Wednesday 30 March 2016

Wordless on Wednesday with Humphrey

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Greetings and many salutations wunderpurr furriends

We hope mew all had a supurr weekend

So sorry we didn't get to post yesterday fur the Pirate Q&A, we got a little distracted in the garden instead, but not to worry, we'll catch up with part 5 fur next week.

As mew can see we've been busy offur the weekend, Humphrey was the Garden Overlord, whoops sorry Overseer, and as he's the eldest and grumpiest cat in Sweepy Ville at the moment he took prime position in the sunshine on the millwheel.  

He was most disgruntled to find out that the catmint is only just sprutting and is in no way ready fur a mass sniffing, chomping, rolling, biting, ripping and pulling session.  Mew can imagine his horror when he realised this - all I can say to that is MOL MOL MOL oh and MOL MOL MOL!!!!

We and what I mean by we is, the P.A. got the two raised beds planted with Gladi's, Dahlia's, Anemones, Gypsophila, Alium, and others that I just can't remember right now... well let's just say she planted blue ones, purple ones, yellow ones, white ones, red ones, pink ones, orange ones, etc, in fact I think it's easier to say the raised beds will be like a flowery rainbow if all goes to plan.

We all took turns to help of course.   Smooch rolled on the soil as she was trying to dig the holes, filling them in as fast as they were dug, Parsley tried to reposition the bulbs, so he says to a more upright and beneficial position - in reality it was more like fish them out and flick them somewhere else.  I sat and meowed fur food the entire time.  Amber played the chase the bulb packet around the courtyard and Snowie, well let's just say Snowie was assisting with the ankle weaving/tripping up thing and doing a most marvellous job of it.

Then it began to rain halfway through, so we all dutifully abandoned the P.A. and went indoors and watched from the french doors in the kitchen as it bucketed down and she got soaked. [MOL MOL don't tell her we laughed! MOL] 

All in all we did a fab job and are most proud of our uber, mega gardening skillz, the P.A. would be completely and utterly lost without our help and neffer get anything down unless we were supurrvising. 

This got me to wundering if all hoomans were the same, and needed constant surrpivision fur effury task they do....??? so we'll finish with a quick question...

Do mew supurrvise your hoomans with their daily activites? 

See mew on the morrow when we'll be here with much thoughtless abandon


Basil xox

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  1. Great job snoopervising, gang! It's true ... humans need LOTS of watching. Frankly, we're not sure how they ever get things done when we're not around!

  2. guyz...just think...once de PA haz all de plantz a planted....what kinda awesum lee grate time itz gonna be diggin in de soil N rollin on de flowerz ♥♥♥ we hope her takes a few "bee for" fotoz & shares em heer; sew we can see all de "handee werk" ...... later on !!! ♥♥♥

  3. I always supervise my mum in the garden. She needs to get out there and make a serious start on it now the weather is getting better, but she is still feeling puny.

  4. It sounds like you were all quite helpful- until it rained :) MOL!

  5. You guys are very hard workers out there in the garden!

  6. You were doing all that gardening?? Come on ovfur here and help our meowmy, pawlease??!

    We bet it will soon be really purrty at your den!


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