Saturday 17 August 2019

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? on In The Spotlight ~ featuring The Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Review ~ 2019

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What's In The Box on In The Spotlight @BionicBasil®

Wunderpurr greetings fabulous furriends

Today we're sharing one of our *sponsored posts with mew from the fabulous peeps at...

...who contacted us a few weeks ago to see if we'd like to review one of their amazing cat trees, well how could we say no to that as we feel that mew can neffur have enough cat trees and towers around the home.

Let's show mew what was in the box:

Fudge was furst on the scene to check out the latest delivery to BBHQ.
 What's in The Box Product Review @BionicBasil® Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Review in 2019

We opened the box to discover all this fabulousness...

Building The Cat Tree: 

Now we're not strangers to building large cat trees/towers/scratching posts, so with all this previous knowledge we were keen to see how quick the build time was fur this one.

Dad got the drill and a few tools from the shed and under the watchful eye of young Melvyn, the build commenced.
What's in The Box Product Review @BionicBasil® Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Review in 2019 - Building The Cat Tree
"Yes Melvyn, it's definitely the right one," Dad replied. "I checked the super easy step by step instructions before construction!"

"Oh that's alright then," Melvyn answered and continued to watch the tower grow.
What's in The Box Product Review @BionicBasil® Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Review in 2019 - Building The Cat Tree 1
It took less than an hour from opening the box and sorting the contents to the finished cat tree in the picture above.

If mew joined us on Monday fur What's Melvyn Doing? mew'll now know he was testing out the new tower and was sat on top of the top condo! MOL

Anyhoo we digress, so this was actually the fastest build we've ever done fur the size and Dad said, "Why couldn't the other towers we've got have been that easy to build!?!"

We had no answer fur that!

We moved the new cat tower into it's final position in the lounge.
What's in The Box Product Review @BionicBasil® Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Review in 2019 - Testing The Cat Tree
It does come with a spring loaded, fabric covered top post to secure it firmly to the ceiling but as our ceilings are a little lower, Dad put the final sisal post on top of the penthouse condo and then secured it with hooks and cable ties to our ceiling beams, making it very stable and safe.

Our closing thoughts:

This is a lovely cat tower: it has two condos, two nests which means there's always space fur one, two, three or even four of us to snooze in complete comfort and we think it is a really great and stylish addition to BBHQ.  The fabric is plush and very soft, the overall footprint is not that big so while it's tall it doesn't overpower the room in the slightest.  

As it's quite leap up to the middle level, this isn't ideal fur our matriarch Amber as she has a touch of arthritis, although we have solved the problem by placing a small table to the side which she can traverse from the sofa arm and get to the platform with ease. Getting into the low condo is no issue fur her and she's already decided that's her new spot.

Melvyn loves the nests, and Fudge is getting used to the new penthouse condo which he is sharing with Pandora.

So the question is:

Would we recommend this cat tree tower to mew our fab readers? yes we would, we think it's excellent value, and it was very easy to build which is always a huge plus in our book.

We give the Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower top marks all round.

Design: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Instruction manual; 10/10 very easy to follow

Ease of construction:  10/10

Value fur money: extremely good value

What more is there to say; a great product, delivered direct to your door and guaranteed to please the fussiest of cats!

We would like to say a special thanks to the pawesome peeps at Yaheetech fur giving us the oppurtunity to try out one of their amazing cat tree towers  ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH!

Visit Yaheetech online:

Many thanks fur joining us today and tomorrow we will be blog hopping around the wurld on the Sunday Selfies, so do join us if mew get chance.

Quickly before we go, don't furget to join in Black Cat Appreciation Day with Manny and Chili Bruce!
[image used from catblogosphere]

Happy Caturday

Wing Commander Basil & Co xox

*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s

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  1. We just finished our review too. We don't have a drill ... so things were a little more ... interesting. I hadn't thought of a step for Bear - but that's a great idea!

  2. What a pawsome cat tree ! It looks like tons of fun ! Purrs

  3. That is a great cat tree with lots of nap spots and snoopervising positions.

  4. Great review, and this will certainly make my short-list. . . . . NOT that I'm short or a shortist, MOL

  5. That sure does look like a nice one!

  6. Coolio tower, kitties!
    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! Manny and Chili Bruce are sleeping...LOL!

  7. Have a great day and enjoy your tall tower.

  8. Thank you for visiting us and Layla wants to know if she could learn to climb it also, it is amazing.

  9. Wow. That is an EPIC cat tree tower, mew guys! I love how you helped Amber out with that table. :)


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