Wednesday 16 March 2016

Wordless on Wednesday with Amber

with catmint leaf harasser

As the days have been a little brighter, a little longer yet still moderately frigid, mew know we've been spending more time outside offur-seeing the great garden clean-up after the winter.

There's always a multitude of jobs to be done in the green-zone and this week we got the P.A. to cut all the dead foliage back on the catmint plants that reside in the mill-wheels.   Amber who is like a face-hugging cling-on as far as the P.A. is concerned, was furst to investigate the freshly trimmed plants and was thoroughly delighted to happen upon some fresh, young and rather tantalizing shoots... need I say more! MOL

Apart from thank goodness Spring is winging this way... 

In other news... our Spring bulbs are slowly emerging, but we wunder as to their reluctance to fully bloom yet... does this bode fur bad weather in the near future? 

What's your opinion....  

Also we thought Amber was looking a little chubby - see bottom right picture - she says it's all fluff and how she was sitting, we're not so sure, what do mew think?  

Is she a little chub-bub porker or is it just fluff and bad posture? [MOL MOL MOL]


Basil xox

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  1. It looks like spring has really come to your house, Basil! I'm staying out of the chubbiness debate. ;-)

    1. Summer, I can't believe you don't want to get into the chubbiness debate!!! ROFLMAO

      Mew're just too diplomatic, mew should run fur President! :D XOX

  2. Enjoy dat catmint Amber! And I know enuf never to say nuffin bout a girl cat's weight.

    1. Hey Lone Star Cats, Summer has already set the standard of diplomacy on that subject, so we know mew can't engage either!!! MOL XOX

  3. Amber is a cutie. I think you are the perfect weight.

  4. Hooray for spring, Amber. Especially the catmint part! :)

    The bulbs seem to be popping out here, too. Hopefully we're done with winter.

    1. Hey guys, we so hope that winter is going asap, as the chill factor has really upped itself the last couple of days! :( XOX

  5. Replies
    1. Amber says, 'Thank mew so much, I really feel better now!' XOX


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