Wednesday 23 March 2016

Wordless on Wednesday with Miss Snowie

Wordless on Wednesday
with supurr snoozy 


I don't know if it's the same in your home, but effurypurrdy here swaps beds like effury 5 minutes. 

 In fact it's just like mewsical beds!!! MOL

The P.A. says this would be the mewsic if we had any...

Benny Hill Show Theme Tune

[Fur those of mew who have neffur heard of  Benny Hill;  it was a furry funny comedy in the UK which ran from the mid 1950's to the late 1980's]

There are a couple of  'prime-real-estate' spots which I try to command at all times, but sometimes with so many of us I do miss out on 'LE SPOT!' 

So who's the main bed hopper in your house?


Basil xox

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