Tuesday 1 January 2019


Happy New fabulous Furriends!

and welcome to

[this pic is now on the puzzle page fur your entertainment]

I Basil, have now finished my probationary period at the RB and am back,... BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER AND NOW COMPLETELY INDESTRUCTIBLE!


And just in time to I might add, I tell mew what guys, I leave fur a few months and effurything falls apart - like dudes, seriously WHAT THE FLUFFING FLUFF HAPPENED?

Jeez, mew know if I'd known things were gonna get so bad... well wurds fail me... 

Anyhoo the good news is I'm back in my angelic form and with the help of Humphreys E.M.D. aka Earth Me Device I can become corporeal - solid - wheneffur I like, and the rest of the time I can pass through time and space like magick - dudes who new being an angel kitty could be so liberating! MOL

Here's wishing mew all an epically epic New Year, let's put our best paw forward and let the good times roll

Epic New Years Purrs

Basil and The B Team xox

P.S. it's so great to be back, I really missed all mew guys so much and can't wait to catch up with all the goings on, as I know the rest of The B Team have been purretty rubbish this past few months, sorry about that! I've given them a real stern talking to and put effurypurrdy on a rota system so The B Team runs efficiently again... and we hope to see mew on the morrow with the furst Pet Parade of 2019!

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  1. It's great to see you back, Basil. We have all missed you. Happy New Year to your family and all of the B Team. I'm off to do the puzzle now.

  2. Happy New Year !!!
    Good to see you Basil. That is a pawsome device.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Nice to see you, Angel Basil ! We wish you health and happiness for 2019 ! Happy New Year ! Purrs

  4. We sure missed you too Basil! Happy New Year from all of us!

  5. Hi Basil! I have a feeling that You and ALL the other angels are going to be busy this year!
    The end of every year marks a new year. We wish your next year to be filled with wonderful promises. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year!
    Marv & Mom

  6. welcome back Angel Basil and Happy Mew Year!

  7. We hope you have a wonderful New Year - full with love, peace, and happiness.
    As much as we're glad you're not in pain anymore - we miss you, Basil ... and we know the hole you left in your Mum's heart seems almost insurmountable.

  8. We've missed you, Basil! Wishing you all a Happy Mew Year!

  9. Everyone misses you Basil, you are very loved. Wishing your family a happy and healthy new year! XO

  10. We missed you Basil. Welcome back. Happy New Year!

  11. Welcome back, Basil! We've missed you so, dear pal!

    Happy Mew Year to you and the B Team, and Mum and Dad, too. We love mew guys!


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