Monday 22 May 2017

FLASHBACK FEVER! BionicBasil Revisited #21 ~ Basil's Guided Garden Tour at Chateau Basille

Welcome to our 21st Flashback post.

Today we are going back to 28th July 2014 and revisiting 
 Basil's Guided Garden Tour at Chateau Basille.

Let's jump in the time dilation vortex and go way, way, way back....

Woo hoo, that was fun... a bit more swirly than last time! MOL

Welcome to another Installment of  

The Monday Meow 

Many Greetings furriends

Here we are again at the start of another fabulous week, today we're mixing it up and giving mew a purrsonal and intimate guided tour of our flower garden. 

I will be your host as we cruise sedately around the garden at 'Chateau Basille'  followed by afternoon tea and refreshments, should mew require any.  

Welcome to the 

Flower PoweTour


Welcome furriends, are we ready to start the tour? 

Excellent, now if mew'd like to follow me and we'll begin...  and if anyone wants to stop fur a breather or a quick snooze on the lawn, just shout out...

Here we have a delightful blue agapanthus specimen, flanked either side with a pink dahlia and orange and yellow ganzia daisies.

Purrlease feel free to take pictures as we tour....


As we continue, mew'll see rather a lot of chives, these little oniony plants grow like the blazes, howeffur the P.A. says that's ok, as they taste furry nice.... I wouldn't know as I'm not a veggie type of cat.


Moving on, we're headed to where the beautiful blue cornflowers are growing, these are lovely little flowers, howeffur they are not built to withstand lot's of boisterous activity and being trampled on... so the P.A. has roped them off fur their own safety!


We'll go into the giant daisy forest now... effuryone keep up, I don't want mew getting lost in these tall densely packed flowers...

Is effuryone still with me? Pawesome...

  Ahhhh, now we've emerged back into more normal sized vegetation, look what we've found!  A dandelion head in prime condition... if anyone wants to make a wish, purrlease do so now, all wishes are included in the tour, there are no hidden no extras, so go ahead and wish away...                            

Now mew can see we've come to the white delphiniums, these majestic flowers are striking to say the least, there are 3 types in the garden, the white, pale blue and deep blue.... up close the petals are extraordinary, don't mew think so?


Moving on, we find ourselves at the echinacea patch, this is a furry interesting medicinal plant.  Apparently in tincture form it helps keep our hooman staffs immune system fit and healthy, so I heartily recommend using it to keep ones staff full of vitality and vigour, especially in the winter months, when those pesky things called germs comes out and try to make effuryone cough and sniffle.


Shhhhhhh.... get close and mew can see a furry cute bee having a wild old time...


Here we are at the foxgloves, these are one of the P.A.s favourites... and the bumble bees too.  Not that they compete fur the nectar, I must add! MOL

The P.A. does keep bees, she has two hives. So we get all our own honey, plus beeswax fur candle making [more on that another time though] 


And here we are at the lavender patch, this is always bustling with activity, if mew peer a little closer mew'll see all kinds of insects. But as they're hard at work, we won't interrupt them fur too long....


Just nudge it with your nose and inhale that heady wundpurr fragrance.... it's delish right?  Another interesting fact, lavender oil is furry soothing, so if any of mew have uptight or anxious staff, this is a really good one to use on them... just rub a little on their wrists/pulse points... and tell them to inhale deeply, it works wunders!


Now we're heading towards the lupins... these are lovely flowers, except fur the aphids... but the good news is, this year we watched the tiny hedge sparrows zoom in, and pick those meaty little pests right off the plant. This made us furry happy, as we do like to keep a completely chemical free zone. Plus the little birdies got a fabulous source of protein.


There are many lupin plants in all colours dotted effurywhere around the garden.


Heading onto the path, we have a nice selection of pinks... these are furry purretty little flowers, but a lot of dead heading is required, otherwise mew only get one good show a season.


Here we are in the courtyard, this is the P.A.s favourite rose, it's called Gertrude Jekyll, a furry old fashioned rose with lovely deep pink tones and a delightful fragrance.  Don't get too close though, the thorns are vicious!


