Saturday 10 June 2017

Crafting With Cats ~ Part III ~ We Made A Magical Kitty Lantern

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Supurr Caturday Greetings Pawesome Pals

Thanks fur joining fur us fur Part III of our Crafting with Cats segment.

If mew'd like to see our previous CWC post click here and learn how to make Merlin's Wizard Hat.  And if mew missed out on how to make our Supurr Hero's cape, click here

On our last two CWC posts, we learnt that some of mew aren't too keen on sewing, so this weeks project will have mew jumping fur joy, as today it's all about glue, glue and more glue! MOL 

What We Used:

A glass mason jar or jam jar [we used an empty body scrub jar]
Glue [fur glass - we'll show mew what we used in a mo]
A small piece of fabric or felt
Embellishments: Ribbon, Sequins, Cord, Beads etc...
An elastic band
A battery operated tealight
Black Sharpie pen
Newspaper to protect table surface

Optional cat/s fur snoopervising and general assistance

Are mew ready?

Furstly wash and dry your jar thoroughly.

This is the glue we used, we think it's the best, but whateffur mew have make sure it can be used on glass.

The P.A. has 5 of these trays full of glitter, can mew believe that anyone needs that much glitter?  No, we couldn't either...

OK now the fun begins.

Next mew need some cute kitty silhouettes, now purrlease make sure that they are royalty free as this is tres importante, because no-one like their stuff being used without a credit, payment or whateffur, or mew could go and buy some from Shutterstock etc...  But we found these amongst a whole host of free pics on google.

Print them off.

Cut out your chosen pics, it can be a little fiddly so smaller scissors are better, and if mew can't quite get the outline purrfect use your black sharpie pen here to colour in any white bits. We used four as our jar is four sided.

Now mew need put a bit of glue on the black side of the silhouette and stick to the inside of the jar.  Repeat with the other three silhouettes or how effur many mew have.

Now we get to the really, really messy bit! MOL  Cover the entire outside of the jar except the lid with glue [yay fur glue!] and then sprinkle copious amounts of glitter all offur it.   Making sure that the lid hinge is tucked out of the way.  Use another little pot or something to prop the lid open - pic 4 - while the glue dries, so the jar stays upright.  We used white glitter fur a supurr cool frosty effect.

Once the jar is dry, mew can then start on the lid decoration.  We just cut a circle of black felt slighter larger than the lid diameter, and then glued it to the lid.  Using an elastic band - pic 7 - place around the outer edge to create a frill.  Pic 8, glue a length of ribbon to hid the elastic band.

Now mew could just leave it like that and it's done, but the P.A. being the P.A. always has to do something bizarre.  So she got a sparkly bead and a length of contrasting cord to make a little dangly ball for the kitty to play with [we told mew she's odd! MOL]  Then she decided to glue some jewel flowers around the top of the ribbon edge. 
Et voila, here's our finished Magical Kitty Lantern.

Sorry about the visible glue, the P.A. at this point with our help had her hip length braid glued good and propurr to her forearm and was covered in glitter!  But that's the beauty of crafting with cats, we make it so much more fun!!! MOL MOL

These are the battery operated tea-lights which we used.  They are so purretty as they change colour.

Now we know this is the bit mew've all been waiting fur, how does it look in the dark?  And even if we do say so ourselves we think it looks purretty spectacular or even epically epic fur that matter.

How cute is that?

And no, her videoing skillz have not improved since returning from BlogPaws, we've actually ordered her a small tripod so at least next time her left hand won't be shaking as she's holding her phone - many apologies.

*     *     *

There are so many different ways in which mew could decorate your jar, this is just one iddy biddy idea, and mew don't have to stop at one either, they look amazing in groups of 3.

We've got 2 larger ones to do next and we think we're going to spray paint the lids with a metallic finish and then add some sparkly swarovski crystals all offur them, just because we love a bit of bling.  

Oh just think what mew could make fur Halloween, purrhaps we'll do a series of special projects leading up to that wunderpurr evening.

Remember, it's not about being purrfect, it's about being interesting and unique. 

*    *    *

And that furriends furry sadly brings us to the end of our third crafting with cats post, we do hope mew liked it and feel free to post your pawesome crafty pics and ideas on our Facebook page at:

And if there's anything mew'd like us to make, leave a comment and we'll do our best.

We'll be back on the morrow with our usual Sunday Selfies Selection and hope to see mew then!

Bestest crafty purrs

Basil & Co xox

We at BionicBasil HQ are not responsible or liable fur any injuries to person/s and/or cat/s, crafting addictions, glue on cats, paper cuts, misplaced pins and needles, cats stealing your supplies, broken scissors, cat fur stuck on your projects, or your project not turning out as planned.  By using this information you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless BionicBasil and staff from and against any and all claims for personal injuries or damages of any kind arising from use of any Crafting With Cats posts we may share.
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  1. Wow, that looks really cool!

  2. What a furrrabulous and totally adorables idea! We have to make one or two or 11 of these ASAP for our back deck!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Excellent! I just have to consume the contents of the treat jar, no problem there, and I'm set for a lamp!
    Thanks, brilliant idea.
    Purrs, Erin

    1. Erin, mew wolf those treats and turn that jar into something wow!!! MOL XOX

  4. Wow, what a cool latern. Though knowing our mom, she'd screw up trying to make one. ;)

    1. Thanks Island Cats, and not your Mom could make this so easily, trust us!!! MOL XOX

  5. Dat's pawsum!!! Our mommy's not crafty at all, so we'll just leave da creatin' up to your mommy. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Thanks Dezi & Raena, oh we're sure your mommy could make this!!! MOL XOX

  6. That came out great, I want to make one.

    1. Hey guys, do show us if mew make one, we'd love to see! XOX

  7. Well done! We totally want to make some of those now! :)

    1. Hiya Gracie & Zoey, thanks and we''d love to see your finished ones, the P.A.'s using her glass paints on the next two, so we'll show mew how they came out soon!!! XOX

  8. How BEAUTIFUL! Must make one of these for the peep for the garden, next year. purrs

  9. Hi there, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this
    post. It was funny. Keep on posting!

    1. Hi Anon, thanks fur stopping by and we're so glad mew liked it! XOX


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