall Enjoyment:

Ratings of:

Phatty & Payaso

Offurall Enjoyment

I do hope mew enjoy this book if mew decide to give it a try... 

...and if mew've read it already, I do hope mew enjoyed it.

*    *    *
Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and I'll be back next week with another specially paw-picked book just fur mew. And don't furget that all my previous reviews can be found on my Book Review page, plus if mew'd like an exclusive Library card fur speshal access to my library, just email me at:

thebteam @ bionicbasil . com

with your name and a photo and I'll send mew one by return.

Also don't furget to head straight to the next post as it's MEOW LIKE A PIRATE DAY and The Pet Parade is getting the pawty started, so hop along with us and say ARRRRRRR!

Happy reading or listening

Bestest biblio purrs and kitty kisses

Amber xox

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