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CATS HAVE PROBLEMS TOO! with Dr Basil ~ Featuring Today's Despurrate Dilemma **HELP! I HATE BATHS!**

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Happy Monday, furry floofers

Welcome to another episode of Cats Have Purroblems Too, where I give epically epic advice to cats with despurrate dilemmas too great for them to solve alone. 

 Take a seat, and read today's despurrate dilemma and my solution.

Also, mew may be pondering on what my professional credentials are, so purrlease purruse the list below:

Ph.D. in Kitty Psychology & Psychiatry
BSc (Hons) Headology  
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NOM Master
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I can help mew to solve all your Pet Peeves, Purrsonal Problems and Despurrate Dilemmas, no matter how great or small they may be.

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YogiCat Meditation ~ Stretches and Breathing Techniques for the Severely Stressed & Overworked

Intense CatNip Therapy ~ This treatment speaks for itself (I find it very beneficial)

I am also an AdvoCat of Tough Love coupled with a healthy dose of common kitty sense

Purrfume Aroma Treatment ~ A Sensory Smelling Session S.S.S. to calm and soothe with highly aromatic blends of specially selected scents

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Mew can contact me directly at the following address:

DearDrBasil (at) gmail (dot) com

So come and sit on my supurr comfy couch, reee-lax, breathe deeply and tell me of your troubles, as I'm ready, willing and able to help.

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This is one of my cases via email:  


Dear Dr Basil, I hope mew can help me with my desperate issue. My human is insisting on giving me a bath, but I absolutely hate water. I've tried everything to avoid it, but my human won't take no for an answer. I desperately need your help!

To give mew some background, my human is very kind to me. They feed me regularly, play with me, and give me lots of love and attention. However, they seem to think that giving me a bath is a good idea. I'm a cat, Dr Basil! We don't need baths. My fur is naturally self-cleaning, and I take care of my grooming needs myself. I think my human is just trying to torture me. Can mew help me with some advice on how to deal with my human's insistence on bathing me? Sincerely, Betsy

This is my Expert Reply
Today, I use the colour blue, which is renowned for being the colour of calm and hopefully will be the perfect choice for this particular purroblem.

Dear Betsy, Thank mew for sharing more details about your situation. I understand that being bathed can be a scary and stressful experience for cats, but if it is truly necessary to bathe mew due to a medical condition or something else, here are ways to make it more comfortable for mew. Firstly, it's important to understand that baths are not always necessary for cats. Most cats are perfectly capable of keeping themselves clean without human intervention, as mew so rightly said. However, there may be times when a bath is required, such as if your fur gets covered in a harmful substance or if mew have a skin condition that requires treatment. If your human insists on giving mew a bath, here are some tips to make it less traumatic for mew: - Start by getting your human to trim your claws. This will prevent mew from accidentally scratching them while trying to escape the bath.

- Make sure the water temperature is warm, but not too hot. Cats have sensitive skin, and hot water can be painful and uncomfortable.

- Use a cat-friendly shampoo, as human shampoo can be too harsh for your skin and cause irritation. Mew can get these shampoos from your local pet store or online.

- Get your human to use a cup or a non-scary spray bottle to wet your fur. Avoid pouring water directly on your face, as this can be alarming and uncomfortable for cats.

- Instruct your human to work the shampoo into a lather and massage it into your fur gently. This will help to get rid of any nasties, tangles or mats in your fur

- Then get your human to carefully rinse the shampoo out of your fur thoroughly. Make sure all the suds are gone, as leftover shampoo can be irritating to your skin.

- Finally get your human to gently towel dry as much water off as possible. Use a warm towel to keep mew cozy and dry. I would avoid the hair dryer as this can be quite distressing especially if mew've never experienced it before.

- Finally, reward yourself with a treat! Mew deserve it after enduring a bath. It's important to remember that your human only has your best interests at heart, even if they don't understand how stressful baths can be for cats. Mew can try to communicate your discomfort to them through body language or vocalization, but if they still insist on giving mew a bath, these tips should help to make it a more bearable experience for mew. I hope this helps, Betsy. Remember to take care of yourself and stay clean in your own way.

Yours most sincerely
Dr. Basil
@ The Cats Have Purroblems Too Clinic T.M.

Today's Moral Code is:

~ Don't bathe your cat, if mew don't need to bathe your cat ~
If mew can relate to this purroblem or feel that mew are in need of any assistance, purrlease leave a comment to: Dear Dr Basil.... or email me directly and I'll get back to mew.

Thank mew all for joining me today at The Cats Have Purroblems Too Clinic, and I'll be back next Monday with another open clinic and a new case study.

Until then, Keep Calm and Purr

Dr. Basil

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  1. You give such excellent advice. I am sure you have saved many a relationship

  2. That is good advice. Eric was the opposite and loved water. If either of us was in the bath he liked to jump in and lie on us. We needed to grab a towel before he started making biscuits on unprotected skin!

  3. This is all very good advice. Our #1 does not give us baths except in emergencies. There was this one time when snow-white Momo had a terrible accident. We'll spare you the details but he REALLY needed a bath and he knew it!

    The Chans

  4. No need to bathe cats, unless they've got no fur.
    However, a spa day can be very enjoyable; warmth, massages, fur being brushed and combed.

  5. We've never given our kitties a bath. Medically I would see the need, but other than that no.

    Have a purrfect day and week. Scritches to all the kitties and my very best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  6. Very sensible advice, Dr. Basil!

  7. That really was good advice, especially the treats part! Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. Great advice Basil still I'm glad mom doesn't bath me I like to go out in the pouring rain 🌧️ come back in soaked mom calls it me having a shower.😽😸xx

  9. Our cats neither need nor get baths, although I understand it's needed at times. Your advice is quite sound, I hope the parents doing the bathing take it to heart.


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