Thursday 24 March 2016

Thoughtless on Thursday With Smoochie

Many greetings wunderpurr furriends

Welcome to another completely Thoughtless Thursday with Senor Le Smooch who just happens to be sharing his uber white, fluffy cuteness with thoughtless abandon today.

Mew know I say that I sometimes wunder about his mental stability, [which is highly debatable even on a good day] but aside from that small issue of him not being a full picnic, he's the total bestest effur, and to say he only has three legs he can sure keep up with the rest of us.  Even putting us to shame at times, we all love our little bebe Smoochums.

And before I furget, the P.A. asked me to post a little update on the Smoochinating purroblem from a few weeks ago.

The laptop did resurrect enough fur the P.A. to back effurything up and then it RIP'd permanently. 

So effurything that took his fancy has been removed from the house and is still stashed.

The extra feeding stations were placed on pee points - there has been no more incidents at these locations.

The Feliway plug-in's are still in action - the P.A. says it's a shame they don't wurk on hoomans! MOL

The P.A. installed a WiFi camera to watch us, and she caught footage of the little heathen [I use this term in an endearing way FYI] piddling on the floor in front of the kitchen sink.

He's moved away from peeing on softness to peeing on the hard floor, but it was marking up tail in the air, not having a pee because he needed one.  So now there's a litter tray next to the sink on the floor obviously, and since its arrival no more pee on the floor.  

So we'll see how that goes and update mew in a few weeks, by which time the extra tray will hopefully not be needed in that purrticular local any more.

Wishing mew all a day of delights

Bestest purrs

Basil xox

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  1. Glad you are figuring out some of those pee-pee issues...and making them stop.

    Its hard work:)

  2. I hope these issues have finally found an answer!

  3. Felliway for humans... Hmmm... GOTTA INVENT THAT, FOR SURE!


  4. smooch....dood.....glad ta heer ...stuffs.....improvin at yur place !!! YAY !!

    & basil...due ewe noe how many GALLONZ oh feli a way a purrson wood knead .....for like even 19 minitz !!!

    heerz two a ham samich, dino eggz, happee easturr, kinda week oh end everee one !! ►◄►◄►◄►◄

  5. We have some of the same problems at our house that you mention, and it is a adventure everyday to see if a cat who shall not be named sprays something or another cat that shall go unnamed as well pees outside the box. We'll look forward to finding out if y'all come up with a permanent solution that we can copy. Stop by our place and find out about what you've been denied and to what you are entitled in the Universal Bill of Rights for All Cats. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona,Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. There sure is a lot of smooching going on all around. he he - I was always known as the "smoocher" on twitter. Looks like I have competition with the ladycats. Hope your problems with the peeing are resolved. Humans sometimes get a little upset over things like that. I really don't understand it myself, but they do.

  7. I am glad the peeing problems are improving. That is a lovely white belly, Smoochie.

  8. Smoochie, good thing you are cute because you are naughty.

  9. Smoochie has a cute tummy. We hope his pee issues are over.


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