Wednesday 24 May 2017

FLASHBACK FEVER! BionicBasil Revisited #22 ~ Caturday Comicstrip featuring Basil, Smooch, The Paparazzi & a Kraken

Welcome to our 22nd Flashback post.

Today we are going back to 25th June 2016 and revisiting Caturday Comicstrip featuring Basil, Smooch, The Paparazzi & a Kraken.

Let's jump in the time dilation vortex and go a just little ways back....

Woo hoo, that was fun... not to swirly either! MOL

True story at our house today!

The moral of the story.... Don't furget to feed the Kraken!!

Happy Caturday Pals!

Thanks so much fur stopping by today and we'll be back with our normal programming schedule on Friday! 

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. guyz....feed de kraken !!!!!! ☺☺☺ little doez him noe... sum time in de neer few chure...him will BE ...lunch ♥♥☺☺☺

  2. ROFL - Erin's Kraken gets postmen for breakfast I think. Try that....

  3. Well, that's one way to get rid of the pawparazzi.

  4. MOL! We have piece of a kraken arm here...yikes!

    1. MOL that's so funny, we still have several here too!!! MOL XOX

  5. That was quite the smooch though! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    p.s. Glad you liked our photo Basil.

    1. Hi Brian, mew should have been there!!! MOL XOX #betterinpurrson

  6. Hmm, paparazzi, huh? We don't see many of those around this way but sure would make a lovely change for the Kraken from the usual mail men that come. I wonder what flavours they do? Four cheese is one of her favourites, that and pepperoni.
    Purrs, ERin

    1. Hey Erin, I think mew have a mail purrson shortage in your area don't mew? #Krakenrelated!!! MOL MOL XOX


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