As we round back onto the lawn we can see some more pinks, and a few yellow snapdragons, which I find so funny as they never snap at me and they don't breathe fire either! 


As we head towards the buddleia, or butterfly bush, mew'll smell the heady sweet heady scent and we can see quite a few varieties of butterflies...  we have even sighted a really unusual bright yellow one before, so that was furry exciting...  This one though is called a Peacock butterfly,


this one is a Painted Lady


and this one is a Brimstone [no fire included]

 And finally we finish our tour at the highly fragrant honeysuckle bush, feel free to take a deep breath and enjoy the exquisite aroma....

Well, we've come to the end of the tour, I do hope mew've enjoyed yourselves and if mew'd like any refreshments such as tea and cake or some salmon sandwiches, purrlease make yourselves at home on the patio, and Amber and Snowie will be your servers.

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Image courtesy of [duron123] /

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If mew have any questions, feel free to ask away and I'll do my furry bestest to answer.

We've really enjoyed your company today, mew've been the best tour group effur! 

We'll be back on Wednesday, with another riveting episode of The Pink Flamingo Saga, so don't miss out on that, in the meantime though...

Enjoy the rest of your stay

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

Thanks so much fur stopping by today and we'll be back with our next FlashBack Fever post before mew know it!

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. Wowwee! What a colorful garden you guys have! You got any nip growing there too???

    1. Hiya Island Cats, oh yes we grow the best nip in the district, primo stuff and the P.A. just planted some new seeds yesterday fur an extra strong variety! MOL MOL XOX

  2. Oh Basil what a magnificent garden fact, you are the BEST tour guide no matter where you take us - it's always more than adventure - it's an EXPERIENCE!

    Love, Teddy

    1. Hi Teddy, awwwww thanks little dude, mew made me blush!!!! XOX

  3. guyz...yur gardinz TOTAL LEE AWESUM, even in flash bax mode !!! hope mum had
    an awesum time N her getted home aye oh kay ! ♥♥☺☺

    1. Hi Tabbies, dudes this was a while ago, the garden is even better this year and we'll do our annual garden tour in august! XOX

  4. A beautiful walk about your garden, Basil. The flowers are gorgeous. Mom got fed up with all the aphid on her Lupin and had to get rid of it. The tea was magnificient. Was it Yorkshire Gold?

    Shoko and kali

    1. Hiya Shoko & Kali, thank mew so much, oh talking of aphids the P.A. did have to dig up four lupins yesterday as they had been decimated... she's going to replace them with some new variety of foxgloves she's been growing. Yes it was Yorkshire Gold, are mew ready fur another box yet? XOX

  5. Wow, that's a beautiful garden. K and I were hoping to have a house one day to plant! Looking awesome!!

    1. Awwww thanks so much, we're so glad mew like the tour and we'll say this; having a garden is so much fun, a lot of wurk but the rewards are epic!! XOX

  6. MeOW Basil, what great flowers. Altho' we didn't like comin' up on dat bee. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Hiya Dezi & Raena, MOL the garden is full of bee's right now, they are going crazy in the white sage and the catmint! MOL XOX

  7. WOW! Those flowers are amazing! Such beautiful colors.

    1. Awwww thanks guys, we do like a colourful garden, we call it our rainbow garden! MOL XOX

  8. That was some colorful and fragrant flashback Basil

  9. Ooh! We wouldlove to have blooms like that inour garden...not a chance, MOL!!!

    1. Hey Pipo & Minko, how come mew can't have flowers like that - too hot? Too cold? wrong soil? XOX

    2. Wrong soil type...sand, mostly...dry as desert and quite hot where we would put them. So we do patio pots, but only a few blooms here seem to enjoy those, cause the patio is southwest and furry hot sometimes. We can't afford to put up a pergola, etc...and pawppy refuses to let trees grow close to the den, we get awful winds here sometimes...

  10. Your PA has bees? I NEVER KNEW! Peep #1's great uncle had bees, in Scotland, and won prizes for his honey and everythin'. purrs

    1. Hi Seville, yes the P.A. did have 3 hives, sadly she found out she was allergic to bee venom, so she had the hives moved and another bee keeper takes care of them now, but we still get honey and beeswax though from the hives! XOX


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