Thursday, 7 July 2016

Thankful on Thursday with Snowie and Blog Hopping with Pepsi

Greetings pawesome pals

Today Snowie is with us sharing much gratitude fur soft fluffy beanbag beds and cardboard boxes that fit just right!

As it's been raining fur most of the month, which in all honesty is a complete travesty - Where are mew British Summer? [If mew've seen it, can mew point it towards Sweepy Ville purrlease!]  So this means that we've been spending more time inside and that's where a nice-comfy-pile-of-softness is always an epic bonus.

Snowie really enjoys the floo-fy poo-fy beanbag! MOL  In fact she's almost like a chameleon when snoozing on it, and sometimes when the P.A. can't find her and I say, 

"Did mew check the beanbag?"

"Ahhhhh, I found her!" is the usual response.

Cardboard boxes are another favourite in our house, but I think they are a favourite in effury household with cats.  Best fun effur!

I've asked the P.A. if we can have a 'Crafting with Cats' segment as we've always got lot's of boxes plus other stuff in the creativity lab and she does make some really fun things when she has the time.  So she's been pondering that fur a quite a while, and whether to do videos or photo's - that is the question... So we'll keep mew posted on that.

Here's hoping that mew all have a lovely day and find a supurr snuggly spot

Wishing mew all a day of much happies

Bestest purrs

Basil XOX

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  1. If you can't have sun puddles, I guess boxes and beanbags are a nice substitute!

  2. Boxes are da best! I've never tried a beanbag.

    1. Guys, mew must try a beanbag, they are so pawesome on so many levels and make a soft squishy sound when mew're nesting!!! MOL XOX

  3. Wow, Snowie looks like a queen on that beanbag!! Beautiful. All she needs now is a crown.


    The Canadian Cats

  4. snowie...may we say ewe look gorgeouz ....we can !!! ewe R gorgeouz; N joy yur snooze on yur bean bag & in de card bored.....frank lee, we haz never
    meeted a nap spot we dinna like !! hope everree onez thurzday iz a trout filled one; we iz out til monday; sew heerz two a blueline tilefish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks Tabbies, and I do agree with mew about all naps spots are good nap spots! MOL XOX

  5. Snowie, you look really comfy there. We're fans of boxes, too, even when there are sunpuddles.

    1. Islands Cats mew can neffur have enough boxes or sunpuddles fur that matter! MOL XOX

  6. Cute photos. I look forward to crafting with cats :)

    1. Guys, we can't wait either, but we're waiting on the P.A. and her jetlag! MOOL XOX

  7. A crafting with cats segment? That sounds WONDERFUL!!!


    1. Hey Seville, the crafting segment is going to be great fun! XOX


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